My Choices for the Best X-Files Episodes:

Here is a list of my favorite X-Files episodes. My preference is for shows emphasizing humor. Let me know what your favorites are.

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1. Quagmire: #71; Scully and Mulder investigate the lake monster Big Blue. This show is much better and more poignant if you stop watching after the agents walk away in the final scene and before Big Blue surfaces. The monster's appearance was such a cliche' that the writers should be ashamed.

2. War of the Copropages #61; Mechanical cockroaches run amuck.

3. Small Potatoes #93; A loser who's a shape-shifter hits Mulder with the series's best put-down.

4. Je Souhaite #160; A genie granting wishes causes problems.

5. Rain King #125; A weather forecaster who can control the weather weeps over a lost love.

6. Roland #23; A retarded twin is dominated by his genius brother's frozen brain.

7. Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space' Scully is interviewed by a writer researching a book based on an alien-visitation X-File.

NEW!! Beth Dunlop's favorite episode!

8. I'd forgotten about this great episode until Beth Dunlop emailed me to mention it was her favorite. I agree with her and am adding to my list. (Thanks, Beth!). I think it's called The Great Malinee. It's about two supposedly warring magicians who work up a scheme to get an FBI authorization code so they can steal a ton of money via a wire transfer.


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