Jelly Belly Games

While many people are happy to sit down with a bowl of Jelly Belly jelly beans and work through them to discover how
each colors tastes, the following page provides ways to make the activity much more enjoyable:


Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Games:

Googling "Jelly Belly dichotomous color chart" will produce many sources for text-based charts like the one pictured below that take players through a series of simple questions about the color of a Jelly Belly jelly bean to discover what its name is and what it should taste like. Play begins with the next person in line either selecting a color they like or doing so with their eyes closed. Then they work through the chart, it usually takes less than one minute, announce their flavor and taste it. If it's the correct flavor and a good one they give everyone a smile and thumbs up. If it's a bad flavor, and yes... there are bad tasting Jelly Belly jelly beans, they make a grimacing face, everyone laughs and the next person in line is pushed forward. As simple and silly as this sounds, on several occasions I've surprised by the children who started the game getting pushed aside as the adults get into the action.


A nice improvement is to have sheets of gold stars and unhappy face stickers handy. Flavors that everyone enjoys get a gold star on the dichotomous chart, those that aren't so popular get an unhappy face. This also provides a reference for knowing which single flavor packs to purchase in the future.


If you've sorted your beans ahead of time, the same game can be played, though most people prefer working through the collection systematically from one end to the other.

Sorting also makes it easier to load what I call "The Jelly Belly Name Game."

Cut a circle out of foam board, then cut 1/2 x 3-inch rectangular holes around the perimeter. Paste a sheet of poster board to the bottom of the circle so the Jelly Bellies don't fall through if the board is lifted. Make an arrow from the poster board and poke a small hole through it at its balance point. Push a short roofing nail up through the bottom of the circular game board at its center, place a metal washer over it and then the arrow. The arrow will act as a spinner. Finally load a single color Jelly Belly into the rectangular holes.

Players take turns spinning the arrow. They have to use the dichotomous chart to discover what flavor they got and then taste it. Again, this idea seems so simple you'd think they'd quickly loose interest. But consider the following image:

This was taken on Christmas day shortly after the children had opened all their presents. What you can't see is that just off frame all around them their gifts are piled high... and being completely ignored because they were having so much fun playing the Jelly Belly Name Game.


This link takes you to a page that explains how to sort Jelly Belly jelly beans: HOW TO SORT JELLY BELLY JELLY BEANS

While this one tells what the different flavors look like: JELLY BELLY COLOR IDENTIFICATION AND FLAVOR GUIDE


I sincerely hope you found this page entertaining and that it gives you some ideas for your next Jelly Belly tasting activity. Thanks with visiting!


Anyone preferring a live action version of this page may view one by clicking on the following Youtube video:

This video explains how to sort Jelly Belly jelly beans:

While this one provides a Jelly Belly identification anf flavor guide:



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