Pet stores sell fish tank dividers that are clear and perforated with many small holes. These dividers are useful for separating fish that might hurt each other. I have two problems with them: at a typical price of $10.00 each they are too expensive and the holes are so small that they will severely limit filtration. I looked around and found a cheaper option that doesn't block filter action.

How cheap? Would you believe $0.24 (24 cents)? Go to any craft store, fabric store, or the craft section in a variety store like Walmart and look for 10-inch by 12-inch clear plastic mesh sheets called Plastic Canvas. These are used for needle point pictures. The mesh is much more open than the tank dividers so water and debris can more easily circulate. The material cuts easily with a scissors.

The one down side to these sheets is that they are slightly buoyant. I attach a couple of plant weights to the bottom edge to help keep them vertical.

These sheets are also available in larges sizes.



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