County of Los Angeles

State of California

Autopsy report Number XF-634a/89


Date: 1 July, 2004

Examining Physician: James Markus, M.D., Pathology, I.D. 874-67

Location of Autopsy: L.A. county coroner's laboratory, 1601 Charleston Blvd. Los Angeles, CA, 80173-1476

Time of Autopsy: 09:56 AM

External Observations:

The victim's exterior is unremarkable, showing no signs of trauma or disease. There is no pulse, respiration or any other sign of life. The subject was declared dead upon arrival at this facility and the examining physician concurs that this is the case. The individual is eight inches long, covered in yellow and black fur and appears to belong to the insect genus lepidoptera.


Removal of the dermal layers revealed a plastic-like exoskeleton.


This exoskeleton was held together by four metal screws.


Removing these exposed the internal musculature,

which turned out to be a single DC motor powered by two AA batteries. The motor drove a cam and several gears connecting to the animal's various appendages.


This cam represents the animal's brain. As it rotates, a spring loaded follower (the dark vertical pin on the right) moves up or is forced down by the cam. In each position a gear on the rotating follower activates a different set of gears to drive a specific action for as long as the cam holds the gears in that position. It is the belief of this examiner that all mechanical animals of this type use similar systems.


Final conclusions:

The animal apparently expired do to worn out batteries. Had they been replaced in time the animal would have remained active and not had been forwarded to this office. In as much as the owner is underage (2 years old) and the reporting officer states that he exhibited profound remorse, it is the recommendation of this office that charges not be filed. It is also the recommendation that the child's grandparents be directed to replace the animal and instruct the child on it's proper care.

Signed: James Markus, M.D.


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