Here's a fun, quick, easy and mess-free craft any child will love.


Glow Picture Craft For Children:

All that's needed are some sheets of black poster board, a collection of day-glow colored poster boards, double faced tape, scissors and a black light. The last item is available at Walmart for as little as $11.00.


I added an aluminum foil reflector to my black light, but it isn't necessary.


Have the children cut shapes out of the neon colored poster board and use the tape to stick them to the black poster board. Once they are done, move to a dark room and shine the black light on the pictures and they will appear to glow with a wonderful brightness. The reason is that the dyes in day-glow, or neon, poster board contain fluorescent materials that glow when excited by the ultraviolet light from the black light.

The colors haven't been enhanced in any way in this image. If anything, they appear even brighter in person.


As simple as this craft sounds, I was amazed at how happily my younger grandchildren took to it. They kept asking me to switch from regular lighting to the black light to see their pictures transform from plain to glowing brilliance.

The following is a live action version of this page:





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