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  Although I've searched for years, to date I've only found two books with detailed information on the care and behavior of hummingbirds in captivity:

Hummingbirds by A.J. Mobbs; 1982, by Triplegate LYD., 1 Royal Parade, Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6TD, UK

  This book focuses on the diseases, caging, and principally the behavior of one hundred different varieties of hummingbirds. Since it was written in the United Kingdom, I can only assume that that country's exotic animal import laws were considerably more lenient and importers more available in 1982 than here in the United States.

NEW!!! I received an email from a visitor to my site who provided an email address to Mr. Mobbs. I contacted him and he very graciously responded. I was delighted to hear from him that his excellent book on hummingbirds was reprinted and is available from:

I strongly recommend purchasing a copy of this book to anyone interested in hummingbirds. Even if they are not interested in keeping them, this text is fascinating to read.

Mr. Mobbs also mentioned that Scheithauer (see below) never bred hummingbirds, a claim I mistakenly make elsewhere in the site.


Hummingbirds by Walter Scheithauer, 1966, English translation from the original German by Thomas Y. Crowell Company, New York

  This text contains unequaled information on the dietary requirements of hummingbirds. Mr. Scheithauer's scientific approach to determining the optimum feeding mixture is must reading for anyone interested in keeping these birds. Additionally, he has captured some of the best photographs ever taken of hummingbirds, four of which are reproduced below without permission (I tried and failed to find a point of contact to request permission.) but with the most profound respect to the author and publisher.

Chrysolampis Mosquitus (Ruby-topaz hummingbird... some people consider this the most beautiful of all hummingbirds)


Damophila Julie (Violet-bellied hummingbird... a very tiny bird and one of my favorites)


Aglaiocerus Kingi (Blue-throated sylph... fearlessly testing the lips of the author's daughter for nectar)


Florisuga Mellivora (White-necked Jacobin... I consider this the finest, most dramatic hummingbird photograph I've ever seen. The original photo in the text is absolutely perfect, with none of the digitation errors evident in this scanned version.)


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