I'm not impressed with Aquarium Products Anti-Fungus treatment. A man in a local pet store said many costumers claimed that it was the most effective medicine available. I'm not sure if that's true; I'll have to wait and see if it clears a minor fungus problem that turned up with my second spawn (three fish, out of sixty, with a single tiny white cottony spot on the edge of their tail fins).

There were two things I strongly dislike about this product: First, the instructions on the bottle tells how much of it to use but not for how long. Second, there is no warning on the bottle that the medication will turn the aquarium sealer blue-green.

I would have preferred using Fungus Eliminator by Jungle because it is recommended by many sites as the best fungal cure, but not one of the six pet stores in my town carry it.

However, since this was the best I could find I gave it a try. I added the prescribed amount and let the fry soak in the treated water for 48 hours. I then did a complete water change. The three affected fry have lost the white spot they each had and no new spots have turned up on any of the other fish so I assume the medication worked.



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