Thoughts about DS9: My opinions about the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine series. (I apologize to anyone who is offended by these opinions.)

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1. The most interesting and entertaining character by far was Garak. I feel this wasn't just the result of the writers creativity but also the actor's outstanding performance.

2. Odo and Quark tie for the second most interesting character.

3. The holocharcter Vic Fontaine was an outstanding idea that was well written and acted. If the producers had done more with him it might have perked the series up enough for an extra season.

4. Avery Brooks was terrible as Captain Sisko. His stiff, stentorian delivery may work for a Shakespearean play but not on Star Trek.

5. Nog's potential was never developed. He was an incredibly rich mixture of abilities and influences: his father was an engineering genius, he was a Ferengi with innate financial abilities, and he was raised in a multi-cultural environment. This is a character that would have great potential for growth in many directions. The producers should have done more with him. This belief is why much of Dreadnought, my DS9 novel, involves him.

6. I never believed Jadzia and Worf's relationship. The two personalities didn't mesh for me. Also, Worf's wedding costume was ludicrous.

7. Terri Farrel was great as Jadzia Dax.

8. Nana Visitor played Kira much to butch. The way she strutted around struck me more like a caricature of a hardened militant that the real thing.

9. The DS9 space station was interesting to look at but ridiculous from an engineering point of view. The design would have caused too many problems moving ships to and from the tall, curving docking pylons. Internally, the transportation of people and materials from one point to another would have been a nightmare.


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