Figure Prints

What models of real World of Warcraft characters created by this company look like and how much they cost.


When I quit playing World of Warcraft I wanted a memento of the time I'd spent in that wondrous world. I discovered that a company called Figure Prints had an agreement with World of Warcraft that allowed them to access character files, even after a player quit playing, download the 3D image files of that character and using a 3D printer create a small, full color statue of that character. Although the $140.00 cost for my main character, Macdermott, was steep, I'd spent so much time with him he'd become a part of my life. I wanted this to honor all he endured in my behalf.

Placing the order was as simple as telling Figure Prints what realm and character I wanted reproduced and sending them the money. The file downloaded from World of Warcraft featured the last gear set I had on this character, but I could make changes within Figure Prints to change the gear as I wanted. I decided to go with what he had, which was actually the top gear available when I quit. A special page was created for my order that showed weekly progress on the creation of the statue. One month after placing the order the statue arrived. I was completely satisfied with it in every way possible.

Macdermott: a Mists of Pandaria level 90 warrior when that was the highest level available


The statue itself is 6-inches tall and came enclosed in a sealed glass dome mounted on a wood base. Altogether the assembly measures 8-inch tall and 5-inches in diameter. It makes an impressive display.


Up close the detail is exquisite. Unfortunately photographic images fail to capture the fine detail and full depth of color. The figures are produced by using colored glues printed onto built up layers of fine sand 1/100-inch at a time. In person the statues look as if they had been moulded perfectly smoothly. However, some facets of the grains of sand catch and reflect light when taking a picture of the figure creating a grainy appearance. This is not visible in person. These images also make the surfaces appear flat. In person they have subtle differences in texture reflecting the materials they are supposed to be: leather, metal, etc. Although the figures consist of grains of sand glued together, they are not flexible as one might imagine such a matrix to be. The glue used must be extremely rigid because the statue feels extremely stiff, as if it had been moulded from ceramic.


The backs of the statues are also rendered in fine detail.


Again, the graininess in this image is not visible in person. This close-up shows some of the extremely delicate detail that could not be produced by even the finest hand carving. Look closely at Macdermott's chin and left cheek. They are completely formed far under the face guard. The helmet really looks as if it's sitting on his head.



Figure Prints are expensive, but in my experience they are well worth it. If I had another main character I would not hesitate to purchase a Figure Print of him as well.


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