The following betta sites are ones I've visited and found to be outstanding. I would like to add as many links to this list as possible so if you have a site that's not listed here, please send me your URL and I'll be happy to add it.

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Betty Splendens is a great site maintained by Victoria Pamell and Mary Mathis. This a thoroughly professional site that's easy to navigate and has many outstanding pictures of beautiful bettas. Be sure to check out Victoria's Inferno Red strain, they are the purest red bettas I have ever seen. Victoria and Mary sell some of their fish so be sure to put them on the top of your shopping list.

BETTATALK: This is a arguably one of the most extensive and best betta sites in the world. Faith, the owner, has invested an enormous amount of time and effort to put together everything a would-be betta raiser/breeder could want. She's sold me all of my best fish and is the only person from which I buy my better fish.

As if all that's not enough... Faith's also a rock star! She sings in the group Alternative Faith and the Bettatalk site has a link to pages about her group with pictures and audio files.

BETTA BUBBLE: a site maintained by Megan that has pictures of three spawns, the offspring of will be available for ourchase in summer.


SUPERBETTA: A site owned by Federico Cuanalo.


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