My wife enjoys making no-sew quilts such as the one above. But she finds them frustrating because if she finds a panels like the following:'s impossible to purchase blank foam boards from either Quilt Magic or Tuck-N-Go to mount them on. The solution was to figure out how to make our own boards. Here's how we did it:


DIY No-Sew Quilt Board:

We started with a sheet of one inch thick high density polyurethane foam. Fifteen by fifteen inch sheets can be purchased from Jo Anns for $8, though between sales and coupons the average price is closer to $4. Using Super 77 spray adhesive, we glued a sheet of 1/4-inch thick foam board to the bottom and a sheet of poster board to the top.


Next we measured the dimensions of the panel and added one half inch all the way around for the inner border and three quarters of an inch all the way around for the outer border. Drawing rectangles corresponding to these lines defined the size of the board, which was then cut out.


The last step was to use a small Exacto knife to cut down one half inch along all the lines. The diagonal lines in each corner were cut all the way down to the foam board base. And that's it! Assembling the quilt is the same as in a premade kit. Here's how it turned out:


Because the foam used is much softer than those used in the professionally made no-sew quilt boards, the corners are a little harder to tuck in. We recommend not trimming the corner material at all to have as much material to work with as possible. The next time we make one of these we will glue one inch wide strips of poster board to the sides of the corners to eliminate this problem.

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