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POEMS OF HOPE - Two New Poems 11

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Names of God




Oh sovereign Elohim
Maker of everything
All creation comes from thee
 Oh mighty Elohim


Only your wisdom
Could fathom eternity
All of your power
Controls the universe


Elohim, to thee belongs
All honor and worship
To thee I bow in reverence
Oh sovereign Elohim






Oh Lord Adonai
You truly are my master
 In charge of everything
Dependent on you am I


Show me Adonai
Your will for me
My faith is in you
Oh Lord my God


Your authority reigns
In my life
 Let me bow before you
Oh Lord Adonai







The eternal God all
The life giver to all


For all time He has existed
From Him flows all life
 He is in total control


He is the Holy, Holy Lord
Who calls us to be like Him
For in His image we are made


Fall down and worship Him
The giver and creator of all






God guides me daily
He protects my every move
He feeds me
With His eternal words


 His arms are wrapped around me
In them I am safe
From every danger and snare
That tries to snatch me away


His voice calls me
I know its tenderness
For not other voice I hear
Expresses love like His


The shepherd of my life
Let me walk daily
With God who died for me








The Lord God of Heaven
Is present among His people
He always desires to be
With those who are His


He created us to be
In a constant relationship with Him
Sin tore us apart


Jesus, the Son of God
Provided our way back to God
For His death and resurrection
Restored us unto God's righteousness


Live that in a relationship
With God who is always present
Who desires to be among His people






Eight Reasons Jesus Came to Earth

Based on Preaching at Grace Chapel in Lancaster, California





Christ is my example
Of how to live and serve
From Heaven He came
To save man from sin


He showed by example
How to minister to mankind
How to do good to others
Both physically, mentally, and spiritually


He lead by example
Not telling but showing
He lived His life in this world
Totally sinless


He died for all mankind
As a ransom for our souls
He laid down His life freely
To fulfill God's demands


Let us live by His example
Showing others His love
As we choose to be servants
Of the Kingdom of God





Seek and Save


True royalty chose to come
To earth from Heaven above
Setting aside His true nature
To take on human form


He came with the intent
To search for and save
Those who are lost
Separated from God eternally


He came of His own accord
Willingly fulfilling God's plan
To provide to man eternal life
By paying the debt owed God


Turn then, see, and believe
That God loves us so much
He sent Jesus His only Son
To seek and save the lost






Every man is spiritually ill
In need of healing are we
The Great Physician came to earth
To call us to repentance through Him


For all men are sinners
Unable to come to God
For God can only look upon those
Who have been healed through His Son


Christ came to die for us
So man can be made right before God
Listen to His voice bidding you
To repentance and salvation


Through Christ, the Great Physician
Man not need suffer for their sins
Belief in Christ as the Savior
 Is the Greatest Healing of all time






Blessed am I by Christ
To earth He came to save
All those who believe in Him
Have life abundantly


He did not come and die
To burden us with death
He came to light up our lives
With His peace and joy


Follow Him and receive
Every blessing He bestows
To those who look upon Him
As their Eternal Lord





Light of the World


Jesus came to earth
As the Light of the World
The absolute spiritual truth
And the presence of God on earth


His truth illuminates our souls
To be in God's presence
To know His true knowledge
To see our own depravity


God in His love for us
Lights our path back to Himself
As we believe in His Son
Our ignorance of God is removed


As believers we shouldn't tarry
In the shadows of spiritual darkness
Step into the Light of Christ
Reflect His light to all mankind






God's Witness


Down to earth came Jesus
As a witness to the truth
The spiritual truth
Only known in Heaven above


Jesus left His throne above
To become the Son of Man
Only He could testify
To the divine truth of God


Now all mankind can know
What this truth is
For when we listen to Jesus
The truth we hear


Jesus revealed God's truth
He also testified to God's grace
That all who believe in the Son of Man
Knows His truth, love, mercy, and grace




Radical Obedience


Jesus came to the earth
To be an atonement for our sins
His Father's will He carried out
Because He loved Him


With delight and diligence
He was faithful to God's will
He accepted God's choices
And was obedient to them


No compulsion was needed
To bring Jesus from Heaven to Earth
He willingly came to do God's pleasure
Finding energy in God's love

Love, pure love, for His Father
Brought forth His radical obedience
Through obedience to God's commands
God's love now flows to all men







Jesus came to this earth
In obedience to His Father
Everywhere and to everyone
He displayed His Father's Glory


In His life He lived perfectly
As a model for us
In all things He was patient
Calling people to believe in Him


All honor, glory and praise
Belong to our God
For He alone chose to give
Eternal life to man


Jesus displayed God's mercy,
His grace and great love
For the Glory of God is shown
To all who believe in His Son









How Heaven Must have exploded
The morning Christ arose
How the angles must have rejoiced
As Jesus rose in triumph


For only three days before
He had died for all mankind
Satan thought he had won
But that day our life began


For Christ died to save us
He rose to ensure us life
Earth did not understand
And was quite as Heaven rejoiced


Let all believers sing out
Honor and praises to God
For He gave up His precious Son
For the love of mankind





The Suffering Lord



O, how Jesus suffered
In the Garden and on the cross
He did this for me and you
As God willed redemption for us


While we were still in depravity
God planned for our future
He sent His own and only Son
As sacrifice for all


Jesus went willingly to the cross
Enduring torture for you and I
Only the death of a lamb without blemish
Would satisfy the wrath and anger of God


Take not His sacrifice lightly
For we have not suffered like Him
All that is required of us is
Childlike belief in Jesus as our Savior




The Agony of God



God was in agony
On Crucifixon night
For He had to turn
 His back on His only Son


For without the perfect sacrifice
Planned by God Himself
Mankind would continue to perish
And be separated from God forever


So God gave up His Son
To save us from death
He did this to show us
His great love for all


How He must have rejoiced
When he heard "It is finished"
Then and only then
Could His son be reunited unto Him






In the Garden of Gethsemane
Dark was my Savior’s soul
He knelt before His Father above
Willing to fulfill God’s plan


For in the Darkness of that night
Satan came to torment Him
Tempting Jesus to the horror
Of dying upon the cross


Yet Jesus denied Himself that night
Choosing God’s will instead
He willingly chose to die for man
Carrying out God’s redemptive plan


All man’s sins covered Him
God turned His back on His Son
Jesus died in sorrow and pain
As the Sacrificial Lamb


He fulfilled God’s requirements
Restoring us to God
He rose triumph over death
Victory belongs to Him





Palm Sunday

One early morning long ago
In the streets a commotion was heard
On a donkey there came into town
A Carpenter from Galilee

The crowd was cheering and waving palms
Hosannas rang all about
Garments were strewn under the feet
Of the royal Son of God

A prophet of old had foretold
Of the arrival of a King
The Messiah Savior they awaited
Had come to save them

Hosanna they sang to this carpenter
Hosanna to the Son of God
His glory was reveal to the world that day
The glory of Christ our King

Passion Week

Jesus did teach many things
That last week of His life
Miracles He also did
 To glorify His Father above

Each lesson taught and miracle done
Pointed to His Holy Father
He was preparing those He loved
To carry on His ministry

He spoke of loving God His Father
With passion for no one else
To teach and show to all the worldHow to love as God loves us

Each word said and action done
Would guide them as they lived
For Christ prepared them to carry on
His kingdom here on earth




In preparation of Passover
A feast the disciples prepared
Gathered they in an upper room
To remember God's love for them

Little did they realized
As they gathered there
That Jesus was preparing them
For the future not the past

He shared with them
Tho they did not understand
That this was the beginning
Of God's new covenant of love

He showed them how to remember
His sacrifice that was to come
His body broken, His blood shed
That forever covers us with God's love




Gethsemane brought to our Lord
Unbearable anguish and despair
For there He prayed to His Father above
For God's will to be done

His disciples slept as He wept
Tears of anguish and blood
Their humanness over came them
As they kept watch with Him

Three times He asked them
To watch and pray
To uphold Him in prayer
As He wept before God

Knowing there was no way out
He rose to meet His betrayer
He accepted God's plan for His life
To His death He willingly went




Before Pilate

To the courts Jesus did go
Surrounded by Roman soldiers
The Jewish leaders were elated
Finally they were winning

Pilate found no fault in Him
Jesus had broken no laws
But in fear he absconded
To the pressure of the crowd

Those who had cheered Him days before
Now jeered Him in disgust
A crown of thorns and a purple robe
Were all they dressed Him in

Spitting, mocking, ridiculing and disablement
He silently endured
Little did the soldiers realize
They jeered the Son of God




Crucify Him

On the winds one could hear
The cheering of the crowd
As the soldiers pounded the nails
Into the Son of God

As the cross stood upon the hill
The Jewish leaders applauded
Their plans had come to fruition
The blasphemer was to die

Jesus took upon Himself
The sins of all mankind
For Him there was no escape
As God turned His back on sin

His broken bones and pierced body
Brought sorrow to all who believed
Now their beloved Savior
No longer was with them




The Tomb

The broken body of their Lord
They wrapped in clean while cloths
They than placed Him in a brand new tomb
Sealed with a boulder by man's hands

For three long days He laid
Inside the burial tomb
But what man had planned
Was no match for God

For God could now look upon His Son
With the greatest of love
For His Son had been sacrificed
So man could be righteous with God

Out of that tomb Jesus came
Triumph over death
Nothing here on earth or in Heaven
Could ever hold Him again





How glorious was the rising of our Lord
Death was destroyed
Those who believe in Him
Forever will live covered by His grace

To those He loved He appeared
Amazed and relieved were they
For the Messiah had truly come back to life
Never to leave them again

He taught them how to live
As ambassadors of His kingdom
He showed them that no earthly man
Could compete with God above

The resurrection of our Lord
Brought life not death to us
So forevermore let us tell others
Of the sacrifice of our Lord













The time of waiting has come
Preparing my heart and soul
To celebrate the Lord's coming
As a baby in Bethlehem


Reading and mediating
Upon the Scriptures
That tell of His birth
Seeing new meaning in them


Praying for wisdom
Singing praises to my Lord
Waiting and Watching
Looking to Him with my whole heart


For without His birth
The world would not know
The love of God reaching down
Providing salvation for mankind






Star Filled Night



The star filled night was gentle and calm
The shepherds looked up in peace
Their eyes were watching over their flocks
Waiting for dawn's light to come


Instead of dawn there appeared
A brilliant star that lit up the sky
The startled shepherds had never seen
A star so bright in the sky


Also appearing with that star
A host of angels from on high
Singing in beautiful harmony
Of the King that was born that night


The shepherds went to see
A babe born in a lowly place
They praised God for this new life
That would become our redeemer Savior


So look up this night where you are
Spot the brightest star
Remember, worship, and give thanks
For the Babe born long ago







Christmas Gift


My beautiful Christmas gift
Wrapped in tears and pain
Was given in perfect love
Before I was ever born



For from the beginning of time
God created and chose me
To receive His perfect gift
Of redeeming grace



That grace cost God His Son
Sent to die so I might live
Eternal life is now mine
My righteousness is secured



My beautiful Christmas gift
Paid for by Christ's blood
I open with tears upon my face
And love in my heart to Him







It's Christmas Once Again


It's Christmas once again
The hustle and bustle has begun
Concerts and parties are the norm
So is being frazzled beyond compare

My Lord calls unto me
To stop and meditate
Why He came to earth long ago
What does that mean to me

My soul fills with wonder
At the gift God gave to me
He gave up His Son to death
To rise so I might live

So in the quietness of my heart
The true meaning of Christmas lives
God so loved the world
He sent His Son to redeem me






Mary pondered in her heart
The birth of her firstborn
She wonder what would become
Of the one from God she had borne

We today still ponder
That glorious birth so long ago
For we have now seen
What God had planned

His Son came to earth
As the redeemer of mankind
He died and rose again
So we might inherit eternal life

Today ponder God's great love
Joyfully thank Him
Fall on your knees before Him
Worship the King of kings




God's Gifts


Under my tree there are gifts
That shine and twinkle under the lights
They called to be opened
Given in love to one to another

Before the gift is opened
Anticipation builds in the giver
Hoping the gift is received
In the love it was given

God's greatest gift to us
Displays His great love for us
His only begotten Son came to earth
To provide redemption for mankind

Receive God's gift to you
Take Jesus into your heart
Believe that God loves you
Accept His love in joyful jubilation




Joyous Jubilation


What joy for man is it to know
That God gave us His Son long ago

To earth He sent Him one starry night
To give to man His precious Light

The angles sang in jubilee
 Declaring God's love for all to see

For Jesus came as God's great gift
To heal our great sinful rift

So let us sing in joyful song
Thankfulness all our whole lifelong

Declaring that from Heaven above
God sent His great redemptive love




Red and Black


Black Friday in today's world
Means to become successful
Getting out of the red
And earning profits instead of debt


But to Christians,
It is the opposite
Being in the black means
Being covered with sins


We seek to be covered
With the red blood of Christ
For only then have we been made
Righteous in God's eyes


At that moment we become rich
Salvation is lavished upon us
Heaven's glory shines on us
We are given everlasting life


Red then becomes the color
That we stand in forever
Black sin turns God away from us
Christ's red blood saves us




Light of God


So long ago into this world of darkness
Came the Light of God
Born as a babe, God's Son
Lit up the world brilliantly


Yet men rejected His Light
Because He did not seem to be
The Messiah they were expecting
He was in fact the opposite


He asked men to believe in Him
And to accept in faith
Who He said he was
The one true Messiah from God


Do we today believe in Him
Do we accept who He is
Or are we like the men of old
Who rejected the Son of God


Remember the gift God gave us
So long ago on a cold night
Accept and believe in Jesus
And give thanks unto God






Born to Die


Born was Jesus to die
Bethlehem was His beginning
Calvary was His death


Yet those few years
Between birth and death
Are the most precious for believers


For God came to earth
He walked among men
Teaching and giving His life for us


But He rose from death to life
So that all who believed in Him
Would also live again


We will rise to meet Him
As He comes back for us
For That was always God's plan





Just Imagine


Just imagine the excitement
As God announces it is time
For Jesus to return to earth
To reign as King


For no one except the Father
Knows when that will be
All in Heaven and on earth
Eagerly await that moment


The angels will sing praises
As Jesus comes back to claim
His kingdom of believers
Who will rejoice as He appears


Just imagine that moment
As we see Him coming for us
Sin and death will be conquered
And forever Jesus will reign


Just Imagine!




 The Christmas Tree


The Christmas Tree is decorated
It shimmers with lights and bulbs
Atop sits a golden star
That flickers with with brilliant lights


It draws attention unto itself
Even thought it makes no sound
One sees in it
Hope for a peaceful time


Yet this tree can not guarantee anything
For man has put it there
We enjoy looking at it
But it cannot produce what we hope for


Only Christ in our lives
As our redeemer and king
Alone He is the only source
Of the peace we so desire


So look to Jesus for your peace
Believe in His saving blood
Only in Him will man find
True everlasting life






Christmas Hope


At Christmas hope is renewed
We are reminded of Christ's sacrifice
For He gave up His Heavenly Home
To become the Son of Man


Into this world He came
As a babe in swaddling clothes
He brought hope to everyone
Who recognized the Son of God


As a man He taught all men
To come to His Father above
For He provided us the way
Through His sacrifice on the cross


Today Jesus is our hope
To everlasting life
We have this hope because He rose
And sits at God' s right hand


When I die to Heaven I will go
Because I believe in Jesus
All my hope is because of Him
He is the Christmas Hope for all mankind




Can You Imagine


Can you imagine Mary in Bethlehem
Ready to give birth in a stable
She knew her baby
Came from God above


Can you imagine Joseph with Mary
Standing by her side
Knowing this baby boy
Came from God above


Can you imagine the shepherds in the field
Tending their flock on a cold night
Suddenly angels proclaiming a message
That came from God above


Can you imagine why God
Sent His only Son to earth
To die and rise again
This came from God above


Can you imagine yourself
Living with God's love in you
Accept Jesus as your Savior
For He is the God from above



Hallelujah to the Lord Most High

Hallelujah to the Lord most high
King of Everything
In Him all the world rejoices
As we await His glorious presence

Let all mankind prepare
For His return to His people
He came as a babe long ago
Now He will return in splendor

His majesty was declared by the angels
On a cold night in Bethlehem
All of heaven and earth will fall in wonder
When in the clouds He returns again

O how glorious that day will be
When His face we will truly see
The Love of God will return to earth
To take us to Heaven above

O God above we worship thee
For you alone are worthy
All praise and adoration belong to thee
Hallelujah to the Lord most high




The Light Appeared

Long ago one silent night
The light of the world appeared
As a small babe in Bethlehem
Bringing Heaven down to earth

The babe, Jesus Christ
The Son of God and Man
Brought into this world
The glorious Light from above

His light shone for all to see
The path to His Father above
For when you believe in Jesus
Salvation from sin you receive

Let His light shine out from you
Let it guide someone to Him
For all mankind must realize
He is the only way to eternal life

Let you light flicker strongly
Do not dim or hide it
Let others see the love of God
Calling them to come unto Him


The Gift

Long ago one dark night
God looked down to Earth
He knew without His gift to us
We would perish in sin

Into this dark world He sent
His light in babe form
His Son, the light for all
Came to us on earth

He shone His light upon man
Guiding us to God's truth
That only through His Son
Comes God's gift of Salvation

Let us than rejoice
For God's great gift to us
For on that night long ago
Jesus came to save us



The Color of Christmas Joy


Bright and colorful are the lights of Christmas
The world is aglow with color
Each tree that stands adorned with lights
Brings joy to all who see them


Each bulb that burns brightly
Shines a rainbow of color
Together they blend beautifully
Glowing joy for all who see them


The colors of Christmas point heavenward
To glorify the Lord Jesus Christ
For on Christmas Day He was born
 Bringing joy to all who saw Him


The angels did sing and lit up the sky
With glorious songs of praise
Each angel worshipped the Son of God
Bringing joy to the parents of this King


The shepherds herd these songs
 In joy they came to see this King
They brought with them snow-white lambs
That represented the purity of this Babe


Mary and Joseph stood in awe
As the angles sang of their Babe
The world was lit in pure joy and love
For the Savior of Mankind


The colors of Christmas celebrate His birth
For in Him all mankind can be saved
His red blood did flow upon Calvary
Bringing us joyfully unto Him


Let this Christmas time be a joy for you
Let the colors you see brighten your life
For on that Christmas Day so long ago
God colored the world with His love




Prepare your heart for Christmas
Wait for the coming of the King
Long ago to earth He came
To save us from our sins

Now each advent season
I wait to celebrate His birth
Focus will I upon Him
Seeking to hear His words

He will lead and guide me
To new depths of understanding
His great love
Will be revealed unto me



The Light

Out of darkness came a light
So many years ago
To earth it came to illuminate
The birth of the Son of God

Over Bethlehem the light did stay
To guide those who would believe
That in a lowly stable was born
Jesus Christ, our King

To earth He came to give to us
God's greatest gift of love
On that night He was born
Our Redeemer, Our Savior, Our Lord

Let the Light He brought to earth
That night so long ago
Shine out from you to all you meet
To illuminate the glory of our Lord




Oh what a joy to behold
The coming of our Lord

Down He came as the Son of God
To become the Son of Man

He meets us where we are
Understanding all that we are going through

He leads us through this life
To a new life in Him

Oh what a joy to behold
The coming of our Lord

For through Christ
We live eternally with Him




Christmas Wishes

Every child here on earth
Whispers Christmas' wishes
For some they are for toys and treats
Others wish for love

To Christ I come with my wishes
For all who are dear to me
For some it is for God's love
For others it is His healing touch

My wishes to Heaven were sent
Upon Angels wings
Each one is heard and will be answered
By my Heavenly Father above

I look forward to the answers
That come from Heaven above
I know in my heart that my Christmas wishes
Are treasured by my Father above





In an instant insurmountable joy
will fill my heart

When I stand in heaven above
God will smile at me

One moment I will be on earth,
Yet in an instant I will be with Him

Oh how I long for that moment
When my life will become eternally complete

Joy swells in my heart
as I contemplate that life changing moment

Yet that joy is mine now
For within me Christ lives

Insurmountable Joy fills my heart
For instantaneously when I accepted Him
I was made complete




Like A Bell

The Words of God are like a bell
Ringing His truth throughout the world

Can you hear what He says to you?
Do you believe His words to be true?

Each time He speaks and we believe
His message rings with clarity

One day in heaven above
The bells of all who believe will ring

They will announce the coming of the King
To all who heard His message ring




O Little Town

The sleepy town of Bethlehem
Home to shepherds and sheep
Became one night long ago
The birthplace of a King

Long before it happened
Prophecies of old were told
How one day Bethlehem
Would be honored forever more

For in a stable, not a home
Christ our Savior was born
Angels and shepherds declared
The majesty of our Lord

From that day forward
One small city has known
That on a quiet sleepy night
The King of Kings was born




One Blessed Holy Night

One blessed night long ago
Unto a mother a child was born
Weary was she from the trip
For they had traveled to Bethlehem

Young and inexperienced was she
To bear this child from heaven above
But God had chosen her above all others
To carry His Holy Son

In a stable, not a palace
The birth of the babe took place
Only Joseph and Mary were there to care for the Holy Infant

Yet Heaven rejoiced and the angels sang
Of the glorious birth of this babe
The shepherds that heard came to see
Royalty in that common place

For on that day God had chosen
To send His Son to us
Little did Mary and Joseph know
They would raise the Son of God

One blessed night long ago
God fulfilled His Holy plan
To send to earth His only son
As prophecy had foretold

So let us sing and rejoice today
Remembering God's gift of love
As he sent His only begotten Son
Born that Holy Night



One Silent Night

Heaven's peace to earth did come
One silent night long ago
In a stable in Bethlehem
Christ the Lord was born

To lowly humble parents He came
To be raised in their love
But deep in their hearts they new
He was the Son of God

For as they raised Him He did search
For knowledge from Heaven above
For deep within Himself He knew
Why to earth He had come

To every person here on earth
He offers eternal life
For on that cross so long ago
He gave up His life

In your hearts accept His gift of sacrificial love
Let Him enter into you and reign in your heart
For one silent night long ago
Heaven's peace to earth did come




The Day Before

The day before Christ was conceived
As a babe in Mary's womb

He sat upon His throne above
Beside His beloved Father

Son, you will be their Messiah,
The Savior of the world

You will show them the one true way
To eternal salvation

Each step you take, each work you way
Will shake their lives completely

Their eyes will open, they will see
The love I have for them

Your words will be sustenance
Upon which they will grow

Your death will be
Your final act as the Son of Man

Your resurrection will bring you back
To your throne above

Through your life and death below,
Your followers will live again

For you will pay their debt in full
Your righteousness will cover their sins

So go, My beloved, into the world
Show them the way to me

Follow the path I have laid out for you
To bring salvation to all who will believe







Hope Is In Jesus - NEW!!!


My hope is in Jesus
He is the author of my salvation
He alone sees my whole life


He will lead and guide me
Through out each day
When I follow after Him


But when I set out before Him
I do not have the guide I need
To walk in His ways here on earth


Let me always put my hope in Him
For only He is worthy
He died so I might live





Lean on Him - NEW!!!


Follow God in confidence
Lean on Him in faith
For He and He alone
Knows the path you should take


He is eternal and wise
Limitless and all knowing
Creator of your life
Having plans for your every step


Reach out to Him in prayer
Never doubt who He is
Put your eyes upon Him
Follow Him in childlike faith


For He loves you
His plans are for your good
Not for evil
Giving us hope and a future





Oh what a joy it will be
To meet my Savior in the air
As He returns to call me home
Along with all His followers


Until that glorious day comes
I will live to serve and obey Him
To live and breathe Jesus
Daily in my life


Craving only Him
Serving only Him
Loving only Him
Above all earthly things


For my soul calls out to Him
To be filled and sustained by him
Let Him direct my path
His joy will be in me


Come, oh Jesus, come
My soul longs for thee
To sing and worship thee
All glory belongs to thee







Christ came into this world
Filled with sin's darkness
The angels sang brilliantly
The star shed its light over Him


The world did not recognize
The Light of Christ
He was condemned and killed
He died in darkness


Yet He rose
Again His light shone on earth
Then to Heaven He went
Earth again was in sin's darkness


God sent His Spirit to us
In believers He dwells
Out of us, His light shines
Blocking sins darkness


Once again Jesus will come
In brilliance beyond all compare
All will see His glorious power
As He reigns forever more.




God's Love is Amazing


God's steadfast love amazes me
No matter how man changes
God's love does not
He does not withdraw from us


Man changes every moment
Man's love is unstable
It is changed by everything
Yet God's love is not this way


Marvel in this love
That God has for men
Never will He leave us
We are never forsaken


What love He has for us
Bask in it, but always remember
He is our eternal Father
Live in obedience and glorify Him




My Soul Calls Out


My soul calls out
To the Holy Lord God
Only He can satisfy
My one true desire


That is to be with Him
Always and forever
To show my love to Him
And bring Him glory


For only He is able
To fill my soul full
With deep abiding satisfaction
Of knowing and honoring my King






In Triumph

Christ will come in triumph
He will destroy all that is evil
No one will stand with Him
Unless you have accepted Him

He must be your King
You have believed in Him
He rules your heart and soul
Your allegiance is to Him

All those with Him
Will sing in triumph to Him
All praise, honor, and glory
Belong to our King, Jesus

Hallelujah to the King





Sweet Peace


God's peace has been promised
To those who believe in Him
It surpasses our understanding
Protecting our hearts and minds

It comes to us as a gift
When in Him we trust
The more we give over to Him
The more peace we will receive

Come to Him in humility
Knowing it His timing we must trust
Patiently wait for God's will
To be unfolded in your life

His peace is priceless
It gives you rest beyond our grasp
Be thankful for this sweet rest
That comes from our Heavenly Father




Glorious Day


Oh what a glorious
Day it will be
When Christ calls me home

Into His presence
I will be ushered
Seeing His love for me

Falling on my knees
In worship of my Lord
Praises will be flowing out of me

His face in glorious radiance
Will look upon me
His love encompassing me

Oh what a glorious
Day it will be
When into my Savior's arms I fall



Being Saved


When the storms of life
Threaten to overtake me
There is only one choice
To being saved

His name is Jesus
Son of God
Redeemer, Savior
Lover of my soul

Only He can bring me
Safety and peace
Only He has the power
Because He is God

So to Him I turn
As my soul is sinking
He reaches down
And saves me from drowning





Let Freedom Ring


Let freedom ring
What does that mean to me
Is it personal freedom to do what I want
Or freedom in Christ my Lord


God gave me a will
To chooses my own path
He also gave unto me
The choice of being free in Him


That choice is to follow Him
Giving up my own will
Letting Him lead and guide me
Laying aside my personal choices


Only then can I be free
True freedom that brings life
Death will not swallow me
Let Christ's freedom ring








Chosen was I by God
From the beginning of time
Before I was ever born
He knew I would be His


He gave me free will
But also a desire for Him
So that I would choose Jesus
As my Lord and Savior


What a blessing this is
To have been elected by Him
To become holy and blameless
Through the sacrifice of His Son

Chosen was I by God
To be his child
No greater blessing is there
Then to call God Abba









Adopted was I by God
Once I believed in His Son
His child I now am
Never to be abandoned


For chosen was I long ago
Before time ever started
God chose to accept us
Through His Beloved's sacrifice



We now belong to God's Family
He provides blessings for His children
Salvation, justification, and sanctification
Are three that guide lead us to holiness


For we will live in Holiness before Him
We will rule with Christ in Heaven
Only because we have been adopted
As children of the most Holy God








Redeemed am I
From the slavery of sin
The ransom was paid
By the Son of God


He came to earth
For this purpose
To redeem His kinsmen
And reconcile us to God


No longer can sin
Pollute and enslave us
For the spilling of Christ's blood
Has delivered us


The blessing of Redemption
Has been give to those
Who accept Christ as Savior
Bringing all glory to God






Sealed by the Spirit




The moment I was forgiven
By believing In Jesus as Savior
The Spirit came into me
And sealed me for all time


This sealing is a promise
Given by God to Believers
That He has an inheritance
For us in Heaven above


This sealing also shows
That we are separated
From this world
Set apart for God


We belong only to God
For He ransomed us from sin
Let us be thankful and obedient
To the Lord God most high








Outside the circle of God's love
I once stood
Separated from Him was I
Until Jesus brought me to Him


For a sinner was I
Unworthy to be looked upon
Blackness surrounded me
No light penetrated my soul


But Jesus changed everything
In Him I believe
His death washed away my sins
His rising brought light into me


Now I stand in before God
He sees not my sin but
So I now stand
In the circle of God's love








Israel was led by God
Out of Egypt they came
God provided all they needed
Yet all they did was complain


He had a promised land for them
An inheritance given just to them
Yet all they did was grumble
How Egypt had been better for them


How we are like them
God promises us an inheritance
Eternal life with him in Heaven above
Yet many have rejected Him


Many has not changed
We are sinners from birth
Do not me one who rejects Jesus
Embrace God's inheritance for you






Certain Am I



Oh how certain am I
Of my place in Heaven
I know my redeemer
In whom I believe


Oh what joy I will have
When face to face I meet Him
I will run as the wind
Into His arms


Oh He will greet me with joy
I will bow in worship before Him
He will lift me up
Guiding me to the Father


Oh how I long in anticipation
For the coming of my Lord
For sin will be defeated
Christ will rule forever more






A Sinner No Longer Am I



No longer a sinner am I
For by the blood of the Lamb
I have been redeemed


To earth He did come to die
So men could be justified
Becoming heirs to God


Let me no longer look
Upon myself as a sinner
But as a child of the Living God


In Him I have the strength
To choose not to sin
For a sinner no longer am I





Lost and Alone

I was lost and all alone
Falling into sin at every turn
No one who cared about my soul
Until Jesus called my name


I turned around when I heard
His loving voice beckoning me
To listen to His words of life
That could save me forevermore


I stopped and let Him show me
The sacrifice He had made for me
That through belief in Him
I would be saved eternally


So on that day to Him I gave
My heart, my soul, and my life
For He had come to die for me
What allegiance I owe Him


Now I sing because I know
He is my Savior and King
For long ago God chose to save
All who would come to Him




Within Me

God's Spirit within me
Causes me to remember
The Word of the Lord
Spoken here on earth


He brings to mind
The promises made
By the Father Above
Spoken through Jesus His Son


His Truth never leaves me
Is is the path for my soul
God's Spirit whispers to me
His words of wisdom


Let my soul always be ready
To Listen and receive
The Words of my Savior
Written just for me





The Joy I Seek


Christ - the joy I seek
Is in my life today
Let me seek His guidance
In every step I take


All my thoughts I give to Him
So only on Him I meditate
Soaking up His love and words
Resting peacefully in Him


My heart's desire is to display
Jesus to others I meet
Let the fruit of His love
Shine in my life today


All glory belongs to Jesus
He is the rock I stand upon
Let me hold onto Him for everything
Christ is the joy I seek





Perfect Gift


Your grace O God
Is such a perfect gift
Yet I don't understand
Its fullness for me


I pray for understanding
And for wisdom
Let me know what it means
To say Your grace is enough


Continue to reveal to me
Your perfect gift
To know what it cost you
To give me life


O God I thank you
For your grace
You see me worthy enough
To bestow on me your grace.





You Are My God


O God of Hope
Today I look to thee
For only thou O Lord
Can see all of me


In this world I sin
And fall short of your glory
Death should be mine
But thou has saved me


For by your hand of righteous
Your Son was my sacrifice
He paid my costly debt
So I might live not die


Look into my heart

My love is for you alone
In you I have faith and hope
For you are my God




God’s Plans For Me


Jesus walks before me
Every moment of my life
It is my desire to follow Him
Every step I take


For He guides me
As He shows me God’s will
A perfect will is it for me
To bring all glory back to God


His plans are not harmful
They are planned in love
They are meant to help me
And always to glorify my Father


So every day as I arise
I will ask Jesus to lead me
Letting Him set the path
That God has planned just for me




Radical Love


O the love of God
That He lavishes on me
Radically He sacrificed His own Son
To loving redeem me


A sinner am I by birth
Separated and lost from God
Only the blood of the perfect Lamb
Bought my redemption from death


Even though I am redeemed
Sin still influences me
At times I walk away from God
Not listening to His Spirit in me


He lovingly calls my name
Restoring me unto Himself
What radical love he has
For me and all mankind






Wonderful Grace


The wonderful grace of Jesus
Given to all mankind
The angels don't comprehend
This gift from God above


They look at man in wonder
And see His hand upon us
The Church is His body of believers
Living in Him here on earth


Mankind should be an example
As all of Heaven looks down
For what they should see is Jesus
Looking back at them through us


Let us then look to Jesus for guidance
In all that we do and say
For we are His example of God's grace
For all of the Heavenly realm






Fill me up Oh Lord
With all you have for me
Let me be an open vessel
That holds your love and peace


Let that love grow in me
Until it falls like a waterfall
Pouring out of me
Rushing powerfully


Let it fall over others
Who need your love and peace
Let them feel your power
Entering into their souls


Fill me up Oh Lord
Till all of me is yours
Let me flow like a waterfall
With a clean sweet soul




Oh God of Great Mercy


Oh God of great mercy
To thee I return today
Asking your forgiveness
For going my own way


To thee I relinquish
Every detail of my life
Guide me in each step
Of the journey of my life


Oh Great Loving Father
Let me remain in thee
For to thee I surrender
 My will, choices and desires



Seeking Jesus -


Earnestly I want to know God
He reaches down from Heaven
Holding out His hand to me
Waiting for me to respond


It seems I look in all the wrong places
Trying on my own to find Him
Working with all my might
Never encountering Him


Yet all I need to do
Is to sit and be quiet
He will enter into me
Filling every empty corner


Than I will hear Him
Speaking my name in love
My seeking is over
For He has found me








Wash all of me
Make me clean within
Let my tongue confess
Your deep love for me

Let your Spirit guide me
To your thoughts and deeds
Let my nature die within me
Let your holiness surround me

All honor and glory
Are for you alone
For who else would love me
Except my Creator

To you I give
All my gratitude
For your deep love for me
Thank you Holy God

Thank you Lord



Your Gifts, Oh Lord

Let all I do each day
Glorify you Oh Lord
Let all I say each day
Point to you Oh Lord

For you are the giver
Of everything I need
For you provide and equip me
For each day's journey

Let me use your gifts today
To let someone see
The gory of my God and King
And your eternal Gift of Love


Living for Jesus

Living for Jesus
Is a life long process
Treating each day
As if He is coming again

Sometimes it seems
As if His coming is far off
For we do not understand
Why He has waited so long

Yet God desires
All men to come to Him
He patiently waits
For men to choose Him

Only God knows
When Christ will return
To claim His followers
That are here on Earth

Until that day
Be Christ like in your life
Prepare for the King's
Glorious, Triumphant return


No Condemnation

No condemnation, no condemnation
Jesus ever gave to mankind
Only mercy He showed to us
Only mercy and His grace

To others what do we show
Man is quick to judge
Man is quick to condemn
In this what do we show to others

Let us turn and look
Into the eyes of Jesus
Let us then turn and look at man
Through the eyes of our Lord

See no condemnation in anyone
For Chris is our Lord
If He did not condemn
Neither should we



Never Alone


Oh Lord my God
In you I believe
Your are my rock and refuge
My stronghold in times of need

Days come upon me
When totally alone I feel
But deep in my hear I know
You have not left me


In those times of despair
Your words comfort me
For you have declared
Your great love for me

Those words are my hope
For in you I believe
You, Oh Lord Almighty
Have your hand upon me




Standing Firm


My foundation is Jesus Christ
In Him I firmly stand
He is the rock of my salvation
The cornerstone of my faith


Through the renewing of my soul
Every day of my life
My stance upon His foundation
Will remain firm and steadfast


Communicating with God daily
Through prayer, study and mediation
Are the building blocks
That keeps my stance firm


Storms of life will come my way
Threatening to knock me astray
In the armor of God I will dress
To battle whatever comes my way


Through Christ I will extend my hand
To others who are slipping away
To help them reestablish a firm stance
On their foundation in Jesus Christ


Therefore let us all join together
To stand firmly in our Lord
For He is the cornerstone of our foundation
Upon Him we may always rely



The Way to Salvation -


Jesus taught wherever He went
Miracles He also did
Each word and act that came from Him
Points to His true identity


For He is the way and truth
To eternal life and salvation
No other way has been given
To become a child of God


Believe what He says
Put your faith and trust in Him
For He loved you so much
That He died just for you


What greater gift could be given
Then eternal life with Him
He is the only true way
Believe in Him and be saved


Black to White


Before the cross I stood
Covered in the filth of sin
Destitute and despised
By all but the Son of God


Even in His pain
He beckoned me to Himself
His body was in anguish
But His eyes were full of love


I looked and saw His sorrow
As He died upon that cross
As His blood flowed out of Him
It washed away my sins


He died and rose again
That forever I might live
Black was I when I cam to Him
Radiantly white in His glory I now stand


I Know Best

God asks me quietly
To follow His words
To seek His words
In all I do


Instead of listening
I turn away
Knowing my was is best
I need not Him


No matter how far I turn away
He pursues me with His love
He speaks louder and louder
Until I cannot ignore Him


I turn all my attention upon Him
He whispers of His love for me
Then in quietness
I turn and listen to Him


In Charge


You cannot touch what I can touch
You cannot see all that I do
I am the Lord God Almighty
In charge am I of all things


I see your whole life
I know thing about your future
When you let me guide your steps
You show your love to me


Trust in me is essential
Have faith that I will care for you
My love for you is unfathomable
Let me show you glimpses of it


I wait for you each morning
To walk with me through out the day
My love will encompass your every step
This is my promise to you


Extraordinary in the Ordinary

The love of God is extraordinary
That manifests itself in our ordinary lives
He reaches down from Heaven on High
To care for us each day


He loves us so much
He listens to our prayers
He desires for us to share all our thoughts
Not just what we consider important


So let God in every aspect of your life
He will guide every step you take
He loves every detail of our lives
With His guidance our ordinary lives become extraordinary


I Have Met the Lord

Envision do I the coming of my Lord
Appearing in the clouds
Surrounded by the Heavenly Host
Shouting praises to our King

His glory will be revealed
For all to see
All will fall on their knees
To worship the Messiah

My heart longs for this day
When I will meet my Lord
At His feet I will fall
As He passes by

Yet I have already met Him
For in me He resides
May I worship Him now as I want to them
Totally focused only on Him




Rise Up and Stand

Rise up and stand before your God
Glorify and honor His name
For you His blood was shed
So His salvation could come to you

Rise up and worship Him
Let His name be honored by you
Raise your hand and bow your heart
Worship the Almighty One

Rise up before the great I AM
But then fall on your knees
For you He died and rose again
His salvation He secured for you


Come Ye Blessed

Come ye blessed unto me
Jesus calls to us
For in my image you are made
I desire to talk to you

Look for my blessings
For from me they flow
Open you eyes, look for them
They come to you each day

From heaven I have come
To invite you to live in me
From the beginning of time
This was my desire

Come ye blessed unto me
For my arms are open
To all those who look for me
For all time I have blessed thee





Rest In Me

Run to me and fall into my arms
Come to me in all circumstances
For I long to hold you in my arms
To give you my peace and rest

For I am calling you unto me
To abide in me always
Never to face the world without me
Always to have you by my side

For I will lead and guide you
Each step you take I will go with you
But for now let me hold you
Feel my peace upon you and rest in me





God's Peace

God's peace is a river
That flows over me
When I allow it to run freely
It cleanses me

Away it washes all fear and dread
Of all that I cannot do
What I worry about
On long sleepless nights

Into my heart it brings
Rest, sleep, and contentment
For God's peace restores
Me unto Him

Wash over me today Oh Lord
Take away my anxiousness
Cleanse me from all that
Separates me from Thee



Wooden Door

Jesus came to earth one day
As a babe born to Mary
In a stable did He lay
In a wooden trough

As a child He did learn
To build furniture of wood
He also learned to discern
People's wooden hearts

He showed to all who believed in Him
His great love and peace
Those hearts of wood did open up
And accepted His gift of love

Upon a wooden cross He died
So we might live forever
His mighty loves was not snuffed out
Upon that cross of wood

So open the wooden doors of your heart
Let Him live in thee
Let His love fill you up
So that alive you will be



Drops of Blood -

Drops of blood flowed from the cross
Over my sins they have fallen
Washing away my guilt

On the cross hung my Lord
Letting Himself be crucified
So I may live

Out of the grave He came
From the depths of hell He arose
So that I may rise to live in Him

Nothing could hold Him
For on that day
Rose the King of Kings

From the drops of blood
To the glorious crown He wears
All He did, He did for me



Come and Drink -

Come and drink
The Lord calls to me
Come and drink
Be filled with life

Let the Holy Spirit
Fill your soul
With my life giving water
That will save your soul

Drink deeply and long
Be satisfied
For my life is the water
That will sustain you

Do not turn away
From my water of life
For the darkness of sin
That will malnourish you

Come and drink
From the River of Life

Thirst no more
Be filled with my life



Nourishment -

Never turned away
By the Son of God
He opens and accepts
All who in faith come to Him

He sees not your color
Your creed or code
He only sees you
Believing and trusting in Him

He beckons you to come
Fully trusting in Him
He will give to you
All you need

For His is the source of life
From Him flows the power of God
Open your eyes and see the Lord
Waiting to nourish you



Fill Me Oh Spirit -

Fill me oh Spirit
Till I over flow
With all of God's
Goodness, faithfulness, and love

Let every part of my being
Be cleansed by your hand
So sin has no hold
On this child of God

Let everyone who meats me
Know I have been touched
By the Almighty God
My Father in Heaven above

Through faith in God
Praying daily for His strength
Let me live in His fullness
So that I might glorify Him

Fill me oh Spirit
With what God has for me
Only then will I be
Made fully complete



His Grace Falls Upon Me

When I least expect it
God's grace falls upon me
Grace to heal my soul
Grace to make me whole

For each and every day
I expect that I will sin
But when I enter my Father's presence
His grace cleanses my soul

His grace is freely given
To all who look to Him
His forgiveness washes away
Those expected daily sins

So Lord I look to thee
And thank thee in my heart
That you have so freely given
Your grace unto me


He Waits With Me

Waiting was I for the Lord
To do His work in my life
Alone I felt until I knew
I was not alone
For while I wait for His will to be done
He waits with me

He holds my heart in His hands
He whispers His promises to me
Like a mother who comforts a child
God comforts my soul, my heart, my being
For while I wait for His will to be done
He waits with me

Ready was I for a change in my life

Restlessness overtook me
Waiting was not what I wanted to do
Action was my answer
Wait the Lord called to me
And I will wait with you

So wait will I for His perfect timing
Focus will I on Him
He will unfold His plan for me
And show me what He wants done
He will prepare me
And while I wait on Him
He waits with me


Christ's Return

I look to see Christ's return
Yet His time has not yet come
When I look for Him to come
I focus on the Kingdom of God

One day I will look up
Unexpectedly He will be coming
Upon the clouds He will return
His arms opened wide

Until then I must watch but not wait
To serve the Lord my God
For when I serve Him here on earth
My life points the way to Him

Ready must I be to meet my Lord
When He returns to earth
For I know not His time
But ready I must be

So Lord my God
Show me the way
To be prepared at any moment
To meet you face to face

Down from Heaven you will come
Calling home all who believe
I will be caught up in the clouds
To live forever with thee


The Christmas Light

The lights of Christmas dazzle me
They make the world shine
All is colorfully illuminated
Darkness seems to hide

Those lights are there yearly
Making Christmas bright
But when the season is over
Those lights no longer shine

But in my heart is the Everlasting Light
That Christmas is all about
Christ is the Eternal Light
Who was born that life changing night

So let that Eternal Christmas Light
Live inside of you
Let it shine brightly so others may see
The Light born that Christmas Night


Promise of Renewal

Today is a brand new day
The Lord has given to me
Today I can choose to hope in Him
Or faint into the darkness that is creeping in

For when I awoke the fears came again
Why even get out of bed
Why not stay hidden away
Why even try

But then to my Lord I cried
This is not how I want to be
Life is full of so many good things
That you have given me

Come unto me He called
Be not weary of living
I will carry all your burdens
Hope and trust in me

Thank you Oh Father
For your written word
For today I turned and found in it
Your promise to renew me each day



God's Treasures

God treasures those whom He calls
As His most prized processions
Unto to us He has made a covenant
Of love, grace, and mercy

When we His people obey His voice
And follow Him in faith and trust
He gives to us in abundance
Treasures from Heaven above

When we seek Him each day
With all that is within us
To others we show
His love, compassion, and kindness

For God's covenant to love and treasure us
Is for all eternity
What better way to live my life is there
Then in humble, loving obedience to the Lord God Almighty


God's Child

God delights in this child to be born
For he alone chose the time for the birth
He looked at all the earth holds
And decided the time for this little one is now

He looked and chose carefully
Who the parents should be
A couple of God's love and grace
Willing to accept His plans for them

For the woman He chose
The right time for conception
A time that would lead to the birth of this baby
Fulfilling God's perfect timing

For this child is God's idea
He has skillfully knitted together
Deep within the mother's womb
Lies a child of his love and grace

God has created this child
As He does all others
In His image they are formed
His love for them is everlasting

So you carry deep within
A divinely planned pregnancy
A child who God delights in
Created in His power and wisdom


Blooming for God

God plants in my heart His seeds of Faith
In Him they begin to grow

He waters and feeds then as they sprout
Encouraging them to grow

He tends each bud of Faith that appears
In the garden of my heart

He protects them from the bugs of sin
That seek to destroy them

Under His care and in His time
The buds bloom in full array

The beauty of my wonderful Lord
Is displayed for all to see

For when I allow Him to care for me
And guide my every step

I bloom in a wondrous display
That glorifies the Lord my God


Never Alone

Today I stand not alone
But surrounded by God's Heavenly Host

For in me is God's Holy Spirit
He guides my every step

Around me as I go out today
God's angels guide and protect me

For when my eyes are on my Lord
And my heart is following His lead

Then I know no matter what is thrown at me
Protected I will be

Praise be to God the Almighty
Who opens my eyes to see

That He never leaves me
As I walk in this World

So as I travel throughout this day
Alone I will not be

For God and his mights Host
Protect and guide me


God Smiled Down

God smiled down upon me today
He had given me a job to do
And I did it with total abandonment

People were astonished at what I did
For I actually enjoyed myself
With a task they would hate

But God gave me the tools I needed
And a love for the task
To complete this job and glorify Him

Each day I pray Oh Lord
Let me use the talents you have given me
To do the jobs you want me to do

Let me sing of your glory and honor
As I work under your guidance
For then I will glorify you and honor your Holy Name


Sincere Love

Sincere loves comes from the depth of your heart
It flows from one to another
With nothing expected in return

God's love for me is sincere
He sent His Son to die to show His love to me
His Son rose again so that I may live

God's love is given as a sacrificial gift
His love is sincere
He never takes it away

No conditions are attached
Once I've accepted His gift
All He has He gives to me

I open my heart to you Oh Lord
Let your love flow out of me
So your sincere love will be shown to all I meet


The Hope of the Future

This child to come is a covenant of my love
A promise of the future for you
For this child I have plans
That will astonish you

But with my plans come the provisions
That are necessary for the journey
Fear not the future
Full trust in me
For I will provide all that is needed

For this child will provide my hope
In a brand new way
To those who seek my will

So carry this child of mine
With anticipation in your heart
For this child is an unexpected gift to you
From your Almighty God


Hold on to Me

In the earth, sea, and sky above
Your great love holds on to me
Not one step do I take
Until you have stepped before me

You prepare me for each day
When in prayer I come to you
You hear my pleas and open your hands
For me to come to you

You protect me from all harm
You guide me through the day
Never am I left alone
To walk through this day

Today I come and you hear
The pleas within my heart
Fear not you say, Go forth in peace
Trust the Lord your God


My Soul Rejoices

My soul rejoices in thee Oh Lord
My protector thou art

Out of darkness thou has shown me
The Light thou art

No earthly thing can complete my heart
Only the love you give me

From the depths of despair my soul called out
Thou, Oh Lord, answered me

Thou showed me thy great compassion
For those who believe in you

Even though my mind said where is God
My soul knew you were there

Oh Lord my God
My rock and salvation
In thee I find my refuge

For only thou completes my soul
Forever will thou be my Lord


Arms of My Lord

Safe and secure in the arms of my Lord
Will I stay today

Anything that attacks me
He adverts away from me

All that scares me
He protects me from

All that would harm me
He hold me above

Nothing that comes at me
Can touch me when in His arms I stay

So today I will stay and not stray away
From His loving arms

Fear will not touch me, It will not overtake me
For In His arms I will stay


Trust Will I in the Lord NEW!!!

Trust will I in the Lord
In all that happens to me
For he sees the whole world
And plans where to use me

This knowledge and understanding
He imparts to me
As I open my heart and mind
Totally trusting in Him

Praise be to God the Almighty
Maker of all that is
Within His hands He hold
All knowledge and wisdom there is

Thanks be to God
That He chooses to care for me
That when I turn to Him
He shares His wisdom with me

So today I turn and look
To see God's hand upon me
Imparting knowledge to my waiting heart
Of His great love for me


How Strong I Your Love NEW!!!

Oh Lord, how strong is your love in upholding me

In times of trouble you carry me
You let nothing harm me

When I feel alone
You hold and talk to me

Softly you remind me
That you will never leave me

From the beginning of time to the end
Your power and strength will protect me

No matter what happens in my life
You control all that goes on, in, and about me

From the beginning of time til its end
You reign in majesty

For holy, holy, holy
Art thou oh mighty Lord



No one over me, everyone under me
That is what I like to feel
Authority gives me power
Power gives me control

Yet when I yield my authority
I gain such power in my life
Power to let the Almighty God
Shower me with His love, grace, and mercy

For Jesus came with authority over all that there is
He forgave sins
He healed the sick
Nothing could overtake Him

Yet He chose to die for me
So that I may live again
Now He empowers me with His Spirit
To follow His authority

Under His authority I am free
Of the sin I once had
Free to live as a Child of God
Telling all I meet of His great love and grace


Ragamuffin No More

Ragamuffin no more am I
Saved by the blood of the cross
All that was in the past is gone
A saint in God's House am I

He turns to me and all He sees
Is a child whom He loves
Dressed am I in royal robes
My tattered past is gone

His unconditional love for me

Anoints my soul each day
His grace and mercy comfort me
While in His arms I stay

For God has chosen me as His own
Tattered no more am I
Daily I live in His love
A Saved Saint am I


Call Me, Oh Lord

Call Me Oh Lord
Listen I shall to your still small voice
Impart to me your will
For I strongly desire to understand your words to me

Apart from you I shrivel and am dry
Parched is my soul
But when I listen and hear your words
My spirit blooms and grows

I live not then in a bleak continuous winter
But my soul blooms eternally within

Call and I will listen
Let me hear what you have to say
For my heart desires to understand
All that you have for me


Life Without Fear

Christ gives me what I need to know
Not what others say I should know

Through Christ's grace I am free to live
The path He shows to me

But Christ by grace has set me free
To live without fear

Through Him and by Him I am free
To follow His leading and guidance

So today I will live within His grace
Not under the law of sin


Dance With Me

The Lord called
Dance with me today
Rise up - Seek me

I will lead your every step
Do not fight
Let me lead
For I know the way

Rest in my arms
Do not try to lead
For this is MY dance

Life is a Joy
Dance to the music
I give

I love You!
Dance with me today!!


A Gift to Behold

God’s love encompass me in every area of my life
It reaches into my soul transforming me
God’s love gives me the right to be called his child
It tells me I am cherished and valued by the Creator of All

Do I see myself in this light
or do I tear myself down?
Do I judge myself by the world’s standards
or by God’s love for me?

Oh what love He has for me, calling me His own
His only Son died giving me this right
The God of all creation loves even me

What a gift to behold
The greatest gift of all
The love of the Father
has been given to me


The Garden of Life

The Garden of Life is full of fruit
To nourish my soul today
Each tree is full of plump ripe fruit
All within my reach

Each beckons me to pick and eat
To fill my soul to the brim
Which do I choose as I walk
Into the world today?

Is it the fruit of the Living God
I feast upon today
Or is it the fruit of deception and lies
That first catches my eye

How do I know what to pick?
It all looks good to me.

“Rely on me today,” said the Lord
“Walk with me hand in hand,
I will show you what fruit to pick
To nourish you soul today”

As I walk I will eat
What Jesus picks for me
For He is the Master Gardener
Knowing what is best for me

“Come and eat,” said the Lord
“For the fruit is ripe and fresh.
All will be well with thee
In the Garden of Life today”


Free At Last

Free at Last, Free at Last
Thank God I am free at last,
so goes a saying from the past

But in Christ I am always free
He walks beside me
He sees where I should be
He shows the path to me

How then do I get lost
In this prison of sin and pain
Why do I feel in life I’m making not gains

Circumstances may not change
but my heart turns toward Him
Then I do not focus on the Prison of Life
but on the Hope brought by Him

Free at Last, Free at Last
Set free by the Hope in the one who forgets my past


Open My Eyes

Open my eyes Jesus
that I may see the path you want me to take

Walk with me Jesus
that I may not stumble and fall

Guide me Jesus
that I may see the direction to go

For in thee Oh Lord, I put my Hope
thou will walk with me
thou will guide me
thou will set my feet upon the right path


Joy of the Lord

One day I will know the joy of the Lord
I will look upon His face
I will stand in His presence
His arms will open wide embracing me with His love
All my sorrows will be gone
Pain will hold me no more
Peace will enter in
Joy will fill my heart
Oh what a day that will be
Anticipation fills my soul as I wait for that day

Yet - that day is today!!!
I see His face
I stand with Him
He wraps His arms around me
My sorrows vanish
He takes my pain upon Himself

His joy fills my soul


Hope is my Anchor

Hope is my anchor
It ties me to God

Left untied I drift upon the seas of life
Capsized I will be when life’s waves wash over me
Unable to recover in my own strength
The storms of life batter and bruise me
Deeper in misery I sink and sink
The weariness of struggling causes me to drown

Faith, truth, and hope are intertwined together
They are the rope that holds me to God
Covering over all my storms is His great love

I will not drown but soar above life’s rough waves
My anchor holds
My future is secured by the hands of the Captain of my Life


The Lord is my Peace

The Lord is my peace
this I believe

In Him and through Him
peace enters my soul

He calls my name
entering my soul
calming my fears

He calls me to believe
that I will never die

He never leaves my side
I am never alone

The world will call me
tempting me to leave
for pastures that are greener
for riches here on earth

I must remember
God calls my name
He knows who I am
Through Him my salvation is secure

Because of Him, I will live
forever in Heaven by His side

The Lord is my peace
this I believe
I will listen to His still small voice



The path that laid before me was done
Each step I had taken
Each turn I had traveled
Led me to its end

I stood and wondered
Where do I go from here
So long I had been on my current path
What could my future hold

"Child of Mine" the Lord said to me,
"There is surely a future hope for you
I have plans to make you prosper,
Plans to give you hope,
Plans for your future"

The journey I was on was done
My future lay before me
Therefore I have hope
For what I know not
My future is secure

Hope is my anchor
In it my soul shall rest
Firm and secure will I be
In the loving arms of Christ


The Lord Calls You by Name

The Lord calls you by name
He looks to see
Will you follow Him

Each step you take
Each turn you make
Has been planned by Him

You walk through this life
Lead by Him
He’s always there for you

Each lesson learned
Each journey taken
Leads you closer to Him

He knows all about you
He understands you as no other can
He guides you into His Promised Land

When your journey is done
He opens the door
To His heavenly home

He calls you by name
A brand new name
That is only given to you

Heaven is open for those who believe
Will you enter in?

Here His voice
Turn toward Him
You’re a Child of the Living God

The Coming of our Lord

Oh what a joy to behold
The coming of our Lord

Down He came as the Son of God
To become the Son of Man

He meets us where we are
Understanding all that we are going through

He leads us through this life
To a new life in Him

Oh what a joy to behold
The coming of our Lord

For through Christ
We live eternally with Him


Breathe in the Holy Spirit

Breathe in the Holy Spirit
Let Him guide your very step
He will show you what to do
On this particular day

Fret not what comes before you
Rest within yourself
For the Lord has sent His Spirit
To give you His peace and rest

God's Gifts

Desire what the Lord has for you
Urgently seek it with your whole heart
Seek not what the world says you want
Be not impressed by it

God has given to you
Gifts from Heaven above
Each gift is used by Him
To build up His Church

Seek with your whole heart
The gifts He has for you
Pray that His gifts
Will be used to glorify Him

Passion for God

Passion for God is important to have
Passion for God alone

Seeking His heart and mind in you
Will open your eyes to Him

In you He will put a yearning
That will lead you closer to Him

He will show to you
All that He has and wishes to give to you

Seek Him with your whole heart
Look only to Him

For God passionately seeks for you!

Wait for Me to Lead

Wait for me to lead you on this path you are to travel
For I will show you the way to go

Plan now what your should take
For I will provide what you need

Be not discouraged when it seems to take so long
For my timing is not yours

Be troubled not by what others say of the journey you are to take
For My words speak the truth

Keep your eyes focused one me and not the world around you
For I Am the Lord, Your God

Wait for Me
For I know the way you must travel

Let the Son Enter In

Let the Son enter into the depths of your soul
Let Him pierce the darkness within
Let His light chase away the shadows that lurk
Let His joy fill your emptiness

For whey the Son enters in doubts cannot stand
He deal with them, eliminating the shadows they bring
Listen to the Lord your God as He talks to you
His words of love will replace the doubts that hold your heart

Let His arms lift you up, hold you safe and secure
The shadows within the depths of your heart will cause you no more pain
Instead the light of the Lord shines brightly
Bringing you joy where there was pain

Made Complete

Come to me
Rest in me
Lay all your troubles on me

For I am your God
  I am your Savior
  I am your Lover
  I am your Life Giver

Worry not about your trouble
I will take them upon me
Let me handle them
Focus only on me

See me
Trust me
Love me

For I am your Creator
  I am your Provider
  I am your intercessor
  I am your God

Only in me are you made complete


Come He calls
Come to the Lamb
Drink of Him
Devour His words

For through Him eternal life is given
No other way but His provides life eternal
No man can earn it on his own

Turn and see the one true way
Turn and see your salvation

For through His blood
You are cleansed from all that is evil
For by His hand
Your name is written in the Book of Life

Come, He calls, come to me
Believe what I say

For soon I will come to gather you to live forever with me
Yes, I am coming soon declares the Lord God Almighty

Headed Home

With my heart headed home
My eyes are upon the road
I look forward to seeing the face of my beloved Lord

Most days I am stuck in the mire of this life
My feet will not move
Stuck am I, wondering if I will ever move again

Than the hand of the Lord reaches out to me
He pulls me out of the mire I'm in
He sets me upon my feet

He points the way to my home above
He beckons me to walk with Him
He tells me of His great love as we go

Hand in hand we walk
Along the road to Heaven
Upon His face I see His great love for me

My heart then knows
We are headed home
To my final resting place
For all of eternity

Stand in Royalty

The royal king in Heaven above has chosen me as His own
Upon me He has placed His royal sign
It gives to me all the rights as a subject of the King
All my sins have been washed away by His blood

All He sees is one He loves
One He has chosen as royalty
He beckons me to draw close to Him and sets me at His side
There I stand and worship Him
My Lord of Lords and King of Kings

Never will I fear anything
When I stand with my King
For under His rule all obey His righteous laws
No one can harm a child of the King
He is my protector

So stand will I in the Royal Court of my Lord God Almighty
Stand will I by His side to rule under His guidance
For I have believed His message of love
He has covered me with His grace

Under the Eye of the Almighty

Under the eye of the Almighty
I unfurl my wings and fly
No shadow of doubt holds me back
From His majestic sky

Through the blood of the cross
My sins exist no more
I am clean and unburdened
As I sail into the sky

My soul soars in freedom
And sings as it goes
Praises of Honor and Glory
To the Lamb of God

Fly than I must
With my soul set upon Him
Never will I falter
When He guides my path

Storms will try to knock me out of the sky
But when I fly in formation
With God in the lead
My path will not be broken by earthly things

So today I soar
With my wings spread wide
I will follow the Lord Almighty
And not fall aside

The freedom to fly unfettered
Is God's gift to all
Who believe in the greatest sacrifice of love
That sets us free

So look to the Heavens
Follow the path of God
Let no doubts weigh you down
From soaring in God's love

Out of Control

When God enters into my heart
He brings joy, love, and peace
All that is out of control in my life
He seeks to put under His Hand

He sets within my heart
A yearning to follow Him
He directs my thoughts and leads me
On the path that I should take

Chaos that once reigned in me
Is swept aside by His hand
Into my life comes peace and order
That only He can give

So when life seems out of control
With no rhyme or reason within
Yield will I to my Heavenly Father
His peace and order will reign

My New Home

In my mind's eye arises a picture I will one day see
For it is of my future home where God will welcome me

It is the New Jerusalem that will by my home
It will be the city where I will walk with God

He will not be hidden from those who dwell there
He will walk and talk with me along its golden paths

He will provide for me all that I need
The River of Life and Tree of Life will sustain me

Never will I fear or be ill again
For no curse of man will follow me there

The Lord God Almighty will forever reign
His light will shine forever in this City of God

Christ Jesus will come to earth once more
He will escort me to my new eternal home







For You Are My God - NEW!!!


What can I do but serve you
What can I do but love you
What can I do but praise you
What can I do but be thankful to you


For you are my God
For you care for me
For you see me
For you love me


I will bow down before you
I will be obedient to you
I will put my faith in you
I will love you with my whole heart


Praise be to you, O God
Honor is only yours
Hallelujah to the most Holy God
Forever you reign over all





Alleluia - NEW!!!


Alleluia Jesus reigns
From Heaven on high


The King is He
Of all things


Worship Him only
For He is Creator of all


Sing praises unto Him
For only He is worthy


Fall at His feet
In total adoration


Alleluia, Jesus is Lord
Celebrate His greatness





Perfect NEW!!!


Perfect are you, Lord Jesus
No sin was yours
But upon yourself
You took mankind's


Dying alone and naked
Exposed for man to see
God turned His back on you
For sin He could not see


Once your blood was spilled
The sacrifice needed was complete
Now through you alone
God's forgiveness came to man


Perfect are you, Lord Jesus
In you righteousness came
For all those who believe in you
Because God so loved the world





Great and Mighty - NEW!!!


Great and mighty are you, O Lord
Full of mercy to mankind


Faithful and loving are you, O Lord
Worthy of all worship


Good and all knowing are you, O Lord
Creator of all things


The one true God are you, O Lord
Let everything that has breath worship thee


Praise and honor, glory and laud
Belong only to thee







To Hear Him Call My Name



To hear the Lord God speak
 Is music to my ears
To hear Him call my name
Is nourishment to my soul


To hear Him say He loves me
Brings me to my knees
Before Him I bow
Worshipping only Him


For only He is worthy
Of all glory, honor, and praise
So I will offer myself to Him
In loving obedience


How else could I respond
To the creator of all
When He tells me
That He loves me








Sing to the Lord a new song
Worship and glorify Him
For only He is worthy
Of continual praise


Let your soul sing out
Let songs of joy and love
Rise up to The only One
Who is worthy of all our praise


Remember who He is
Remember what He has done
Remember His promises
Remember His great love


Worship only Him
For He alone is worthy
Of all our worship
Sing a new song of love to Him







Give wings to my words
Let them rise to Heaven above
Let these words of praise be heard
By the Almighty One


For only He is worthy
Of all worship and honor
For he alone is God
Over all His creation


Sing out in songs of praise
Let your voice be heard
Giving all glory to God
Worshiping only Him








Let It Be



Let it be
That he the Holy Spirit
Occupies the throne
In my heart, Lord


Let it be
That you speak to me
Your love and truth
Dwell in me, Lord


Let it be
That others may see
Your shining love in me
Use me, Lord


Let it be
That everything I do
Brings glory to you
Let it be, Lord





How Can I Express


O Lord, how can I express
My thankfulness to you
For sending your Son to die
So that I may live


How can I express
My love to you
For giving me life
And guiding me through it


How can I express
My dependance upon you
To live each day for you
To look to you alone for wisdom


O Lord, how can I express
All these things
Except to love you, to worship you
And bring glory alone to you





Unto Thee Oh Majestic Lord


Unto Thee Oh Majestic Lord
Do I raise my voice in praise
Only Thou art worthy
Of man's adoration


For You alone are Creator
All beauty upon the earth
Was created by you
Reminding man of your glory


You created man in your image
To have a relationship with you
To love you and
To bring glory unto Yourself


Let all men see Your glory
In the beauty you created
Let each man raise their voice
In adoration and worship unto Thee






Each Morning


Each morning as I wake
Heavenward I look
My voice singing
Hallelujah to the Almighty

For only He is worthy
Of praise and worship
For He is my God
In Him I will trust

For all time and forever more
He alone stands
As the One true God
Mighty in strength and power

Come then before Him
Bowing in His presence
For only He is worthy
Of our complete adoration





True Worship

When human words
Are not enough
To praise my mighty Lord
What do you do


The Spirit within me
Fills my soul with love
Speaking for me in heavenly words
He praises my majestic God


He fills my soul
With the truth about God
He guides what words I have
In true worship of my Savior


Even when human words
Are not enough
I know my true worship
Reaches to Heaven praising God





Exalting God

Oh glorious One
Oh majestic Lord
To thee alone
Belongs all worship and praise


Oh ruler supreme
Over all the earth
Let all mankind
Praise you forevermore


Oh Creator God
Alone you spoke
All that is present
Into existence


Let man behold
Your true Holiness
Singing praises alone
To Thee and Thee alone


For there is no other God
Than you O Father
To Thee we come humbly
Exalting Thee for all eternity




Jesus is coming again
He is coming in the clouds


His face is shining brilliantly
His eyes are like fire


He is all powerful
Yet He is all comforting



Worship the Savior
For only He is worthy





How Lovely Thou Art



O my God, how lovely thou art
To thee all praise and honor belong
For from the beginning of time
And forever more thou art my king


For thou, O Lord, are mighty
Thy strength is incomparable
Thy glory gleams like gold
Thy love reaches out to all


I bow to thee in reverence
For thou art my creator and savior
Thou has given love and life to me
To thee I pledge my allegiance







Listen To Him



What can I do but praise God
He has given life to me
Both here on the earth
And eternally in Heaven above


I will worship only Him
For only He is worthy
Of all my praise and gratitude
Now and evermore


Let everyone on earth realize
Only He can give them life
For there is no other way
To gain His gift of grace


Therefore listen to Him
Do not ignore His voice
Accept his mercy
Given to all who will believe





He Alone is Deserving



Oh how the Lord
Deserves worship and praise
Oh how the Lord
Is the only worthy one


He alone is mighty
All men to Him will bow
Great is our God
Worship Him in humbleness


For He has chosen us
To lavish His love on
He freely gives to all
But all do not choose Him


Choose this day for yourself
To worship our sovereign God
Fall upon your knees before Him
Blessing Him forever more







Only He is Worthy


All glory, honor, and praise
Belong only to God
For only He is worthy
To be worshipped


The Creator is He
The Redeemer is He
He brought life to man
And saved us through His Son


Let us remember God's plan
That He set forth long ago
He desires a relationship with man
And provided a way to Himself


Praise Him every moment
Let your heart love only Him
For He is the only one
Who is worthy of glory and honor





Come O Lord, Come



My soul cries out to Thee
Come O Lord, come
Live within me
Let your Spirit guide me


My heart cries out to Thee
Let me love Thee
As You deserve
For you first loved us


Come O Lord, come
Hear my songs of praise
For only you merit
All worship, honor, and praise


Come O Lord, come
Is the cry of my heart
For you are the Savior of the world
Come, Lord Jesus, Come






Wake Up O People



God has given to His followers
His righteous words of life
He has spoken to each believer
And told us how to live


He came to earth to save us
From certain death
Yet man ignored His Son
And rejected God Himself


Wake up oh people
Turn and listen to God
His plan of salvation
Is not hidden from us


Embrace His every word
Seek God earnestly
Live under Him
Accept His salvation for yourself


Then worship God
With every fiber of your soul
Fall on your knees before Him
For He is the great I AM!





Sing Unto the Lord -



Joyfully sing unto the Lord
Your songs of worship and praise


Thankfully fall on your knees
In gratitude for His blessings


Confess your sins to Him
Claiming His forgiveness


Ask in Jesuss' name
For the desires of your soul


For God loves and blesses those
Who believe in and seek after Him







Covered in His Grace



Christ gave up all He had
To come to the earth as a man
He gave up His life for us
So we might be covered in His grace


He is the King of Kings
Forever reigning on high
Yet He understood God's plan
For His life to be a ransom for us


Without sin He lived on earth
Still experiencing total humanity
He willingly died horrifically
So man can be covered in His grace


Come unto Him in humility
For He is our Lord and King
Bow before Him in worship and praise
For only He can cover us in His grace




Majestic Elohim



O Majestic Lord
Creator of all
Elohim is your name
God above all gods


Only thou art holy
None beside you
Only unto you are
Songs of praise raised


Let all of creation
Worship thee with honor
For only thou art Holy
O God Elohim







The Lord Alone is God


The Lord alone is God
None other can compare
He alone created everything
He alone can destroy it


Man in his arrogance
Tries to claim for himself
The power that is not his
But is only God's


But the Lord alone
Is all powerful
He alone can build or destroy
All of mankind


Therefore rely totally
On the Lord your God
Only He can care for you
He alone is JEHOVAH





The Almighty Powerful God


The Lord is all-powerful
Yet I seem not to remember this
He can cast out demons
But I trust Him not with my life


What a fool I am
Relying on my own strength
When there is the creator
Looking out for me


Let me always step aside
Out of His way
For when I do not do this
I hamper his work in me


Lord God Almighty
Let me remember who you are
Never let me forget
That you are all powerful





Be Not Proud


Be not proud
All glory belongs to God
Everything we can do
Is because of Him


Think not highly of yourself
Give all glory to God
He enables man to succeed
Nothing we do surpasses Him


Wake each day and ask
God - what do you want me to d
That will glorify you
And only you not me


For God wants us to forever
Glorify Him
On earth and In Heaven above
Only He deserves glory








Without your grace
I could not come
Before you Oh God

For your righteousness
And your holiness
Could not look upon me

But through your Son
I have been made
Pure in you sight

So as I come
Before your throne
I bow in reverence

For you Oh God
Are worthy of worship
From all mankind



Today I Turn

To my Savior I turn today in gratefulness
 For He bends down to me
And lifts my wounded head
He comforts me in my distress

To my Lord I turn today in praise
He hears my prayers
He listens to my sorrow
He turns my sorrow into joy

To my Shepherd I turn today in love
For He leads and guides me
And never leaves me
He is a light unto my path

To my God I turn in worship
He is the creator of all good things
He promises to be with me
He desires to give me His love eternally

To my God who is my love
I turn to today
To give back to Him eternally
My total devotion, worship, and praise




Worthy are you Oh Lord
Of praise from all mankind
You are the Great I AM
Lord of all things


Worthy are you Oh Lord
Of worship from every living thing
Let each creature of the earth
Bow before you in adoration


Worthy are you Oh Lord
Of devotion from each of your children
Let each believer follow you
Without straying from your will


Worthy are you Oh Lord
Of praise, worship, and adoration
Let praises be sung unto you
From all of creation


Worthy are you Oh Lord
Worthy are you




Almighty God


Almighty Hold God
Redeemer of the Universe
To thee our praise is raised


Holy Father and Creator
Might and Just One
To thee worship and honor belongs


Infinite Holy God
Omnipresent and Omniscient One
To thee hallelujahs are sung


Eternal Life Giving Lord
Faithful and Unchangeable
To thee our love is given



In Awe of God

I believe in God the Father
His Son and Spirit
I come before them each day
In love and faithfulness


I fear God reverently
For He is my creator
Without His grace through Christ
I would be dead


To Him I owe
My complete and utter devotion
For in Him through Christ
I have been pardoned


Death cannot touch me
 In Heaven I will live forever
So on earth Lord to you I give
My utter love, devotion, and faithfulness



Honor the Lord Your God

Walk in the ways of the Lord
For in Him is life
Fear the Lord your God
For He directs your future


Bless the Lord’s Hold Name
For He deserves praise and honor
Worship the Lord God Almighty
For He gives us life


Listen to the words of God
For they are nourishment
Come reverently before God
For His awesome power is all consuming


Believe in God’s salvation
For He is our Redeemer
Forever come unto God
For He desires us to be with Him


Lord God of All


Blessed be your name Oh Lord
Almighty Glorious One
From Heaven you created man
And was pleased with what your saw


But man in his foolishness
Listened to the serpent of evil
Man gave into his selfishness
And ruined what pleased you


Yet you did not abandon us
You provided a way unto you
Through your only Son’s sacrifice
We once more stand in your grace


Blessed art you Oh Holy God
All praise and honor are yours
For your will can not be changed
You were, are, always be the Lord God of All


All of Earth Shouts


The earth shouts to our Lord
The skies declare His glory
The mountains bow down to Him
The oceans move to His commands


Our faith is in the Creator
In His name we live
His power is in us
For His Spirit resides in us


Do we realize how He empowers us
At the mention of His name
All Heaven and Earth stop and listen
That power is in us


Our small seed of faith
Is all we need
For He will use our faith
To magnify His Glory



On High


The radiance of summer comes from God on high
He sends to us His warmth letting us feel His love
He cools us off with the wind of His breath

He refreshes us with rain showers


He shows to us his grandeur with each flower that buds
They lift their blooms to the sky pointing to God on high
Their fragrance is His gift to us
Their color radiates His joy in us


The fruits of summer are rich in variety
They point out God's love of all things
Each sweet taste that they convey to us
Are gifts from God on high


The lazy days of summer refocus us
Letting us reflect on our God on high
He whispers in our ears quietly His love songs
That sways us in harmony with Him


Crystal blue is the summer sky
Reflecting the openness of God
He wishes to share with us all His gifts
That He has in waiting for us on high


Shimmering are the clear blue rivers
That flow through green lush meadows
From on high Christ's blood flows over us
Letting us shimmer like diamonds before God


Let us accept all of God's gifts
He freely gives to us
For in His great love for us

He reaches down from on high and adores us


Songs of Praise


Sing song of praise and thanksgiving
To the Lord God Almighty
Let Him hear your voice clearly
Singing hosannas unto Him


For His is worthy of praise and honor
For His mighty acts of love
From Heaven He reached down to earth
And has given His all for us


His only begotten Son He sent
To redeem our lives from sin
We now stand in His presence
As children of the King


Raise your voices unto Him
Praising Him on you knees
Bow your heads in thankfulness
For grace form Christ our King



Sing Jubilantly


Sing jubilant song to the Lord
Exhort His name with praises
Worship His Holiness this Easter morning
Let all of Heaven and Earth rejoice


He is the Messiah
The one true King of our lives
With His life He redeemed us
Let us gratefully bow and worship Him


Fall to your knees before Him
Stand and raise your hands up to Him
For He is the Lord of all Believers
Sing jubilantly unto Him



My Soul Does Sing

My soul does sing unto the Lord
For His gifts He imparts to me

His protection He provides everyday of my life
For the prayers He does answer for me

Oh Lord my God on knees I fall
Thanking thee for caring about me




At His Feet

Even though on earth I am
I sit at the feet of the King
I will praise Him
I will glorify Him

My eyes see Him
My ears hear Him
I feel His touch
He is with me

Glory to God on high
Who loves me so much
Forever and ever I will sing
Songs of worship as at His feet I sit




Worthy of Praise - NEW!!!

Jesus my Lords is worthy of Praise
From each and every person
Those who honor Him with their voices
Are worshiping the King of Kings

They raise their voices and lead us
In joyful worship songs
Each note that is played and sung to Him
He cherishes in His heart

Each day now as I hear their voices
Honoring the King of Kings
I am taken into God's presence
Falling on my knees as they sing




Again and Again

Again yelled the child
Who wanted to praise God
His heart was focused
On the King of Kings

An example is he
Of where our hearts should be
Focused on God above
Praising Him eternally

Let me be as that child was
Focused on the Almighty One
Let me worship and praise forever

Yelling again, again, and again





My Heart Sees

My heart sees My Lord
He is majestic
He is holy
My heart desires to worship Him

I will open my heart to Him
He enters into me
My heart rejoices
I fall at His Feet to honor Him

I will sing of His strength
I will thanks Him for His love
I will accept His guidance
I will let Him reign in me

My heart sees my Lord
Living inside of me
My heart than worships
My Lord, God, and King





I Will Praise Your Name

I will praise your name today Oh Lord
For you mercies are everlasting
To me you have given peace
In a time of great loss

You walk with me and hold me up
When grief overtakes my heart
You bind my wounds with your blood
Your grace washes over me

I will praise your name today Oh Lord
For never am I alone
For all of eternity I want to say
Praise the name of the Lord




I Will Bless Thy Name

I will bless thy name
Oh Lord today
For thou art my rock and Redeemer

You life me up from the mire
You set my feet on solid ground
You will not let me fall

You give me unconditional love
Which you never take away
Your love is everlasting

Oh Lord my God
I will bless thy name
Today and forever more



Joy Enters In

In the depths of my soul
Joy begins to rise
Up to the surface it bubbles
My soul sings in response

Praise be to my Lord
For His healing touch
Out of darkness He brings me
In His light I stand

Once again I smile
For in Him I live
He takes all my sorrows
In joy I'll sing to Him

Praises of thanksgiving
Will flow from my lips
In the depths of my soul
His joy has entered in




Oh Holy God of All

Oh Holy God of all
Blessed be your name
I fall upon my knees
Overcome by who you are

Into thy presence each day I come
Not acknowledging who you are
For thou art ruler over all things
Let all things declare your glory

My heart and spirit are overcome
By the reality of who your are
My mind cannot fathom
Your power and might over all

Oh Holy God of all
Let me worship thee on my knees
Let my Spirit sing openly
Songs of worship unto thee



Great Are You Oh Lord

Great are you Oh Lord
Let my voice join all the others
Who sing songs of praise unto thee
Declaring thy Holiness

For no on else beside thee
Is worthy of praise and honor
Let all mankind fall before thee
Worshiping thy Holiness

Let us hear creation proclaiming
The might and power of your name
Let us see your Holiness displayed
In the creation of your hand

Great are you Oh Lord
Let every living thing
Give honor to you alone
For in Holiness you reign



Names of My Lord

Each name of my Lord
Is special to me
For just when I need Him
He rushes unto me

Redeemer He is
When His forgiveness I seek
Shepherd He Is
When His guidance I need

Lover He is
When loveless I feel
Friend He is
When no one else is

In each aspect of my life
He fulfills my every need
No one else can compare
To all He is to me

Mighty One, Holy Lord
Creator of All there is
From Alpha to Omega
He reigns as my King

Each name of my Lord
Opens my eyes to see
And my heart to understand
His magnificent Holiness



My Soul Magnifies Thee

My soul magnifies thee oh Lord
Maker of Heaven and earth
My soul lifts up to thee
Honor, worship,and praise

For deep within me
My soul is filled with your Spirit
It is your Spirit that gives to me
Hope, love, and faith

Let your Spirit rise up in me
Rule in my heart today
Let each word and action that I do
Glorify thy name

May the Spirit reign in me
Every day of my life
Let me open my mouth and sing
Songs of praise and worship unto thee



When Heaven Meets Earth

Each Sunday as I worship
I join my voice with those
Who are here on earth
Singing praises to our Lord

In Heave above are the angels
And all who are with our Lord
Every moment they raise their voices
Singing praises to the King of Kings

Heaven's door is open
For us to glimpse its glory
For when we worship our Savior
Heaven has come to earth

Joined are we to Heaven
By worshiping and praising our Father above
For when we raise our voices to Him
We are at the throne of God


With My Life I will Sing

With my life will I sing
A song of joy unto thee
For thou art the Creator of all
I shall praise thy name

Each day as I arise I will lift my voice
And shout to the Heavens above
Oh God , my Lord I love you so
Dwell in me today

Each day as the sun sets I will bow before thee
Thanking thee for guiding me
Through all that came my way today
For they hand was upon me

Let my life be a song of praise unto thee
Let each action I do honor thee
For thou art the King I seek to serve
Alleluia Lord, reign in me



Glory and Majesty

Glory and majesty are yours Oh Lord
To you we sing our praises
For you alone are worthy
Toe be honored and worshipped

From the beginning of time to the ends of the earth
You control all you created
You hold us in the palm of your hand
You never leave or forsake us

You care and love us unequivocally
You never withdraw from us
You seek us out when we hide
You draw us unto you

Glory and majesty are yours Oh Lord
Unto you I raise my voice
I honor and worship you Oh Lord
Hallelujah, Oh Lord, Hallelujah



Easter Sunday Morning

Out of sadness comes joy
Out of the grave arose Christ
His disciples despondency
Was turned into rejoicing
That Easter Sunday Morning

All who came to that tomb
Saw what they thought was sadness
There it stood open and empty
Christ's body was not to be found
That Easter Sunday Morning

For Christ arose from the dead
All of Heaven rejoiced
For sin had been defeated
By the Son of God
That Easter Sunday Morning

Come to the risen Lord
Sing praises to His name
Let Him cleanse you of your sine
Your sadness will turn into joy
This Easter Sunday Morning



My Soul is at Rest

My soul is at rest
In the hands of my Lord
He carries me day by day

My soul does He touch
And restores with His love
So that I will not fade away

With each touch He does heal
The ache inside my heart
So His joy can enter in

In the hands of my Lord
Rest comes unto me
Protected by Him am I

Unto Him will I sing
Songs of thanksgiving and praise
He is my Almighty King



The Lord Reigns On High

The Lord reigns on high
Over all He created
His majesty and power
Flow through all that He touches

For He is mighty and worthy of praise
From all of creation
I bow down before Him
In worship and adoration

Yet He stoops down to hold me
In the palm of His had
For His love flows over me
Comforting my soul

For God has not withdrawn
His hand from His creation
He touches my soul daily
Loving and guiding me

Praise be to the Almighty God
Through worship I honor and thank Him
For His love
Which never leaves me



Oh Blessed Redeemer

To thee Oh Blessed Redeemer
I lift my voice in praise
My heart will sing in thanksgiving
Of thy great love for me

From Heave above Christ was sent
To save me from my sins
He was born on night in Bethlehem
Oh how the angles sang

On that night so long ago
Deity came to earth
Emmanuel can down form Heaven
So that I might live through Him

To thee Oh Blessed Redeemer
I lift my voice in praise
Alleluia to the Prince of Peace
Alleluia to the Everlasting Lord


Alleluia Christ is Coming

Alleluia Christ is coming
To bring us to Heaven
On the clouds He will descend
Be joyful in anticipation

Fear not this life before us
For we live not for now
We look to the Heavens above us
In hope of things to come

Yet live with Christ inside you
For He came once before
To bring salvation to us
From His Father in Heaven above

Heaven awaits us
For those who love the Son
In whom we have believed
And in whom we put our faith

So look for His return
Yet live in Him now
Yes He will come again
But He is with us now

Alleluia Christ is coming
To take me home
In joyful anticipation
I will live with Him in my heart

My Strength and My Song

When Christ entered my life
His salvation He extended to me
He gave unto me His gift of life
That will eternally be in me

With His gift comes His strength
For me to always rely on
Never need I struggle on my own
For He is always beside me

To Him I will sing Songs of Praise and Thanksgiving
For the Lord is my salvation and strength
I bow before Him in worship
Acknowledging the King of my life


Acknowledge Who He Is

Open my eyes that I may see
The path you have paved for me

For when I walk upon this path
To you I humbly come

You provide all I need
When I walk with thee

For thou art my salvation
You are my strength and song

Before you I bow in humility
Acknowledging who you are

For your are the Creator and Giver of Life
You are the lover of my soul

Praise be to God Almighty
All hope comes from thee


There is No Other Like You

There is no other like you Oh Lord
Creator of the Universe
Heaven and earth declare your glory
Pointing to your power and might

Man looks within himself
For his own power and strength
He ignores the Creator of all there is
Setting himself above God

God looks down upon this earth
Looking for those who worship Him
For He has prepared a way for us
To be justified to Him

He sent His only begotten Son
To die so we may live
Upon Himself He bore our sins
So we maybe pure again

When we who believe in Christ's sacrifice
Obey God in reverence
We see God for who He is
And worship the Great I AM

Oh Lord my God
I hear your call
I bow before your throne
I come in reverance to worship you
The one true living God


Oh Faithful Lord

Oh Faithful Lord
Thy righteousness is pure and holy
It covers and protects my soul
Form the darkness that surrounds me

Oh Faithful Lord
Lover of my soul thou art
I call out to you each day
Knowing you listen to what is in my heart

Oh Faithful Lord
Who rescues me from death
You hold me in your hands
Keeping me safe and secure

Oh Faithful Lord
Who sees what is right for me
Guide my every step today
So that I may glorify thee

Oh Faithful Lord
Holy thou art
Into thy presence I humbly come
Loving thee with all my heart


The Center of my Heart

I search Oh Lord within myself
And find I have pushed you out
In the center of my life I stand completely alone

I call out to you

And frantically search
For with out you I fail

From the depths of my heart
Where you are waiting for me
You whisper my name

I turn to see you standing beside me
Your arms waiting to embrace me
You call out and say to me
 Come and rest in me

Run I do unto you
For then I am not alone
I fall on my knees and worship you
Oh King of my life

Come and return to your rightful place
Upon the throne of my heart
Lead and guide me this I pray
For thou art the Center of my Heart


God's Generosity NEW!!!

From time long ago
God looked upon this earth
He saw what He had made
He declared it to be good

Sin entered into the creation of our God
The Beauty of the Earth
Has been scarred by it
Evil , fifth and wantonness took over

But God in His mercy
Has been generous to us
He has not let go
Of those He loves

He forgives our sins
He provides us with righteousness
He cares for us abundantly
He loves us

He generously provides all that we need
Then He blesses us with more than we deserve
His love continually flows over us

From time long ago to time that is yet to come
God's generosity continues to flow
Over all who receive His love


You are the Dawn

You are the dawn in each person's life
The light of the world thou art

When you enter into a life
Darkness retreats

Each person that you enter into
Shines your light into the world

When all who believe come together
Your glory is magnified

In Heaven above at the end of all time
Your light will shine forevermore

Enter into my life today
Let me shine brightly for thee today


Great Are You Father

Great are you Father
Eternal everlasting Lord
From Heaven on high
You created the earth
And all that is within it

Great are you Father
My Almighty King
From Heaven above
You sent your Son
To save mankind from sin

Great are you Father
Holy is your name
From Heaven your home
You look down and see
Those who believe in you

Great are you Father
Blessed and wise art thou
From Heaven on high
You reach down and enter
The hearts of your faithful people

Great are you Father
Gracious are you into to me
From Heaven above
You call my name saying unto me
I love you my child

Great are you Father

Praise be to God

Praise be to God, My Almighty King
Praise be lifted to the Holy One

Who loves me
Who cherishes me
Who carries me through my life

Without His love I am lost
Without His guidance I lose my way
Without His sacrifice I would die

Praise be to God My Almighty King
Praise be to God who cares for me

God the Almighty

Praise be to God the Almighty
For He is all knowing

Praise be to God the Almighty
For He is all powerful

Praise be to God the Almighty
For He is all loving

Praise be to God the Almighty
For through His kindness I am saved

Praise be to God the Almighty
For He does not turn away from those He loves

Praise be to God the Almighty
For He has chosen me as His own

Praise be to God the Almighty
For He has set me free from sin

Praise be to God the Almighty
For he has chosen me to be His ambassador

Praise be to God the Almighty
For He enables me to show His love to others

Praise be to God the Almighty
For all people shall bow down and worship Him

Praise be to God the Almighty
For He is worthy of our praise

Praise be to God the Almighty
For all of eternity I will praise His Holy Name

Raise Your Eyes

Raise your eyes to the sky
Behold the Lord your God
He is the great creator
Of all that is

When you look to Heaven
You will see upon His face
The great love He holds
For all mankind

When you look up
You see who is in control
Of all that He created
In the universe

So raise your eyes to Heaven
Behold the Kind of Kings
Look upon the face of God
Whose love for you is unchanging

Passion in My Heart

With passion in my heart
I praise my Lord

For from Heaven above He came
To live among men

He chose to take upon Himself
All of our sins

His passion was to fulfill
God's mission of mercy and grace

Without His choice
I would be condemned to death

But because of His passion
Forever I will live

Therefore forever I will praise Him
The passion of my life

God Is

God is my light
  He illuminates all that I see
God is my salvation
  His Son died so that I may live
God is my stronghold
  He keeps me safe in all that I do
God is beautiful
  He shows it to me each day
God is my teacher
  He teaches me new things each day
God is good
  He provides all that I need
God is my King
  He will always take care of me


Reverence must I have for my Lord
He has chosen me as His own
From Heaven on high He sent His Son
To die so that I may live

In reverence I must come before Him
Obeying Him in all I do
For He has shown me how to live
Through the life of His beloved Son

I am holy in God's eyes
Chosen for His service
Set apart and redeemed by the blood of Christ
A royal priest am I

So in reverence I will come
Bowing before my Lord
Seeking His will so that each day I live
I will glorify His Holy Name

Lift Me on High

Lift me up on high Oh Lord
Take me to thy realm
Let me soar upon eagles wings to thy holy place

Into thy heart let me go and learn about thee
For thou Oh God are my life, my soul,
and all that is in me

Let me listen to thy truth
and learn about love from the creator Himself
For thou are the source
of all that was, is and will be

Surround me Oh Lord with thy Spirit
Take me into thy heart today
For thou art my source of life
My all in all thou will be


Refresh My Soul

Refresh my soul Oh Lord today
Restore me unto you
Let me sing of your glories
and praise your name
For you are the God of All

Let my soul drink of your saving grace
Let me feed upon your words
For the I will not be weary and fall away

Let me rest in your arms
and be carried by you
until my strength returns

Refresh me Oh Lord
Let me rise and meet today
In thy strength, not in mine


When He Comes

The Lord will come on a day I do not know
With a shout of joy, He will return
Heaven will open
Down He will come to claim His rightful place

Those who believe He is the King
will rise to meet their Lord

The trumpets will sound
Angels will sing
Joy will reign supreme

The Lord of Life will defeat all evil
Eternal Light will shine

On that glorious day I will stand
to meet the King of All

For I have heard
His still small voice
inviting me to be His own

Shout I will on the mountaintops
The Lord of Life has returned


You are the King

You are the King, the Mighty One
the Ruler of all that is

From heaven above to the earth below
You reign in might and power

Let every living thing upon this earth
Rejoice and praise our God

For in our lives He lives and rules
Bringing redemption to all who believe

Arise today and praise your King
His glory shines upon us

For He is the Mighty Everlasting God
The Ruler of all that is


Rejoice Oh People

Rejoice Oh People
Hear the call of the Mighty Lord

Upon the earth He searches for
Those who hear His call

To those who hear and respond
He enters into them

He lifts them up and carries them
Through each stormy day

His love is endless to those who come
To sit at His feet

Rejoice Oh People
Hear Him call each of you to Him


Praise Be to God

Praise be to God, the Almighty One
Giver of life is He

From Heaven on High He sent to us
The Savior of our world

As we believe in His Son
He enters into our souls

His glory enters each one of us
Awakening us to His love

He calls us to become His friends
The we share in His love

As we grow in His love
He longs for us to walk with Him

Praise be to God, the Almighty One
Giver of Life is He


Declare to the World God's great love
For He came to save us from sin

Declare to the world God's power and might
For He rules over all that is

Declare to the world God's Holiness
For He is worthy of our worship

Declare to the World God's righteousness
For He makes all things right through Christ

Declare the to world God's mercy
For to us He shows great compassion

Declare to the world God's faithfulness
For he never leaves or forsakes us

Declare to the world your thankfulness
For the Lord God, the Almighty One

Be Not Silent

Be not silent before the Lord
Tell others of His glorious grace

Be not silent like the dead
Tell others of His lavish love

For the Lord your God does not hide
From those to seek His face

He seeks them out and imparts to them
understanding of His wisdom

Be not silent before the Lord
Praise His Holy Name
Worship Him with songs of praise
Tell of His love that endures forever

Be not silent

Royal King

God is our Royal King
Our loyalties belong to Him
Let us turn and bow before Him
Shouting praises to our King

He sits enthroned in Heaven above
Angels sing and worship Him
All those who see His power and love
Kneel before the mighty King

From Heaven above He turns and sees
Those on earth who know their King
They sing and shout and worship Him
Praising the eternal King

So rise today, look and see
The face of your Royal King
Bow before Him, Worship Him
Be loyal to the King of Kings

Sing My Soul

The Lord gives my soul a song to sing
A desire to live for Him
To reach out to others
And touch their hearts for Him

For He strongly desires
  to live in each person's heart
  to love them
  to teach them about Himself
  to hold them tight when all goes wrong
  to save them from eternal sin

So sing my soul for Him
Let His love shine out through me
For once I was lost
But now I am His
For all eternity

In Quietness

In quietness come before God
Bow low before your King
Acknowledge His Sovereignty
Worship and adore Him

For the Lord knows all about you
He carries your heart in His hands
All that comes before you
First passes before the throne of God

For God is strong
For God is good
He controls both evil and good
His plans are always right

So in quietness come before Him
Rant not in anger against Him
Seek His plans for your life
Watch as He works through you

He reveals Himself through you
His glory is shown through you
Others will come to believe in Him
When you allow Him to work in you

So in quietness come before Him
Open yourself to Him
Let Him be who He is
The Ruler of Heaven and Earth

Sing My Soul

Let my heart sing and worship
For I'm never alone
My God has surrounded me
With His mighty host

Because I believe in Him
His Spirit lives in me
God's angels encamp around me
Guarding my every step

Even when I sleep
They protect me
Every step of the day I take
Their presence encompasses me

So sing my soul to the All Mighty
Worship your mighty God
Let your gratitude flow like a river
To the throne of the Living God


The Great I Am is Immanuel
My Lord, my God, my Savior
From Heaven above He came to earth
To save me from my sin

He took upon Himself

Humanity as His yolk
He set aside His divinity
So that I may live eternally

We have seen His radiance
That comes from God above
In each act He did, the mercy he showed
The love He gives to us

Immanuel has revealed to us
The nature of God the Father
Through Jesus Christ, His beloved Son
God came to dwell on earth

Immanuel dwells within
Each of us today
For the Holy Spirit is God with us
In those who have believed

Immanuel is our All in All
Our Counselor, our Father, our God
He lives in us as our Prince of Peace
Immanuel - God is with us

El Roi

Praise be to El Roi
  The God who sees me
For nothing that touches me
  Has escaped His Hand
He knows what I need
  And provides for me
Praise be to El Roi

Praise to Jehovah Sabaoth

Praise be to Jehovah Sabaoth
The Lord Almighty

He commands all that He created
All the mighty hosts of Heaven serve under His Rule
All the people who believe in Him bow at His mighty throne

Under His authority His plans prevail
Nothing that man can do will prevent the fulfillment of His purposes

For His great purpose is to show His love to us
So that we will become like Christ

Nothing can stand in His way
Nothing can turn Him aside

So believe in Him
Let Him work His purpose in your life

Let the Lord Almighty by praised by how you live
Praise be to Jehovah Sabaoth





Out of Sorts - NEW!!!


I woke up today
Out of sorts
All manner of sinful thoughts
Running through my head


I prayed and beseeched God
For relief and peace
For my soul was in anguish
As these thoughts prevailed


Words from God entered my thoughts
Words of peace and comfort
He reminded me of His peace
He has given to me


His timing is perfect
Even in our times of stress
He asks us to remember
Our lives are in His hands


So with confidence only in Him
I truly can stand and say
You are my God
I will trust in only you







Coming Home



I'm coming home Lord
I'm coming home
Into your arms I long to run
Feeling your embrace


For far too long, Lord
I have strayed away
From you
Letting myself be tricked


For this world, O Lord
Draws my attention from you
Causing me to fall into sin
And worshipping idols


But I'm coming home, O Lord
Coming back to you
Falling on my knees in worship
Of the Lord of my life












Today my heart is saddened
By the sins I commit
In my own strength I continue
To sin and sin and sin


But Jesus reminds me
That I belong to Him
My sins of the past
Have been forgiven


And because He is in me
His power will help me
To fight each and every day
To turn away from sin

Blessed be my Lord
Who loves me continually
Let me always turn to Him
Giving Him praise continually






Sometimes it is hard to wait
For a prayer to be answered
We often wonder if God has heard
And is ignoring our request


Yet He hears every prayer
The answer is His to give
When He has determined
The time is just right


So we need to be patient
Not to give up hope
Answers to prayer come
Only in His timing


Wait upon on the Lord
Praise and worship Him
Give thanks at all times
His answer will come to you









Dependency Brings True Independence


No one likes to be dependent
Our independence is important
No one telling us what to do
No one ordering us around


Yet that is not true
For if we live like that
Satan is controlling us
We become His puppets


True independence is in
Being totally dependent on God
Letting Him lead and guide us
Obeying His Word


His way brings life everlasting
Joy, peace and love in our lives
Being a puppet of Satan
Brings eternal death and misery





Obedient In All Situations



It is in the little things of life
That God wants us to obey
It is not the big things that we do
That impress the Holy Lord


We wait to see what we can do
That will make others notice us
In service for Jesus
Only God does not want this


He wants us to obey
In all situations, at all times
Whether any person notices
For He is watching


Live therefore for Jesus
Being obedient in all things
To do His will alone
Thereby bringing glory to God



Who Am I


Who am I? I asked today
For I felt depressed and alone
I wondered why I was here at all
What am I here for


I called out to Jesus
Come near and comfort me
Please show me today
Your loving kindness


He called me to His Word
Over and over again I read
Of his love for me and
His plans for my life


Plans that are full of His mercy
Plans to lead and guide me
Plans not to harm me
Plans that are His for me


Now I know who loves me
I am reassured in Him
Whatever today holds
He loves and walks with me





I Fail



O Lord how I fail
In following your will
I seek to do it
In my own strength


And this is why I fail
Not in my strength
But only in thine
Will I succeed


Let me today
Be persistent
Always looking to thee
For your strength


You always provide
Exactly what is needed
Thanks be to God
For His everlasting grace



Striving to be like Jesus
Living as He did
Emulating His excellence
Is daunting to me


His virtues seem unattainable
His perfection above me
For He is God incarnate
Know one is like Him


But He came to earth
And provided us a way
To become Children of God
And inherit Life everlasting


We can become excellent
But only through Him
He provides us a way
To live as He does


Let Him teach you
To be excellent as He is
Strive in all you do
To emulate His virtues





Self Discipline




Self discipline is hard
It is not what humans want
Turning away voluntarily
Is not our nature


Yet the Believer is called
To display self control
In all areas of life
One cannot do this alone


In Christ alone is strength found
Daily giving up self control
Living in His Spirit
Relying totally on Him


Then and only then
Can men have self control
Looking to Jesus for everything
Turning against worldly passions


The rewards are tremendous
In Heaven above
Have an eternal perspective
Not an earthly one








Have you ever had to wait
For something you hoped for
Waiting for Jesus to come again
Requires steadfastness


We know not the day
But are patient until then
For we have been promised
That He will come


Yet while we wait
We will suffer abuse
From those who scoff
At the Trinity


Have hopeful endurance
To live every day in Christ
For He was the perfect example
Of steadfastness






Morning Blues



Waking up today I felt
Lost and disorientated
Thoughts not from God
Entered in and disturbed me


O God, I do not like this
Rejoicing in you is right
Not listening to this world
Is what I want to be doing


God showed me that in Him
I can find peace and rest
Listening to Him, reading His Word
Fills my soul with Him


So now I know the cure
To those morning blues
Communing with Him
Brings rejoicing to my soul






Dirty or Pure



Each morning as I rise
To my closet I go
To dress myself for the day
And the master I serve


If that master is sin
Then I put on worldly garments
Dirty and vile are they
Revealing my corrupt nature


If my master is Jesus
Then I put on clean pure garments
That are provided for me
And reflect Christ's nature


Dirty and leading to death
Or pure leading to eternal life
Which garments will I choose
The ones Christ has provided for me









Standing for Jesus
Is what we are called to do
In this world filled with sin


We have been given
His full armor for protection
As we fight for His kingdom


We are His soldiers
Following His will for our lives
Bringing all glory unto Him


For He has the final victory
Satan will lose
So stand firm and fight







In A Heap



On my own I am nothing
No power is in me
My strength fails
I am in a heap on the floor


I try hard and fail miserly
Tears flow from my soul
Crying out in confusion
I ask why


God reaches down to me
He tells me to rely on Him
Quit trying on my own
Rest in His strength


Only joined to Him
Only relying on Him
Only then, wrapped in Him
Will I come through







Discipline or Death



God's discipline is never enjoyable
It shows us our sin
It shows us where we are wrong
And have not followed Jesus


Yet what would we be without it
Sinners headed for damnation
An eternal life of separation
From the loving eternal Father


Listen as He speaks
It is for our own good
He will show us our errors
So we seek forgiveness from Him


His ways are perfect
Leading to joy in Him
What would you rather choose
His discipline or death




Cloud Of Blackness


I stood in a cloud of blackness
Totally surrounded by filth
It was my own sin
That was engulfing me


My sight was darkened
Light was obscured
Sin was holding me a prisoner
From the light of my Lord


I called out in repentance
Confessing my sins to God
Asking that my sight be restored
To see His light from above


I felt the Spirit within me
Restoring my soul
I opened my eyes and saw
God's light of Righteousness






Rip away my masks O Lord
For you know me inside out
But I , O Lord, hide from you
Trying to bury the hurt inside


But why, O God, I ask
For you see the hurt
You cry for me
When I don't depend on you


Be anxious for nothing
Give every burden to you
You beseech me
You will carry it for me


You promise my rest and peace
To you I surrender every hidden hurt
Your joy and peace
Now fills my soul








Ready was I to serve my Lord
Stepping out without
Consulting Him


Volunteer did I in what I thought
Would be areas of service
Worthwhile in deed


Yet I did not pray and seek
His guidance for these services
And blocked they became to me


Each area that was blocked
I realized I had not spent need time
On my knees in prayer to God


Now as I ask forgiveness from God
I relinquish these areas of service
Asking Him to lead and guide me






Conviction of sin inside me
Is what turned my eyes to God
That overwhelming feeling
Of failing everyone


When I put my faith
In Jesus as my Savior
He cleansed me within
And the Holy Spirit entered me


Now He convicts me
Of the sin that I commit
But through Christ I am forgiven
A member of God's family am I


Conviction now is good
It is the Holy Spirit reminding me
To let God have control in me
Not to return to my selfish ways


I am convicted that only God
Is the one true way
To live for His glory is my goal
And to forever be with Him





Life is Spinning



There are times in life
When all seems to spin
No one in control
All hope is gone


You get caught up
In the futility of it all
Nothing seems rightNo rhyme or reason to anything


The only thing
That saves me
Is the anchor
That I am tied to


As the ocean of life
Is in furry around me
My soul is anchored to Christ
Only He can save me







Before me rose a mountain
Looking up it seemed insurmountable
In my own strength
Never could I reach the summit

Yet strong desire rose within
To climb to the heavens
For there is where God lives
High above men and all my sin


Over the mountain came rain
Rain that is the love from heaven
It cleanses me from sin
For it is the blood of Christ


Christ reached down and took my hand
Through Him I am cleansed
We climbed to the summit
There I heard all of Heaven singing


In praise and worship to Jesus
King of Kings, Lord of Lords
With their voices I joined
Worshipping and praising my King




Devoted to Destroying


Long ago in the days of old
Joshua was devoted to destruction
For God told him to destroy
Anything that was against Him

For God desired His people on this earth
To be fully devoted to Him
To turn not to earthly things
That would take their eyes off of Him

Today we must be equally devoted
To destroying earthly things
That takes our eyes off of Jesus
Causing us to abandon Him


Look to our Savior
With eyes opened wide
Be devoted to destroying anything
That takes your eyes off of Him



Broken Spirit


My spirit is broken within me
Only on the Lord can I rely
Situations have arisen
That only He can guide


My heart cries out in pain
For comfort from my Lord
Only He can give me peace
And bind the wounds I have


Come Lord Jesus unto me
Let thy Spirit be in my heart
Let your peace cover me
Guide what I cannot


Bring glory to you out of my pain
Let my eyes be on you alone
Let me worship whil I wait
For you name to be glorified




Storms of life overcome us
They swamp our shallow lifeboat
We shake with fear inside ourselves
As waves wash over us


Yet we need not be swamped with life
For Jesus is there with us
He can calm all the waves of life
That threaten to wash us overboard


We need to believe in Him
Letting Him take control
Letting our faith rule our hearts
Letting Him work in our lives


He can calm any wave
That threatens our lives
He replaces fear with His peace
Calming the storms in our lives



Be not overwhelmed by life
Do not get lost in the details

Let my love flow over you
See and feel it in everything you do


For I am there in each small thing you do
Nothing you do is left to chance
Everything you feel matters to me
My hand is always upon you


Look for me in what you do
Focus not on the deed
For when your eyes are upon me
Your heart is listening to me


Let my joy and peace fill you up
Let my hand guide yours
Then every detail of your life
Is done in loving service for me



Empty and Full in Christ



Empty was I before I knew my Lord
All things I did were of no consequence
Haphazard were they, unplanned were they
Leading my life nowhere


Then one day as I bumbled my way through life
I fell on my face in tears
So lost was I in my earthly life
I mattered not to anyone


The Lord came along side me
He held His hand out to me
He called my name lovingly
I looked into His compassionate eyes


He spoke to me of His love
That would fill my heart with His joy
He held me in His arms
As I accepted His salvation


Now I go for the each day
In excited anticipation
Knowing each step I take
Is guided by His hand


No longer am I empty
I am filled to the brim
With His great love and compassion
I am empty of sin and full of His love






Relying on God is what I must do
For He has called me to trust Him
To seek daily His will for my life
Never letting go of Him


Letting Him guide me every day
Seeking His comfort and hope
Not letting worries get in the way
Of seeing the path He has set for me


He turns each morning and extends His Hand
Waiting for me to rely on Him
For He will walk with me every day
Through all situations that come my way


When the day is done and rest comes to me
He will cover me with His blanket of love
His rest and peace He will place in my heart
On God I can rely



Formed - Deformed

God formed all things
He declared them good
Sin came into the earth
Deforming all God had made


Sin caused the world
To become ugly and dirty
Yet God in His mercy
Wants to restore the world unto Him


He sent His only Son
To die for out sins
Through His cleansing blood
God declares us righteous before Him


Sin still abounds
Deforming our world
But God has given unto us
His grace that overcomes all


When Christ comes again
Gathering us unto Himself
What God has formed
Sin no longer will deform



Dreams plague me with doubt
They invade the depths of my soul
All joy they completely drain
From deep inside me

When I awake they follow me
Plaguing my waking moments
With fear and anxiety
So that I feel exhausted

Yet I know the dreams are not reality
What was there will not come true
To Jesus I cry for comfort
As these dreams haunt my thoughts

Come Lord I cry and take away this fear
Let anxiety be replaced with your peace
For you are my Lord and God
In you I will trust




Life's Storms

Difficulties in life come at me
They bring waves of grief and despair
They wash over me
Like a uncontrollable storm

I'm battered and beaten
Tossed to and fro
The ship that is my life
Is nearly sunk by my life's storms

Yet Jesus is master over the wind and waves
If He can control them
Surely He can calm the storm
That is raging in me

It is I who am holding Him back
when I do not let Him work
For with just one word
My life's storms He can calm



Daily I Walk

Daily in this world I walk
Seeing and hearing its voice
When instead I should be listening
To the voice of God

The world speaks loudly
It demands my attention
The still small voice of God
Asks, but does not demand to be heard

The earth's voice is loud and crude
It is self seeking and self serving
God's voice is quietly strong
It provides life eternal

This day I will strive to hear
God's voice over the earth's
For when I listen to His voice
I walk into His light






Called To Stand

Called to stand am I

Convicted and I to serve
Inspite of what is facing me
To stand for my Lord

What ever comes my way
In all times of my life
God has called me by my name
To stand for Him

He will not leave me
He will cover me with His love
No matter what I face
He will lead and guide me

Called to stand am I
In the presence of my Lord
No nattier what I face
I stand not alone





Yoke of Fear

Weariness within my heart
Rises up to overtake me
It threatens to drown me
In a sea of fear

Burdens that I carry
Cause me to stoop
Under their weight
I fear failure

My heart knows deep within
That the fear is the yoke
That is holding me down
From all God has for me

Lord I take your yoke of peace
Upon my soul today
Under your yoke may I rest in you
May my heart be filled with your joy



Discouragement Overtakes Me

Discouragement overtakes me
When dedicated I try to be
The hands and feet of Jesus
Everywhere I may be

In my own strength I struggle
To show others the love of Christ
My heart becomes heavy
With each action that weighs me down

To Christ I turn totally undone
I fall at His feet in despair
He puts His arms around me
Into His arms I fall

Let my strength carry you
Let my hand guide you
For I will carry the burdens
He says unto me

To Him I turn and smile
In you oh Lord I stand
For you are my strength and refuge
To you I dedicate my heart




I Am Determined

I am determined within my soul
To love the Lord my God
I am determined within my heart
To follow where He leads me

I am determined to let nothing
Keep me from obeying His will
I am determined to tell other
Of His saving grace

Just when I have made up my mind
To follow and honor Christ
My humanness rises up
My resolve falls away

Only when I humble myself
Turning my life over to Christ
Then all I do and say
Can be determined by the Mighty One




Adrift Am I

Adrift am I
Upon the sea of life
Waves of doubt overtake me
Tossed about am I

Lost and abandoned am I
By winds of confusion
They overtake me
Throwing me off course

Only when I look to see
If God is with me
Do I realize and see
He walks on water for me

He calms each fear
He removes each doubt
He soothes my heart
With His loving care

Preserve must I
Without doubt or fear
Through lifes trials and troubles
For God is always near



Upon Eagle's Wings

Upon eagles wings may I fly
Into thy Holy Presence
May I see and know your comfort
May I hope in all that your are
For your are the Ruler of the Universe

Lift me on high that I may know
The great love you have for me
Surround me with thy angles
So I man not slip and fall
Speak unto me thy words of comfort and love
For thou art my Holy God

Unto you I cry for only that can save me
To the weak you give strength
To the weary you give hope
You lift us up so we will not fall
For thou art the Everlasting Lord



The Shepherd's Voice

The Lord calls My name
Do I recognize His voice
Or do other noises distract me
From His call

Things of this world
Call unto me
Whose voice do I hear
Which do I follow

My Lord's voice will lead and guide me
He will protect me
The world's call will lead me
Into decay and destruction

List must I for His voice
To guide my every step
Listen must I for His call
For he is my Shepherd



Shine Your Light

Shine your light upon my path
So I may see which way to walk

Let my heart listen to you
To discern your will for me

Let me put aside myself
To be guided by your hand

For ever day situations arise
Baffled by them am I

I yearn to follow in your steps
Not to venture out on my own

Only you, Oh Lord, see
What today holds for me

Guide me in each step I take
And each decision I make

So when the close of this day comes
I have honored and served thee


When I Fall Apart

Come Oh Lord into my heart
Show me what to do
When the unexpected happens
And I fall completely apart

Life throws at me insurmountable mountains
I look up at what I must over come
I completely break down
Failing around am I in utter confusion

Then your words enter my heart
Be patient, stand firm in me
For I am in control of all that goes on
In every day of your life

So Lord, I cry out to you
Show me what to do
For In am completely dependent on you
For your love and peace in me


The Crossroad of My Life

The crossroads at which I stand
Perplex me to no end

I see which way I want to go
Yet I am hemmed in

The Lord asks for me to lay aside
My future plans and thoughts

He ask me to let them die away
So He can guide my path

Yet I do not want to let go
Of what I can control

For when I do I fear
Life will spin completely out of control

Yet I know He has plans for me
That will guide me closer to Him

Oh Lord I pray
Clearly show me the way

To discern your path for me each day
As I seek to follow in your ways



Trapped am I by circumstances beyond my control
Surgery has made independent mobility impossible
Pain inhibits and exclude activities I enjoy doing
My independence has been cut off

My soul wants to scream out
How will I endure this time
All I want to be able to do
Is return to normal life

I long to leave this house on my own
Not to have to wait on others
Not to feel like I am putting them out
From what they want to do

How my soul aches for those who feel as I do
But for some of them it is permanent
For them life will never
Be normal again

I know in time my life
Will return to its normal balance
Independence to go on my own
Is not forever gone

My foot will heal
Back to work I will go
Busy once again I will be
Looking for time to myself

Oh Lord only to you can I turn
For peace and patience during this time

Restore to me thy joy of life
As I am here at home

But let this time be a lesson
That I will never for get
For life traps us in may ways
And only you can carry me through life's inhibiting pains


Inside to Outside

Inside me have been things that have blocked my hearing
They have made me deaf to your words

Outside I have felt alone and in deep despair
Nothing I do honors you

Inside today I have listed and heard your love song to me
The melody that tells of your love for me rings in my ears

My heart is lifted into thy presence
My soul is healed by thee

Outside my face smiles
It does not cry in fear of what is happening to me

For from within comes the hope I need to face each day
From inside comes my reason to live - the love of my Lord

Outside my life will show to others the joy within me
From inside to outside Christ touches all of me


Keep Me From Drowning

Oh Lord surround me today
Send your angels to uphold me
Be in me I pray
Keep me from drowning

For darkness comes over me
I feel myself drowning
In fear and worry
That are overtaking me

No strength of my own
Will pull me out
Of the abyss of despair
I am falling deeper into

Only your mighty hand
Can break my fall
Reaching down you can lift me up
And restore you joy in me

Looking up as I fall
I see your hand touching me
Up you lift me
Into your presence I come

You wash away all memory
Of the abyss I was in
Your comfort replaces all that over took me
You mighty hand never leaves me

Praise ant thanks be to God
For His overflowing love
He is with me at all times
Comforting my soul


Hold Me Tight

Keep me in your arms today
Hold me tight I pray

Darkness fills my soul with dread
Let your light shine inside of me

Let me look and see your love
Let me feel your arms around me

In my heart I know you're near
Yet I fell not thy presence

Oh Lord my God I call to you
Knowing you are with me

Life me up and hold me tight
Let me rest in thy loving arms


I Turn From His Truth

In the image of God
Created was I
To show His glory to others
To worship only Him

Yet each and every day
I turn from the truth of His word
I listen to what the world says
I listen to the deceiver

Surely you can be like God
Knowing all there is to know

Surely you can rule yourself
Without God's word to guide you

When I listen and act upon this
I slip and fall on my face
Into the mire of evil I sink
Turning back to God to be saved

In to the mire He reaches down
He pulls me out of my pit
When I repent He washes me
Cleansed before Him I stand

His word is my guide
On how to live each day
It tells me all I need to know
To walk with Him each day

So listen will I to His words
Following what He says
Then will I fulfill His creation plan
To glorify and worship only Him


My Heart Aches Within

My heart within me aches
I wake in deep despair
My body feels broken
Unrested, unsettled am I

Search do I for why
I feel this way
My life is not broken
Yet it all seems so hard to bear

Sleep evades my soul
My mind will not rest
The day that lies before me
Is a weight upon my soul

Yet I know I'm not alone
God is with me all the time
To Him I must turn
Yielding all to Him

Oh Lord I call out
Come and carry me today
Let your love flow over me
Washing my aches away

Let me feel your hand

Upon my soul today
Let your love, hope, and joy
Be what I feel today

Training for Reigning

Why do I supper I cry out to the Lord
Why am I not healed
Why do I fail
When I am seeking to do your will

God wants me to know
That I suffer not in vain
My suffer is part of the training
He is leading me through

Through this training I am learning
How I will reign in Heaven
Each thing that I suffer is
Training for reigning with Him

In each suffering that comes my way
I must look for the training
For when I am called home to Heaven
Full trained to reign will I be

What Remains

Deep from within my heart
I call out to the Lord
Take away from me
This pain that plagues me so

I wish not to walk
Each day with this pain
For I have asked to be relieved
But yet it remains

Why oh Lord, does it remain
Why will you not heal my leg
It is a desire of my heart
To be physically whole

God answer me with a tender tone
What I let remain will be used to glorify me
Others will see your faith
When you walk with me

Let me use your pain
As I see fit
I will give you the strength
To make it through each day

Let each step you take,
Each pain you feel
Reminds you of the love
I have for you

Walk in my strength
Your pain is mine to use

Who Am I to Judge

Who am I to judge
Or to hold a grudge

For when I say Christ is in me
Do I really let it show

Some days it's all about me
See how well I'm doing

Those are the days that Jesus replies
But what about my saving grace

For all that I am, is given by Him
In whom I say I believe

Nothing I do upon my own
Reflects His glory to others

Step back must I and trust in Him
For all that happens to me

For when I let His love shine through me
His grace will call others to Him


Anxiety fills me up
From what I do not know
It concerns me and holds me hostage
A prisoner in my soul

God reaches out and covers me with His love
Seek me he says
For you are safe within me

I seek you Lord
Guide me along your path
Hold me up so that I may not fall

Joy fills my soul
The anxiety falls away
For I have been promised
Safety for my soul


Perfection is not needed

Perfection is not needed
The Lord whispered to me

Come to me with a willing heart
Get to know me, understand my ways

You strive for perfection
but I have already given you that
by my blood being shed for you

In my eyes your have been made perfect
Focus not on what you think you should do
But turn your eyes upon me

Listen for my voice
Follow my lead
Do my will for you

Then the Joy of your Lord will fill your heart
Peace will enter in
Leave perfection in My hands
The hands that were pierced for you


Pool of Life

In the pool of life
I floated aimlessly
I struggled to keep from drowning
in the turbulence that surrounded me
I called out to the Lord to come me and give me peace

All at once I was surrounded
by the calm and peace of Him
I felt at rest supported
by the arms of my Lord

Rest in my peace he told me
Struggle not again
For thou will not drown in the turbulence of life

Rest and be still
Let me fill your soul
With my peace that is everlasting


My Tears

My grief exploded
from within
into a waterfall of tears

Fast and furious
they flowed from me
like a river overflowing its banks

Jesus catches all my tears
in His precious hands

He transforms them
into a healing balm
to calm my grief stricken soul

With this balm He touches me
Enfolding me in His arms

He strokes my soul
as no other can
Peace comes to me

He has taken my grief upon Himself
and replaced it with His Perfect Peace


It's Dark, Lord

It’s dark, Lord
I can’t see which way to go
Doubts have clouded my vision
Fear has gripped my heart

Which way should I turn?
Which way should I go?

Trust in me, Oh child
Let faith be your guide
Turn on the light of your heart

You will see which way to go
You will clearly see me


Come Bearing Your Soul

Come to the Lord at this moment
Come bearing your soul
Tell Him all that is in your heart
He yearns to hear from you

He looks at you and reaches out
Ready to touch your heart

He looks at you and waits patiently
For you to call upon Him

Call His name
Have faith in Him
He will hear what you say

Doubt and fear will be driven out
Peace will enter in


Rain of Discontentment

Rain came down upon my head
Rain of discontentment
Tried as I might to stay dry
Envy grew in my heart
Discontentment was drowning me
What others had I lusted after
Until I was soaked with jealously

God reached down to save my soul
He lifted me above the storm
Looking into my eyes He said
“I am all you need”

Instead of drowning in despair
I now see the abundance He provides
Grace, faith, hope and love
Fall upon my head
These drops of living water feed my soul each day

In the last day a storm will come
to each and every one
Protected I will be by the umbrella of Love
my Lord spreads over me


The Solitude of Our Lord

I stood among the crowd
Yet I was utterly alone
Not one to turn to
No one who would listen

Loneliness crept in
Followed by fear
I felt abandoned
by all around me

Who shall I turn to
when I need help
Who will stand by me
when I fail

Alone I stood
despair filled my soul

At that moment my eyes were opened
Standing before me was Jesus Christ
His arms were widespread
A smile upon His face

Never will I leave you or forsake you
He said to me

Alone you may stand in this world
But lonely you will never be
when you seek the Solitude of the Lord


The Ladder of Christ

In the midst of darkness
I moved about
looking for a way out

Stumbling and falling
I felt each wall
that closed in upon me

Afraid of drowning
in this sea of sin
I cried unto my Lord

I fell upon
the ladder of Christ
that led out of my prison of sin

As I looked up
a light appeared
to show me which way to climb

Each step I took
raised me out of the hole
where darkness held my soul

Light entered in
It grows stronger and brighter
with each step I take as Christ enters my soul

The ladder of Christ
will lead me home
Its light will guide my way

One day my climb to Jesus above
will be completely done
The last step I take will be into His arms


The Seeds of Christ

Jesus planted within my soul
the seed of His joy

It is growing inside me
struggling to stay alive

Some days I water it
and let the sun shine upon it

But most days I close it up
in the closet of despair

Jesus spoke to me saying
Let my joy grow in you,
Let it spring forth into full bloom

For within you I live
guarding your heart, mind and soul

His joy fill me up
until I bloom in Him

Then others see upon my face
the exquisite beauty of the
Joy of my Lord


Shadows Crept In

Shadows crept into the depths of my soul
All that was there was in a shroud of doubt
Fog blinded my heart to the love of God
Cold, wet, dreary despair filled me up
Shivering I sat, completely alone
Paralyzed by fear

In the midst of the fog
On the horizon arose
A light from Heaven above

As it advanced
Into the depths of my soul
The shadows rolled away

My heart awoke
In a light of love
Coming from the Master’s eyes

His hands of love
Reached out to me
Chasing my despair away

As I looked
Into His eyes of love
His light entered my soul

No longer do I stand in fear, completely unable to move
For now I dance in the Light of the Lord
His love has set me free


Accepting What I Have for You

Do you accept what I have for you
The Lord asked me one day

With my salvation
Comes my plan of life for you

When you accepted me as your Lord and Savior
Into you I came to live forever

I ask you to accept my will for you
To embrace the path I will travel with you

Turn not away from what I ask
Seek not your own counsel

For when you do
You shall fall into a pit of mire

Accept what I want you to do
Trust me in all that you do
Seek to follow my path for you
For it leads you home to me


In My Own Strength

In my own strength I struggle along
Trying to follow God's plan for me

Each step I take, each thing I say
Leads me deeper into misery

For I fail and fall with each step I take
When I travel without my Lord

"Come," He says, "Travel with me
I will show you the way
I will carry your burdens for you
I will teach you what to say"

Victorious I feel when I travel with Him
He guides my every step
He open my eyes and lets me see
The path He sets for me

When I stumble, He picks me up
When I falter, He carries me
Through my mountains of despair

Victorious am I
When I live under my Father's care


Restore Unto Me

Oh Lord, restore unto me the joy of your salvation
Enter into me and fill me with your peace
I feel alone and deserted away from your touch of love
My soul cries out in anguish to feel your hand upon me
Guide me and show me which way to go
For I do not see clearly the path you want me to take
Lead me now and I will follow in your foot steps Oh Lord
Carry me and I will rest in your comforting arms
Oh Lord, in you I trust to guide my every step
For thou art my God, my Creator, my King, my Salvation

The Lover of my Soul art thou

The World Judges

The world judges
  by what is seen
  by what is heard
  by what is known

God judges through the blood of the Lamb
He no longer sees, hears, or knows our mistakes

For when we have bowed before Him in humbleness
He listens to our cries for forgiveness
Then He bids us to rise and stand righteously before Him

Judge not yourself or others according to the world's eyes
But look and see others through the love in Christ's eyes

Awaken in Despair
I awaken today in despair not really knowing why
I feel like hiding away from my pain
I desire nothing more than letting my rage come forth
Shall I cry
Shall I shout
Shall I stomp about

I feel no joy in the day that comes
Why am I angry when nothing has gone wrong

Oh, Lord my God
You called me today to feel your joy inside me

Tear down the walls of the prison I'm in
Release my soul so that I may feel
The joy of my Lord inside me

Life is Like a Window

My life is like a window though which I look
I see the world around me and interact with it
Sometimes I keep the window shut as tight as I can
For the world that is around me, troubles me

When I open the window and let the world in
I see its beauty and splendor
My soul rejoices within

Sometimes the window is foggy, the world disappears
I do not see clearly or understand what is happening out there

A crystal clear window lets me look and see
All that is out there to influence me

The Lord is that window through which I look
Through His eyes I see the world that is around me

Sometimes He clouds my vision
And asks me to trust His guidance
To lead me through murky paths

Sometimes I see clearly the path that I should take
For the Lord clears my vision and directs my path

The Lord is the window of my life
Through Him I see the Father above
Holding His arms out to me

Life Arises

Sometimes life arises to meet your face to face
One looks at what is there and runs away in haste

But what is there that troubles you doesn't go away
One must deal with what is seen that falls in your way

So turn and face the problem with Christ by your side
Tell Him all that troubles you and let Him be your guide

He will guide and hold you through what ever comes your way
Turn and see His loving face, I love you He will say


Uphold Me Lord

My spirit is low within me Lord
I am discouraged and depressed
I wish not to see anyone only to hide within myself

Yet life does not stop, there are duties to perform
People to see and talk to
Who must not see the pain I hold

Yet, Oh Lord, you see all that bothers me
The pain, the hurt, the discouragement
All that is within me

So Lord, I pray, uphold me
Let me heal within
So others may see through me the peace that you bring

My Troubled Heart

My heart is troubled within me to the very depths of my soul

Circumstances happen around me which I cannot control
Floods of grief overcome me
My soul longs for peace
What will come out of all that has happened
What will the future hold

Come, Christ calls, come to me
Let my Spirit fill your heart
Let my Spirit give you my peace
Let Him carry all your anxieties to the throne of God

For only I am in control of all that takes place in your life
Step back and rest in me alone
See what I will do
My promises are for those who believe
 I will not leave you

Oh Lord - I surrender all to you
Carry me into your presence
Hold me and love me as I know you do
Refresh me Oh Living God

Claimed by God

Be in me today Oh Lord I pray
Claim me as your own

Wrap me in your precious arms
Let me not stray from thee

Weariness attacks me from all sides
Doubt enters in

All that I want to do is hide
Fear attacks my soul

With you in charge Oh Lord my God
Your strength enters me

No more will I walk in fear of this world
But in your guiding light

The darkness of doubt disappears
Your life brings delight to my soul

No more will I hide and cower in fear
But stand in your mighty strength

For you have claimed me as your own
Lost I will never be

Forever you will hold me close to your heart
Forever you will rule in me

In Pain

I arose this morning in pain
My heart and soul ached within
Yet I need to go into the world
And act as if all is well

I do not want to do
All that is expected of me
Rather I would hide within my self
And drown in my pool of pain

How do I go out and live
When my heart wants to hide

Christ calls my name
He takes my hand
He holds me tight to Him

His love flows over me
Washing away my pain

He leads me out of my prison of pain
He bandages my soul with His love
He gives me His body and blood
To nourish me within

His strength enters me through His Spirit
All that I felt is gone
For in Him and through Him this day I will walk
Pain will not grip my heart

I will stand and testify to all I meet
Of His great love for me


As a baby can be in consolable with a tummy that hurts
So am I when grief enters my heart

All one can do for that little one is wrap your arms around them
So God does for me what I do for that baby

He holds me tight and whispers in my ear words of comfort and reassurance
He lets me cry and work through my grief until my pain is alleviated

He solaces my sorrow
He soothes my soul
He encourages me to rest in Him

Inconsolable can I be when grief enters my soul
But the Almighty God promises to comfort and preserve me

Through Him my inconsolableness is replaced by His strength
So that I may walk with Him


Remember me Oh Lord I cried
As I knelt in deep despair
I am drowning Oh Lord
Darkness has surrounded me

My heart aches deep within
For I cannot help those I wish to help
What ever hope I offer to them
Is frail and breaks upon their touch

I know not what to do for them
My heart cries in agony
As I see them struggle
With each daily task

Remember who I am
The Lord answered me
I am Jehovah Rapha
The God who Heals

Only I can provide
Healing for a soul
Only I can provide
What each person needs

Look unto me and see my face
It shows my great love for you
Take this love and show it to others
Tell them about my healing grace

Remember I am the only one
Who can heal all sorrows of the world
Remember I Am the Great I Am
Creator of all there is

Child - Remember me today









Living God


God is alive
He lives in me
He walks with me daily
Never leaving me alone


He is my friend
He loves me as His own
He never will turn away
Even when I do


He waits for me to acknowledge
His rule and reign in my life
For He and He alone
Deserves my praise and worship


For God is a living God
In charge of everything
Yet He loves and care for me
Like no one else can








Reaching Down


God reaches down into my soul
He calls me to Himself
All that I am
Is His to use


The Spirit in my soul
Quenches any fear
For I am free in Christ
To obey and serve Him


His hand is upon me
He is working in me
To scantily me
To make me like His Son


O Lord, I thank thee
For this time of pruning
So my life can be used
To bring glory to you










Jesus stands with open arms
His hands stretched out
I see the scars embedded in them
The scars of the cross


Those scars are glorified now
To me they are beautiful
They mean life to me
For in them my salvation was secured


As I approach those scarred hands
I fall in worship before them
Jesus welcomes me with joy
Wrapping me in His love


Those scars were made for me
For Jesus died for me
His loving sacrifice
Secured my eternal life









Under His Banner



In the army of God am I
Under His Banner I live
Following His commandments
I serve Him



Loving God with all I am
With my heart, soul, and mind
Putting Him first in all things
Is His most important command


Loving others like myself
Is His second command
Treating others with great love
Makes me following my LORD


Let me always live
Under the Lord's Banner
Than I know He will use me
As a warrior in His army





His Plan



This morning I awoke
Wondering what this day would being
Then I read God's WORD
And knew He had His plan for me


Now as I get up and start the day
I need not fear this day
For I know that in following Him
His plan will be carried out


Let me keep my eyes on Jesus
For to Him I belong
He bought me with His own life
So my life is His


His plan is perfect for me
To bring me good, not harm
To give me hope and peace
That only comes from Him


So as I arise today
Let me look only to Jesus
For the promises He made
He will keep


Glory to God in the Highest!







Consider Jesus


Consider Jesus
Who He is
What He has done
Where He is


He is the King of Kings
Lord of All
Creator and author
The Alpha and Omega


He came to earth as a man
He lived a perfect holy life
He died sacrificially for man
Bearing God's full wrath of sin


Then He rose again to life
He is at God's right hand
He is seated in Glory
He is waiting to come again


Consider Jesus
He is exalted above all
Yet He was humiliated for us
So consider Him carefully




The Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit is within me
There He resides always
His job is to teach me
All that God wants me to know


He also convicts me of my sins
For they block my way to The Father
When I confess I am forgiven
Again the Holy Spirit is free to work in me


He was placed in me by Jesus
When in Jesus I believed
He will lead me in God's will
As long as I listen and follow Jesus


Never let me grieve the Spirit
Let me never shame Jesus
Let me be an obedient servant
Of Almighty God




Your Truth - NEW!!!



Your Word is truth
It enters unto us
When we believe in you


Your Word builds us up
Providing imperishable seeds
Or truth that lead and guide us


Your Word is powerful
Saving those who accept it
Training and sanctifying all who believe


Your Word causes us to grow
It bears fruit in us
Increasing our knowledge of you


Your Word is living and active
It challenges all men
To turn to you in humble thankfulness




His Glory


Falling before my Lord
In humbleness
I am in awe of His glory


His brilliant light
Comes over me
Revealing his magnificence


His awesome glory
Surrounds me
As Heaven erupts in worship


Singing glory, honor and praise
To The Lord God Almighty
The one and only true God



Too Much Too Comprehend


Before the King I fall
Prostrate am I before Him
Worship is sung by the angles

All are praising Him
It is far too much to comprehend
For face to face I see my Savior

In His presence am I
Surrounded by His glory
Overcome with joy am I

To be before my Savior
For now and forever more
I will dwell with Him






God's Grace


Grace rains down upon me
God uses it to wash me
Clean am I from the bottom up
For He washes my feet first


He placed them in a basin
He kneeled and scrubbed them
All the filth of my life
He has washed away with his grace


Let us remember His grace
And extend it to others
Let us forgive as He did
For His grace has saved us


His grace continually cleanses us
He does not with hold it
He forgives us our sins
Let us show His grace to others



God is Sovereign


God is sovereign
He does what He says
He keeps His promises
All things are under Him


Yet man doubts God
Wondering all the time
If He will really fulfill
His promises to man


God will accomplish
All His purposes
No matter what man does
God's plan will be done


He is sovereign
He does not change
Embrace His plans
Giving all glory to Him







The Light of This World


Into the Light come
Into His holy light
His light will guide you
On the path to Him


His light never ends
For as He is eternal
So is His light
Shinning brightly forever


Darkness will not prevail
Sin has been defeated
So come unto Jesus
The Light of this world






The Beauty of the Lord


One can not help but see
The beauty of the Lord
His love wraps around me
And glitters in His light


This pure light penetrates
Into every part of me
It takes what is dark and filthy
Replacing it with His love


Now when He looks upon me
His beautiful love He sees
Transforming me from
Sinner into his beloved child


The beauty of the Lord
Is his love for me
Because of this love
He gave up His beloved Son


Never again will I forget
What He sacrificed
To ensure that all will see
The beauty in the love of our Lord







God sets before me
A straight path daily
It leads me unto Him
And His glory is magnified


Yet I make crooked His path
It leads away from Him
I wander off by myself
In darkness and am lost


He comes to my rescue
When to Him I call
He once again sets my feet
Upon the path that leads to Him


Let me daily follow Him
Not wandering away
For His path leads me home
To eternal life with Him








Knowledge of God
Who He Is and
His characteristics
Is treasure to Christians


This knowledge is given
Through the Scriptures
By the Holy Spirit communicating
The truth of God to us


Knowledge from God
Can not lead us astray
As the world's knowledge
Will lead us to death


Read God's Word
Let the Holy Spirit teach you
Knowledge that will cause
You to become more like Christ






Agape Love



What kind of love
The Father has for us
That He gave up His Son
In love for us


He sent His beloved
To earth to die
So that we may see
True agape love


For He desires for us
Only the best
Sacrificially loving us
By giving us His best


Embrace His love
Feel its strength in you
For in us flows His love
True Agape love








Into darkness I was born
Separated from the Light of God
Sin was my destiny
Until Jesus came into my heart


Now God has enlightened me
To His glorious mystery for man
He has made known to me
His plan of reconciliation


His Word has been written to read
Men of Faith preach His Word
His Spirit of Truth is within me
All to lead and guide me


No longer am I in darkness
He has clearly made known to me
His plan for all the ages
His will of reconciliation for us





Dwell in Man



From the dawn of time
God intended to walk with man
In Adam and Eve was His Spirit
Leading and guiding them


Then sin entered the world
The Spirit left the children of God
No longer was He able
To impart God's wisdom to them


Jesus changed that
His death and resurrection
Provided reconciliation with God
To those who accept Christ as Savior


Into believers comes His Spirit
Once again to lead and guide man
The Spirit of God once more
Is able to dwell in man





Planting Seeds




Do not give up
Says the Lord unto us
Tell others each day
Of my love for them


Mostly you will not see
The harvest I am growing
Of new believers
That will come to me


But your job is to plant seeds
Water and tend them
But only I can bring them
To flower in salvation



So be faithful in planting
The seeds of belief in others
Water and tend these seeds
The harvest will be bountiful








I am free from sin
But what a cost it took
For God gave up His Son
To redeem those who believe


Yet I continue to sin
But in God's eyes I am pure
Because of Christ's sacrifice
God has already forgiven me


Let me always remember
The cost of my freedom
And let that memory of God's love
Cause me to live under His rule


Choosing to lay aside my freedom
And to live as a slave for Christ
Telling others about Him
Leading them to freedom from sin









The hurt felt by Christ
When He sacrificed His life
Was felt in Heaven and Earth
And changed each forevermore


For at that moment in time
Never to come again
God made a way
For reconciliation with man


When in faith we accept
God's gift of grace
We no longer are separated
From our creator


For Christ did not only die
But rose to take His place
As King of Heaven and Earth
Reigning forevermore





Nothing But Grace


Nothing but the grace of God
Can save mankind
All men of every kind
Are called unto Him


All people born on earth
Can be saved by His grace
But man must come through faith
In Jesus Christ and His sacrifice


No other way is acceptable
Nothing else is required
Works cannot save us
Only faith in God's Son


So stop and consider
Do you know Jesus as Lord
Do you accept God's offer
Of love and everlasting life





Build His Church


Each individual believer
Has been chosen by God
And been given a gift
To glorify Him


But we believers
Are all part of the Body
That makes up the Church
That is headed by Christ


Our gift is given to us
To use in the Church
To glorify Him
And bring unity


Let all believers
Work together for Christ
Using your God given gift
To build His Church





Know Him



Know your God all ye people
Know Him in all situations
Know Him from His Words
Know Him from His mighty works



For God does not hide himself
He is everywhere all the time
He sees you seeking Him
And He comes to you


Never say you are abandoned
For God never walks away
From His children
He will never leave us adrift


Come unto Him and know Him
He will reveal Himself to you
His greatest joy is knowing
That you seek Him




What Love Cost


What a cost for my salvation
Did Jesus pay
Suffering and humiliation
Did He endure


Yet He did it willingly
Never did He turn away
From God's plan for Him
To be a sacrifice for men


He fulfilled God's requirement
Of His blood being spilled for us
It wipes away our sins
And makes us pure before God


What love He must have for us
To endure all that He did
We must accept Him as Lord
And continually follow Him






The Beauty of God


The beauty of God
Bathes us in His light
Majestic and Awesome
He shines upon us


Let us look Heavenward
Seeing His beauty
His holiness and purity
Shinning down on us


His shinning beauty
Penetrates all darkness
When we stand in Him
Others see His beauty


Live only in Him
Let his love show to all
Then their darkness will flee
Replaced by God's beauty







Oh God


Oh God, it cost you so much
To forgive my sins
Yet you sent your only Son
And He died willingly for me


Oh God, you did this
For me and all sinners
Who choose to believe in Jesus
As the Messiah


Oh God, let me never forget
The anguish I have caused you
By continuing to sin every day
Your anguish continues on


Oh God, forgive me
Let me follow only you
Show me your wisdom
That can lead me daily


Oh God, let me understand
The cost of Calvary
And let me focus on what
You did for me






Only Jesus


Only Jesus is the way
To eternal life
Only His death paid
For the sins of all men


Focusing on His sacrifice
Is how we learn
The cost of our salvation
Was horrific to God


For He had to turn His back
On His only Son
Only that sacrifice
Satisfied God's requirements


Now God can look upon us
And see righteousness
For through Christ's shed blood
We are as white as snow


Only Jesus did that for us
He was the perfect sacrifice
That forever fulfilled God's law
Only Jesus is the way






Cathedral Glass


A hundred year old cathedral
Is where anew I met my Lord
His presence was upon me
In the dampness of the stone


My eyes were drawn upward
To the windows of colored glass
Dark as my soul were they
As the sun was shrouded in clouds


But God spoke to me in that Cathedral
As I stared at the Calvary window
The Son of Man who died for me
Sent His light into my soul


For there depicted in colored glass
Was my Savior dying for me
My soul was lifted out of despair
By God's love Illuminated there


The earthly clouds lifted
The sun shone brightly through the glass
The colors danced all about me
As God filled my soul with His love


There in that cathedral of time gone by
The love of Jesus was shown to me
His love lit up my soul
Through the Cathedral glass





Life and Love


My life is a gift
From God above
For He created me
To live for His glorification


Into me He infused
His deep abiding love
When in Christ I believed
This love was awaken


So the life that I now live
Should mirror God's great love
For I am His reflection on earth
For other's to see


Let my life filled with His love
Glorify my Heavenly Father
Let His love for all men
Shine out in my life today






Know Him



My heart desires to know
My Lord in a new way
To understand Him afresh
In a deeper relationship


I know Him as my Savior
I know His love for me
Yet my heart tells me
Listen and learn more



Let Him teach me more
About Himself
Let Him reveal unto me
His unfathomable character


So today my journey begins
As I listen to my God
Little by little He will
Fulfill my desire to know Him






The Source of Love


The source of love
That flows over us
Is God above
Poured out through His Son


For God is all love
He created us
To love and care for us
For all of eternity


Turn to Him
Fell His great love
Spilling over us
Totally engulfing us

 For God is love





The Day of the Lord



God will speak with His command
The Day of the Lord has come
All of Heaven will respond
With shouts of praise and joy


Immediately those hear on earth
Will hear those shouts
Coming from the heavens on high
Looking up they will see Jesus' return


He will be robed in glory and honor
His righteousness will be clearly seen
All who know Him as Lord and Savior
Will rise to meet Him in the air


Let all mankind believe in Him
As the forgiver of their sins
Let no man be left behind
When the King of Heaven returns





God's Wisdom


Man has sought to know
The depths of God's wisdom
Hard is it to obtain
Without God's guidance


He gave to some men
Glimpses of Himself
For in Him and Him alone
Is the wisdom of the ages


But through Christ's sacrifice
And the Holy Spirit in us
We now can seek and ask
For understand of His wisdom


He gives to those who seek
Understanding little by little
Se we can grow in and know
The wisdom God gives to us







Alone Jesus was when to His Father He talked
Up to a mountain or into the wilderness He went
He knees how important it was to talk and listen
To His Father in Heaven above


For only our Heavenly Father sees everything
Waiting to guide our every step
He knows what our day holds
Let Him guide you through it


Start each day with Him
In prayerful conversation
Listen to all of His words
Of wisdom, guidance, and comfort


Follow Jesus' example
Talk to God every day
Enter the day not on your own
Let God guide your day












Consider the Lord God
Who He is
What He does
Fear and obey Him


For He is Creator
Calling unto himself
Those who believe and accept
His Son's sacrifice


In Him we have life
Given to us
In accordance with His will
Out of God's love for us


Consider daily His will
Live accordingly
Obey and fear your Maker
The Lord God -YAWEH





God Calls My Name


God calls my name
In a quiet engaging tone
His voice is a gentle whisper
In the depths of my heart


He calls me to consider
His will for my life
Inviting me to walk with Him
Through each moment of my day


He does not insist that I listen
To his call deep within me
But oh how He rejoices
When I choose to have faith in Him


His hand takes mine and guides me
Through each step that I take
He will not ever leave me
No matter the circumstance


God calls my name
I will listen to Him
For in His love He leads me
Home to Him






What will Heaven be like
When there I arrive
Who will welcome me
But the King Himself


On my knees I will fall
Overwhelmed by His countenance
In worship I will me
Praising and honoring Him


Surrounded He will be
By angels and believers
Everywhere He walks
His glory will shine forth


All honor and glory to Him belong
Forever and ever more
Let us worship here on earth
In practice for Heaven above







God's Song


My life is a song from God
He writes the melody sweet and clear
Pure and even notes He provides
He is the strong bass support


When I intervene, stepping out on my own
The melody is flat and harsh
It does not sound in tune
To the pure Holiness of God


Therefore I must confess my sins
Then He restores me unto Him
He then is able to return me
To His sweet song of Purity


Oh Lord I pray
Play your song in my life
Let others hear and know
This sweet pure song of love















The Crown of Thorns
Was placed on my Savior
Twisted, sharp and strong
Evil put upon His Head

How that must have
Hurt His heart
More than His body
To the depths of His Soul

Yet He accepted
From mankind
All the evil of sins
Placed upon Him

God turned His back
My savior died
The final sacrifice
Was satisfactory to God

Yet now Jesus wears
His Crown of Glory
He rules over everything
My Savior is King

Hallelujah to the King





The Storm

Brilliantly the sky was lit
With each flash of lightning
The rumble of each thunder clad
Spoke of its strength

Torrentially the rain came down
Washing away the filth of earth
Raging across the sky this storm
Was God speaking to me

In the light His glory shown
In the thunder His voice was heard
The rain is His forgiveness to man
Washing away our filth

In the quietness that fell
After the storm had relented
In the sky a rainbow appeared
God's promise of safety to man

Listen to nature and learn
Of our glorious God above
For all nature reflects His love and hope
For the salvation of mankind



Know the Father


Get to know the Father
Through His Son our Lord
For in Him we see the Father
For they are one


Jesus always pointed the way
To knowledge of His Father
Always telling us that knowing Him
Is knowing His Father above


Belief in Christ as Savior
Opens our eyes and hearts
To see and gain knowledge
Of God the Father Above


So study His life
Speak to Him daily
He will reveal so you may see
His Father in Heaven above




Eyes of Love



How beautiful are the eyes of Jesus
That lovingly look at me
Expressing His great desire
To lead and guide me


His eyes are full of joy
When I obey His words
Sorrowful they become
When I turn away from Him


Never does He take
His eyes off of me
He protects me for all danger
That threatens me


His eyes reveal His glory
As the King of Heaven above
But when He looks a t me
His eyes are full of love




In Plain Sight


The evidence of Jesus Christ
Is in plain sight for all to see
His grace is poured out
For all who will believe


Yet man in his selfishness
Puts himself first
Blocking his sight
To the one true Lord


For all whose eyes have been opened
Gaze upon their redeemer
Jesus Christ who died and rose again
Is seen by His believers


He will guide your every step
He will show you His ways
To life eternal in Heaven
Where in plain sight He rules the world




Lord God of All


Blessed be your name Oh Lord
Almighty Glorious One
From Heaven you created man
And was pleased with what your saw


But man in his foolishness
Listened to the serpent of evil
Man gave into his selfishness
And ruined what pleased you


Yet you did not abandon us
You provided a way unto you
Through your only Son’s sacrifice
We once more stand in your grace


Blessed art you Oh Holy God
All praise and honor are yours
For your will can not be changed
You were, are, always be the Lord God of All



Armor of God


Every day as I arise
May I dress in the Armor of the Lord
For in it I am ready
To stand for Him


His belt of truth
Keeps me hearing His voice
His breastplate of righteousness
Protects my heart from evil


My feet will always be ready
To run and declare His Word
My mind protected from evil
For through Christ I have salvation


His shield of faith I carry
To extinguish the enemies fire
With His sword of truth
I cut away all who deny Him


So stand firm will I
Protected by the Lord God
For He has given unto me
All I need to live for Him



Home in Heaven


Nothing in this life compares
To the Home of God in Heaven
His glory fills it up
No other light is needed


His splendor encompasses it
Each room in it He swells
His riches are beyond compare
To anything we can imagine


Why on earth would I stay
When in Heaven He has prepared
A room just for me
Decorated by the Hand of God


Look forward do I each day
To swelling with the Most High
He will come back and take me home
To live in His home forever more



For You


I am the key
That opens the gates
Of eternal life
For You


I am the way
To eternal life
 In Heaven above
For You


I am the truth
Of eternal life
No one else will stand
For You


I am Life
For You
For I gave up mine
For You


The Carpenter's Foundation


The Lord of my life is Jesus Christ
The master builder of all
He is the foundation of my life
Upon Him I rely


As a carpenter in Galilee
He built many things
No one recognized Him for who He was
The Son of God come to Earth


He laid the foundation of the church
When on earth He did walk
He built up men who would carry on
When to Heaven He ascended


Now each day to Him I look
To build my life in Him
The greatest carpenter of all time
Is the foundation upon which I live




The Stairway


Jesus is the stairway
That joins earth to Heaven above
He is the only way
To His Father above


To earth He came
So long ago
That man may know
The love of Almighty God


Through belief in God's Son
We are redeemed and justified
Our sins are forgiven
In God's presence we may stand


Jesus is the stairway
That joins earth to heaven above
Down He came to save us
So we may rise to eternal glory above





Showing Love


Showing love to others
Ought to be easy to do
Jesus is our example
Yet we do not follow Him


His live and words show us
Exactly how to live
Showing love to others
As we believe in Him


Yet we do not do
What He commands us to do
To love others as we love ourselves
Is not easy for us


So we must put aside our selfishness
And follow what He did
So others may come to know Him
Through the loved we show them



At the River


I stood in the river
That flows from God above
His life giving water
Beckoning me to come


Angels circling above me
Sang hosannas loud and clear
In the midst of the river
Stood the Son of God


He reached out His hand
To welcome me home
 His face glowing brightly
His love encompassing me


As I stepped into that river
Hosannas rang out with clarity
A child of the Living God
Had come home for all eternity


Desiring Jesus

Joy brings Jesus to our hearts
His wisdom draws us to His light
In His light we soar to Heaven
Seeking and striving to live like Him

Hope guides us to His path
Where we hear His still small voice
He guides us to His living well
Where we drink of everlasting life

His beauty surrounds us
His wisdom guides us
What more then, should man desire
But to joyfully live in His love




Come Unto Me

Come and sit with me
Rest in my arms
Completely trust me
For I will take care of you

You are my child
A daughter of the Living God
I will not fail you
At all times I am protecting you

Fret not about tomorrow
Think not of the future
For now be with me
Feel my comfort

Rest in me
Let me comfort thee
For I have called thee
To come unto me




God's Blessings

Open my eyes and let me see
God's blessings all around me
Let me focus so hard on them
That nothing else distracts me

Sometimes they get pushed aside
And get lost in the shuffle of life
For Satan tries to distract me
With things that do not matter

Yet what he waves in front of me
Catches my mind's focus
Then that is what I concentrate on
God's blessings get left behind

Let God's blessing block out
Anything that turns me from Him
For when I see His blessings
Then I feel Him in me




Fragrance of Christ

The fragrance of Christ flows from me
To all those I meet
Do they smell the love of God
Or do they smell sin

For when I am trusting in my Lord
His do I show
But when in pride I live without Him
Sin takes over in me

His fragrance of love is sweet and strong
 It will linger in their hearts
The fragrance of sin overcomes
And makes man ill

Today let me be His fragrance of Love
To all those I meet
Let them smell and be drawn unto Him
By how He uses me





Jar of Clay

I am only a jar of clay
Yet I hold a treasure within me
For tho I am humble and ordinary
The Light of the World lives in me

For when a believer I became
Jesus came to dwell in me
He took and ordinary person
And made me worthy before God

Now when the jar of clay is seen
By others in this world
It appears as a chest of Gold
For God's light has transformed it

Let God's light shine out of me
Guiding others to Him
Then this jar of clay on earth
Will have honored na glorified Him





The Golden Thread

The golden thread that is my life
Is held by Jesus' hand
Never does He let go of it
It connects me to Him

Without that golden connection
I would drown in life's sorrows
Yet now I walk through them

Supported by His golden love

Into every experience of my life
He weaves His golden thread of love
The more I rely on Him
The stronger the bond becomes

One day He will lift His hand
To gather up my golden thread
On that day I will fall before Him
On the streets of gold

There I will worship and above Him
Singing praises to His name
Thanking Him for His golden gift of love
That ties me to Him





To Have Been an Angel

Oh to have been an angel
Singing from Heaven above
Songs of worship and praise
Glorifying Christ the King

From Heaven to earth He came
One night long ago
For God His Father sent Him
To those He loved on earth

The angels sang of His glory
To a band of lowly men
They pointed the way to the Babe
The Savior of all men

The angels must have wondered
Why god sent His only Son
T a humble stable in Bethlehem
As the Son of Man

Like an angel I can be
Honoring and worshiping my God
For His great gift of love He gave
In Bethlehem long ago





The Heart of God

The Heart of God is where I want to be
Held fast unto Him is my longing

For when He holds me in His arms
The beating of His heart do I feel

The Heart of God bled for me
His love He poured out over me

The greatest gift He could ever give
Came straight from His heart

For Christ His Son He did sacrifice
So that forever His Love I may feel

On that day of Sacrifice, God's Heart was torn apart
Out of death came life for all who desire it

The Heart of God is where I want to be
Giving back my heart to Him



The House of God

The House of God
Is not made of stone
Yet its foundations is sure
Its cornerstone has been set

For God laid the foundation
At the beginning of all time
Jesus is the cornerstone
For God's House

When we believe
That He died so we may live
God opens His door
So with Him we may dwell

Come to His dwelling
Your needs He meets
Love and protection you will feel
In His presence you will live

God's House is sure
Never will it change
For God is faithful
Forever He will reign



Facets of God

May I live today
In the presence of my Lord
May I gaze upon His beauty

For each time I look at Him
Another facet of His glory
Unfolds itself for me to see

His love shines like a diamond
It draw me unto Him
It holds my gaze upon His face

His patience is rich like a ruby
He waits for me to come to Him
To let His royal blood cleanse my soul

His kindness is as a sapphire
It soothes my soul like a river
That flows softly comforting me

His holiness is as bright as gold
All who see Him will know
He is worthy of praise and worship

Gaze I will upon His face
As I live in Him each day
His beauty will continually surround me




God's Blessings Reign Down -

God's blessing rain down from Heaven above
They flow continually over me
They cause me to open my eyes
And see what the Lord does just for me

For He delights in surprising me
His love He pours out over me
His desire is to shower me
With all He has for me

For God will not harm me
His hand is always on me
He leads and guide me
In every step I take

Today as I arise
Thank the Lord will I
For as He continually blesses me
I will worship and honor Him




God is in Control

God is in control
He reigns on high
Victory is His
Evil will not remain

As I serve Him
Here on Earth
I must live for Him
As a victor

For I serve the Living God
He is my Lord and Savior
He will guide my life
To live in His victory

God is in control
He reigns over all
Evil will not win
For the Victory is His




The Blazing Eyes of God

The blazing eyes of God
Look into my heart and soul
He sees all that is within me
Nothing escapes His glaze

He knows my inner thoughts
None are hidden from Him
He sees each thing I think or do
His sight reaches into the recesses of my soul

Will I tremble when He looks
Will shame fill my soul
Are my thoughts focused on Him
Or do they shame me to my core

When I focus on my Lord
All of me honors Him
When He searches my heart and soul
He sees my deep love for Him




Crimson is the color
Of the blood of the Lamb
Over me it flows
Washing away my sins

From the cross on Calvary
He laid down His life
Giving up Himself
Taking on the sins of the world

From there His blood
Flows for all who believe
That He came and died
So we may live eternally

Each time I drink
From the communion cup
 I am forever reminded
Of His sacrifice

The blood of the Lamb continues to flow
It covers my blackness with its crimson flow
It causes me to be as white as snow
So that I may stand before God's throne



Trickling Away

Trickling away was the perfume
That was poured over Jesuss' feet
Some saw it as a waste
Of time, effort, and money

But Jesus saw only the love
Mary was offering to Him
Over His feet she poured out
All she felt for Him

She gave to Him all she had
And honored Him as her King
As we look and see our Lord
How do we honor Him

Do we give all we have
To honor the King of Kings
Or do we hold back for ourselves
Some of our resources

Pour out yourself to the Lord
Honor Him with all you have
For he holds nothing back from you
He gave His life for you



Never Do I Walk in Darkness

Never do I walk in darkness
For I am a child of God
His glory pierces my darkest place
Filling it with His light

His radiance covers me
With the brilliance of His love
The darkness cannot linger
In His Holy presence

For He is the source
Of life giving light
The darkness of my world
He chases away

So walk will I today with Him
His glory will surround me
Look will I upon His face
For He deeply loves me



The Light of the World

The Lord is the Light of the World
In Him no darkness reigns
He came to earth to show the way
To eternal life in Heaven above

When we look and see Him
We see the Father above
For united are they as one
In all they do and say

Christ points the way to the Father
From whom all life began
He shows that the Father
Has eternally loved us

The Father has given His Son
To reign over all the earth
For only through believing in Him
 Can we enter Heaven above

Christ is the Light of the World
No darkness reigns in Him
Turn and see Him reaching out to you
Accept His gift of love




A masterpiece am I

Painted by the hand of God
Put together just as He sees fit
Each part in perfect harmony

Created was I by Him
To honor and worship Him
He looks and sees in me
His perfect creativity

Even though sin has tarnished me
Through Christ I am redeemed

Each day I am renewed
To do His will for me

A masterpiece am I
Painted by the hand of God
From the beginning of time He knew
Just who I would be



A Child of Christ

A Child of Christ am I
His Spirit fills me
He came to earth long ago
As a child in Mary's arms

He fills my soul with His love
He show me His mercy
He loves me as I am
He will never forsake me

For God looks down upon me
He sees me as I am
His compassion, consideration , and carefulness
Flow down upon me

As a child of the King
To others I must be
A reflection of His love, mercy, and compassion
So they see Him not me


Looking Back to Look Forward

Looking back into history
Shows me the love of my Lord
For so many years ago
He sent His Son to us

Through Him He provided for me
Salvation for my soul
His Son lived a perfect life
But died covered with all our sins

He rose to live once again
Death had no hold over Him
Because He lives so will I
His is my Savior, my friend

Now my King rules above
Waiting for the perfect time
To return to earth once again
To claim total victory over sin

So now I look to the future
Waiting for His return
To be able to see Him face to face
To thank Him for freedom from sin

Looking back in history
I see what He had planned
To bring all mankind unto Him
So all might live again

To the future I look
And anticipate what it will be
To stand before the King of Kings
To be part of His family


Gifts From God

It's Christmas morning
And what do I see
But three presents under the tree
Waiting for me

Each bears my name
And is richly wrapped
Inviting me to open and see
What each gift holds for me

I look and pick the crimson gift
Wrapped with lovely twine
Inside I find God's gift of love
Freely given to all who believe

The golden gift catches my eye
Wrapped with bells on top

Inside I find God's gift of joy
That rings inside my heart

Deep blue is the color of the final gift
Wrapped with a lovely dove
Inside I find God's gift of peace
For His Spirit lives in me

These gifts I will treasure all my life
They will lead and guide me
For God has given to me
His live, His joy, His peace


Christ is the Light of the World

Christ is the Light of the World
In Him there is no darkness
When we walk In His light
We have been justified and sanctified

His light allow us to enter
Into the presence of the Father
There we rest in His loving arms
Bathed in His peace

For His peace brigs to me
Knowledge of who is in control
Over all that happens to me
Through His peace my heart is anxiety free

So walk in Christ's light
Accept His direction in your life
Through Him you will experience
The true Peace of God


God Can Be Seen

God can seen by those who seek His face
He does not hide himself form those who desire to see Him

In Moses's day He led His people
Where He wanted them to go

A cloud appeared during the day
And a pillar of fire by night

When it moved God's people moved
When it stopped so did they

Today God shows us where to go
In many different ways

His words for our guidance
Are written in the Scriptures

He uses other people
To send us his messages

He replies when we seek Him
Through prayer and worshipping

God desires to lead us
In all that we do and say

When we His people earnestly seek Him
He will guide us in His paths

So seek your Lord Almighty
He does not hide from you

He waits for use to look to Him
For guidance in all we do


I Come in Humbleness

Oh Lord as I enter your presence today
I come in humble quietness

With my eyes I look to see your face
Which shows its love fore me

Yet I open not my mouth
To speak to the Holy One

For I must look beyond the love
And see the Mighty Majestic One

As I approach your mighty throne
Quietness overwhelms me

For then I really see
The one most mighty God

Come you say and motion to me
Speak what is on your heart

Oh Lord I say I'm sorry for disrespecting you
For putting my agenda well ahead of yours

Listen replies my Lord and God to my plans for you
Let my Spirit work in you to carry them through

In quiet obedience each day I must listen
For the Spirit to speak and guide me

Then I know without a doubt
I honor the Lord my God

I recognize His power and might
I hear His call and follow Him

Know that I Am God

Know that I am God
Let my Spirit pass over you
Let me fill you with quietness
Let not rage fill your heart

Hide within me
Let my love wrap around you
I hold you deep in my compassion
Rest totally in me

For the time will soon pass
Back to work you will be
Cherish this time you have
To focus on me

Listen to what I tell you
Let my Spirit open your mind
To totally understand and comprehend
My message of love and grace


Who I Am

Christ is in my life, this I know
For I asked Him to come long ago

Yet how much do I know
About the King that lives in me

How often do I let Him
Reveal Himself to me

So often I sit and read
The stories about His life

Yet I hurry and say
All this I have already read

Yet He yearns to open my eyes
To see more of Him

To reveal deep within my soul
The majesty of who He is

Read again He says to me
Those old familiar stories

But let me show through them
My full glory, grace, and truth

Open your heart, get to know me
In a deeper more meaningful way

For I desire to impart unto you
A deeper love and understanding of who I am


Out of Darkness

Out of darkness God calls me to come
He desires for me to look upon His beauty
To bathe myself in His glory
To leave behind all that troubles me
To rest and be refreshed in Him

He promises to provide all that I need
To let all things work together
To uphold me with His mighty hand

So to Him I come
Relinquishing all that troubles me
He promises that He will take care of all my needs
While in His presence I rest

So my darkness fades away
Replaced by the dawning of God's Glory in my heart


Life Comes to Me Each Day

My life was created by God the Almighty
He chose me as His own from time long ago

Through Christ's death on the cross

Redemption comes to me

For when I chose to believe
My sins were wiped away

The Spirit entered me
When I became a believer

He brings into my life
All of God's blessings for me

Life comes to me each and every day
From the Holy Trinity


Creator of the Universe

Creator of the Universe
Before you I stand
Knowing all that you created
You pronounced as being good

Into the world you created
Came sin, death, and destruction
It seems to overtake and undo
All the good you formed

Yet there remains on earth
Those who believe in you
We have knowledge of who you are
And what you can do

From Genesis to Revelation
The Scriptures tell about you
Your powerful hand upon this earth
The good you still do

At the end of time
When you come again
All will be recreated
By your mighty hand

Then all of your believers
Will stand with you
Knowing we have done
What you requested us to do

To proclaim to all who will listen
That God is good, He loves us
And that His salvation comes to us
From the throne of God

So God of Creation
Upon you I call
Use me as one of your believers
To bring your good to the earth today


Hear My Voice

In the stillness of the night
I call your name
Hoping your heart will hear my voice
Hearing the words I want to say

For my child
I love you beyond compare
I hold my arms out to you
Daily I hope that you believe
That my love is a gift just for you

I sent my Son to die
So all may be saved
When you put your faith in Him
You open your heart to me

A child of mine you become
The instant you choose to be
All of the love I have for you
Will flow freely from me to thee

One small step of faith is all it takes
To become a child of mine
Reach out and take my hand
Walk with me for all of eternity


Oh Divine Healer

Oh Divine Healer
Deliver my soul
From all that is within me
That makes me unwhole

Unconfessed sins
Lack of Faith
Doubt in you power
Holds back your grace

Oh Divine Healer
Enter my soul
Heal me form within
Make me whole

Faith in your nature
Knowledge of your power
Trust in you divinity
Leads to curing my Soul

Oh Divine Healer
Let me walk with thee today
For through the wounds Christ suffered
Heal and make me whole


When Christ Looks at Me

When Christ looks at me
His gaze is all consuming
He does not just glance
But He looks at me deep inside
He sees all of me

His eyes connect to my soul
They show His deep love for me
His eyes search for my love
Being returned to Him
His gaze matches mine

His eyes hold mine
Until I understand
That I belong to Him
He consumes my soul