The Star Trek - Deep Space Nine Fan Fiction Link List!


It's to be expected that as Star Trek, Deep Space Nine continues to fall ever further out of public concousness that more and more fan sites dedicated to it fade away. Still, it's disheartening to see them go. At its height this list boasted over 200 active websites. As of January, 2017, it's dwindled to only 50.

DREADNOUGHT: A Deep Space Nine novel in which Wilson McDermot, the richest man in the universe, arrives at DS9 on a secret mission. Rewritten January, 2015!!!




Karen was the first beta-reader willing to take on my DS9 novel Dreadnought when it was new, raw and ugly. I'll always be grateful for the help she provided. (Thanks, Karen!) Karen's a professional writer and it shows in her excellent DS9 stories. Her novel, Reflections, was the first story on this page over 17 years ago. We lost contact and around 2006 her original website no longer loaded. I'm happy to say her great stories moved to a new site and can be read at:


The following hightlighted sites have been generous enough
to list my novel Dreadnought in their link lists.

Thanks, everyone!

Tales of the Odo Goddess: 46 stories and new ones are added on a regular basis. Check this site often for some of the best DS9 stories on the Internet!

Alara Rogers Star Trek Stories: One DS9 story.

Carolyn Fulton's Pages: 22 Odo/Kira stories hosted by Carolyn Fulton and Marguerite Krause.

Catacombs: Lauren Clark's site with 6 stories

Ficwad ( Mostly X rated stories, may contain some slash

Julian and Jadzia: Eternal Love Beyond the Stars: 17 stories. (Jill Dannay asked me to tell everyone that the above two sites are inactive, but she's maintaining them for her many fans. Thank you, Jill!)

UFP Connection: 1 short DS9 story, hosted by Trish Bennett.

Unbound: 40 stories hosted by Seema. USA

Writers' Corner: 3 stories hosted by Darrel Beach. USA

Writings of Miss Izzy: 15 stories by Isabelle Moody. USA


I'd also like to express my gratitude to the owners of the following sites for keeping their sites alive.

Amalgam: 2 stories by Debbie Baudoin

Ariana's Pages: 11 stories. England

CatFishTex's Deep Space Nine Page: New Chapters added! San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Julian Bashir Fan Fiction Archive: 22 stories focusing on Bashir.

FanFiction.Net: 156 stories by many authors. (You have to hunt for them.) USA

God Awful Trek Fic: 5 of the worse DS9 stories ever written. (Note: When checking this site on 6 August, 2004, it had changed from a pure archive to more of a message forum. I believe the stories are still there but you may have to dig for them a little. Good luck!)

JAWS: The Jadzia and Worf Site: 3 stories. USA

Kelpies World: 2 stories.

Mel's Fanfic Archive: 6 stories. (Used to be Fanfic About Jadzia Dax)

Mightier Than the Sword:

Neon Nurse's Fanfic Folder: 1 adult story. Colorado

Odo's Padd: 280 stories rated G to NC-17. USA

Rocky's Road to Voyager: One DS9 story toward the bottom of the page.

Trek Writers Guild: 1 story.

Trekiverse: Used to be alt.startrek.creative... hundreds of stories. USA

Wyze World: 1 novel by Wyze. has 14 DS9 non-slash stories mixed in with many other slash stories. (In German.)


Many of the following links are all relative newcomers to the DS9 fanfiction universe, but several are old favorites with new URLs. I tried to avoid multiple listings for the same website under different URLs, with a list this extensive I'm sure a few slipped by. Quite a few are new listing of older stories, but there are many new stories available. I recommend reading the content warnings carefully. Most of these focus on extremely coarse slash (same sex) themes.

StarTrek: Deep Space Nine FanFiction Archive | FanFiction

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Works | Archive of Our Own The first three stories are in a foreign language, but the rest are in English.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine / Fanfic Recs - TV Tropes

Star Trek Fan Fiction | Deep Space Nine May take as long as two minutes to load.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Fanlore



TtH o Star Trek o Deep Space Nine Crossover Fanfiction

Home - Odo & Kira Forever - Webs

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fanfiction Recs - Vicious Wishes Fandom Corner

Ventura33 Fanfiction Universe

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Angelfire (Mirror site to the previous webpage)



DS9 Season 10 - Ad Astra :: Star Trek Fanfiction Archive

Deep into Deep Space Nine - DS9 Garak/Bashir fanfic

Cardassian Lust: Fanfiction - Star Trek Deep Space Nine

The Color of Pleasure - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fanfic

Deep Space Nine Fanfic


Bashir. Julian Bashir

Kira-Nerys's page -

Chimera Project Contents - Odosgirl - Tripod

Wonkawarden - FIC: First Contacts


Fanfiction - Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Boots - Kira Nerys


The following sites failed to load in January of 2017:

Cardie-ologist's Fanfic Page

Edge of the Frontier

DS9 Encyclopedia & Lexicon

Eva's Fanfic Page

Greenwoman's Page

Jarvinia's Liar

Lair of the Trooly Evil

William Sadler's Fanfic Archive

The Colonel and the Constable - STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE

DS9 Slash Couples | My Daily Deep Space Nine Notes

StarTrek: Deep Space Nine FanFiction Archive | FanFiction

Deep Space 9 - o .: Stories :.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Fanfic Recs - All The Tropes


DS9 Fanfiction Tumblr







The Following Sites Died between 3 July, 2008 and 7 May, 2015: (I'm keeping these as live links in case any of them come back online again.)

Trek Fan Fiction: 25 stories by many authors

Dark Huntress site: Two DS9 stories hosted by Ebony.

Deep Space Nine: ( 8 DS9 G or PG stories, More available through an "Adult Warning" link.

Deep Space Nine Fan Page: 3 stories hosted by Barry Reese.

Heidi's Page: Shifter, an original teleplay featuring Odo, by Heidi Brumbaugh. California

NightBird's Cavern: 7 stories by Valerie Shearer.

Nostalgia: This site contains four non-slash DS9 stories.

Sidcity: 79 G-PG13 stories and 9 adult stories related to Dr. Bashir. USA

Trek Fiction: ( 30 DS9 stories (Part of the Trek Writers Guild)

A Scatter of Light: 1 DS9 story by Sara.

Agent 7's Literary Page: 2 stories.

Anna Holmgren's Cardassian Page: 25 cardassian stories. Sweden

Arcady: 16 stories by Liz Williams. Southern England

Ben's Fiction Page: 1 story.

Best of Trek Fanfic: 9 stories. International.

Carolann's Star Trek Deep Space Nine Fanfic Page: 2 stories.

Danger Mom: 1 story.

Deep Space Nine Fanfiction: 2 stories.

Deep Space Nine Rocks: 2 stories. USA

Diavolessa's Site: 3 stories.

DS9 Bistro: 7 stories and 1 novel. USA

Guild of Fortune's Light: 5 stories. Washington state

Jeff's Wide World of Fanfic: 5 stories

Judith's Homepage: 2 stories. (Now titled Jager's or Joodiff's Site.)

Kasia's Fanfiction: 12 stories. USA

Lady Kardasi's Domain: Mostly slash but 11 non-slash stories posted.

Lal's Library: 3 stories.

Laura Cooksey's Fan Fiction: 2 stories. Eastern USA, Virginia

Macedon's Page: 3 stories.

Maggie's Place: 1 story

Narrow Streets: Kyra's site with an introspection by Vic Fontaine. (nr, lbnm)

New Earth Fanfiction by Aquiel: 1 story.

Python Trek: 23 parodies

SnowLeopard's Lair: 14 stories.

Trakker Dan's Sci-Fi Information Site: 6 stories.

Trek Fan Fiction: 25 stories by many authors

Ultimate Julian Bashir Fanfic: 3 stories. USA

USS Defiant: A DS9 story plus 7 others spanning all the Trek series. Pennsylvania

Vorta Vortex: 18 stories

Worf Dax Fanfic Archive: 49 G to PG-13 stories, 9 Adult stories. Central USA, Texas

Worlds of the 13th Doctor: 1 story.

Yavanna's DS9 Fiction Page: 6 non-slash stories by Karen Colohan

Your Cruise Director: This site hosts stories listed under a dozen different authors so you need to hunt for them.

Ysones site: 3 stories.

Zeborah's Fanfiction:


A screenplay site:! The DS9 story titled Changing Sides was a strong contender at one time to be made into an episode! has 7 non-slash DS9 stories mixed in with many other slash stories.



The Following Sites Died between 1 January, 2007 and 3 July, 2008: (I'm keeping these as live links in case any of them come back online again.)

Out Of This World: Be sure to check out Icepixie's outstanding 13 DS9 stories!

Creative Writer's Corner: Marcie and Julie's site with 1 DS9 story (Click on the "screenplay" icon to go to the story.)

Sylvia's Webpage: 1 story.

Archive of SFLAaE/BS Writings: 2 stories.

Deep Space Nine: A Plague of Shadows: 1 very long serial story.

Great Link: 1 story. (Maintained by Chris Howell) England

Julia Houston's Guide: 2 stories. (Turned into a blog site.)

Millenium Pictures: 1 story.

Pasha's Fan Fiction Obsessions: 7 stories by various authors.

Star Trek Fanfiction by Kyroka: 26 stories.

Star Trek/Sci-Fi Short Stories: 7 stories.


The following 12 sites died in 2006: (I'm keeping these as live links in case any of them come back on line again.)

SciFi Archive: 7 DS9 stories mixed in with two dozen other stories. A link at the bottom of the page take you to an archive page with 8 other DS9 stories.

Enhanced: Nicky and Christy's site with a growing Bashir anthology.

Karen Dunn's Site: Several poems and a 92,000 word novel. England (Karen was the first beta-reader willing to take on my DS9 novel Dreadnought when it was new and raw and ugly. I'll always be grateful for the help she gave me. Thank you very much, Karen.)

Obsession: 2 stories by Patricia Ennis.

Brenda Antrim's Fan Fiction: 8 stories.

Chuck's Star Trek Fanfiction: 1 story. (Must join Chuck's site to access the story.)

Deep Space Nine Love: 2 stories by Ian.

H. Wotton's Garak Fanfic: 7 stories. Three of them new and more on the way!

Star Trekker's Almost Paradise: 13 stories. Canada

Una McCormack's New Site: 14 stories. England

Ventura 33: 4 stories. Ohio


The following sites died in 2005:

Damar, Hero of Cardassia: Constantly being updated by Victoria Meredith with new stories! There are 22 there now and number 23 is in the works. One of the very few DS9 sites that is still growing.

Matt's Musings: 33 stories by Matt Edwards. England (This used to be an indepenent site, now it's part of This means you may have to dig around to find his stories.)

Rob Morris' Story Archive: 58 stories by Rob Morris. This site is maintained by Sue Wasiljov (Thanks Sue!)

Star Trek Atlantis Homepage: 5 stories hosted by William Babcock about the DS9 crew getting together to man the starship Altantis.

Change of Heart: 21 stories and some poems. USA

Darknight's Fanfiction Page: 8 stories.

Dragon's Horde: 1 story.

Far Beyond the Stars: 16 stories.

Marina's Star Trek Stories: 2 stories. Johannesburg, South Africa

Star Trek News: 1 story. (Used to be Cardassian Intelligence Bureau)

Star Trek Relationships Page: 4 stories (far down on long a list). Western Canada

Trillgirl's Dax/Worf Shrine: 2 stories.

WAFT: This was Kathy Stinton's great J & J site! When I checked this site, the URL automatically switched to a different one that was an advertising page. WAFT may still be out there but had its address captured by an unscrupulous advertiser.


The following sites died between 1 January, 2004 and 6 August, 2004. If anyone has working URLs for any of these sites please send them to me so I can reinstate them on the main list. Thank you.

DAKHUR CENTRAL: 50 stories hosted by Felicity Carthew. (Note: on 14 December, 2003, I heard that Fliss was having computer problems and her site might be down for awhile.) Australia

Media Fan Stories: 8 non-slash Garak/Bashir stories hosted by Abra Mitchell. California

Q and the DS9 Characters: 3 stories hosted by Vash.

CD's Fanfic Page: 1 story

DS9: Pictures and Stories: 9 stories by seven authors.

Garak's Tailor Shop: 4 stories (partials?) by various authors.

Kendra Crispin's Site: 19 stories. Western coast of USA

Khemorex-Klinzhai: 1 DS9-Dr. Who story. Australia

Mothers Day: 1 story.

Muses' Sector: 8 stories.

Ultimate J&J Page: 78 stories and poems. USA

USS Monitor: An on-line writing club with the Monitor paying a visit to DS9.


The following 22 sites died in 2003. They may come back on line so I'm maintaining the links. If you have working URLs for any of them please send them to me. Thank you.

JADannay's DS9 Fanfic Page: 25 stories. USA

Sisko's Place: Several Benny Russell stories hosted by Jim.

Universal Constant: 10 stories. (Previously Ahn's Archive.)

Aimslee's Homepage: 1 story.

Anne's Boring Web Page: 1 story. New Brunswick, Canada

Central Records: 4 stories.

Christine Francis T Laera Fan Fiction: 4 stories.

Denorios Belt: 5 stories by Marlissa Campbell. Western USA

Doctor and the Trill: 1 story.

Fcannon!: 5 stories.

Hannah R. H's Fanfic: 1 story.

Jehan Jaleel's Fiction Site: 2 stories. USA

Katia's Fanfic: 5 stories. mid-west USA

MaryDs Star Trek Archive: 11 stories.

One More Secret Page: 2 stories. Central USA, Minnesota

SheGarak's Bar: 1 story.

Starbase 231: 10 stories. Central USA, Kansas

Star Trek Fanfiction: 15 stories and a huge link list.

Voyager's Delights Fanfiction: 4 stories.

Watsondog's Kennel: 4 stories. New York

Winkiebugs Star Trek Corner: 8 stories by Lynda Cooper.

Currently inactive:

Died between 28 July and 15 November, 2002

Convictions: 1 story.

Dax & Worf Page: 3 stories. USA

DS9 Fanclub: Site kidnapped by a dating site.

Emallia's Quarters: Removed by site owner.

Gail Eppers Fan Fiction: 6 stories. Central USA, Wisconsin

Iolausian Library: 1 story.

Robin's Treksmut: 7 adult non-slash stories. Australia

Tasha's Writing Archive: 2 stories by Natacha Simonova. Pennsylvania


Died Between January and July, 2002

Aranya's site

Changeling Chronicles: 1 story in 12 titled chapters. USA

DS9 Fanfiction Archive: 2 stories.

Essential Star Trek Library: 3 stories

Gads9fic: 1 Dukat story. Manitoba, Canada

ITRCB: 1 story about Jake Sisko.

Moriahlin's Site: 1 story.

OK Floating Station: 13 stories. USA

Pat's Fanfic Page: 1 story. USA

Scribblings on the Wall: 1 DS9/vampire story.

Stuff and Nonsense: 15 stories. Eastern USA, Georgia

Tasha's Writing: 12 stories.

Victoria's Trek Page: 9 stories

Dead for a long time:

Do Ghosts Lie?

Essential Star Trek Library RETURNED!!! See above.

Fan Fiction by Diane Bellomo

Gul Traglor's Cardassian Fan Fiction


J & E Multimedia

Jadzia & Worf's Par'Mach Page (also called Creative Corner)

Jennifer's Deep Space Nine Page

Jennifer's Fan Fiction

Laura Tailor

Mightier Than the Sword

Cath's DS9 Fanfic (The URL sends me to the homepage.)

Aurora and Frannie's Portable Far-Seeing Anomaly has been removed from the net but the stories that were there can be found on the One More Secret Page site.

Deep Space Nine Fanfic

FX Fan Fiction

Ariana Lilcamp's Star Trek Stories

Fanfic - Trek

Home of the Ky

Jewel (This site expanded to accept stories from many authors and changed it's name to the WD Fanfic Index and then to the Worf Dax Fanfic Archive, which is active and on the main link list.)

Kuiper Station This site's owner has informed me he's taken it off the net.

Mightier than the Sword The old URL takes you to a page that says the URL has changed, but clicking on the new URL only gives an error message. I have an email in to Judithe about the problem.

Orion Press They are still there but have gone to a TOS-only site and have no DS9.

Starfleet Journal This site was absorbed by TrekNews and no longer has fan fiction.

alt.startrek.creative Official Mirror Website

Mearain's Fanfic Universe

Abra Mitchell's Fanfic Page (Her stories are now in the Tribute to Garak/Bashir Friendship site above.)

Chad's Attic


Lea's Cheerfully Irreverant Website

Not Just Another Julian Bashir Webpage


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