DISCONTINUED: I don't mind investing several hours of work to help out a fellow writer as long as the author at least acknowledges out of simple courtesy that they received the critique, even if he or she didn't agree with it. However, during the first half of 2004 I beta-read stories from five authors and not one of them sent a single word of appreciation or acknowledgement. Furthermore, none of these authors reciprocated by proofreading one of my stories, something that I dearly need to improve them. This is a significant change from the mid 1990s when reciprocal proof readings were the accepted norm. The current one-sided attitude has soured my view of beta reading to the point where I can no longer apply my best efforts to it. Therefore I am forced to say that I am no longer able to offer my services as a beta reader.

I deeply regret this because I found the mutual exchange of critiques to be a great way for everyone to improve their craft, and in several cases led to the formation of friendships that have lasted a decade.

I wish everyone best of luck and success with their writing.


Wayne Schmidt


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