ANNOYING THINGS BETTAS LOVE TO DO A list of things bettas do to drive their owners crazy.

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NEW!!! Katie, see her site in my links page, sent me a new annoying betta habit: A spawning pair will display and flirt with each other while kept apart, then when released to spawn decide they really only want to be "good friends." (Thanks Katie!)

1. Cluster around the end of the siphoning tube when you're trying to clean the fry tank.

2. Turn their backs to you every time you take a photograph.

3. Flare perfectly while you're looking the other way or when your camera jams.

4. Refuse to eat the food you paid top dollar for and that you know is good for them.

5. Refuse to eat brine shrimp once in a while just on principle, to remind you who's boss.

6. Give you dirty looks when you try to feed them a new food.

7. Hide in the front edge of the spawning aquarium where you can't see them.

8. Change from brilliantly beautiful in the store to flat and colorless when you get them home.

9. Decide to become celibate when you want them to spawn like crazy.

10. Decide they like the taste of betta eggs.

11. Ditto for betta fry.

12. Swim around excitedly, flare, and show off for you then turn listless and dull as soon as you invite someone over to look at them.

Got any others you'd like to share? I'd love to add them to the list so please send them to me. Thank you.


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