HIDDEN IMAGES PICTURE: Can you find all eight images hidden in this picture?

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Everyone has seen one of those pictures where hidden images have been purposely imbedded in them for people to find. The usual comment below such a picture is: "How many whats-its can you find in this picture." The I Spy picture books that are popular with elementary school children are of this type.

Much rarer are pictures that accidentally capture hidden images. The hidden images are usually much less well defined than those purposely created and require significantly more effort and imagination to spot.

One day my wife brought home a simple watercolor of a yellow flower and hung it on the wall. One day in passing I noticed that one of the shadows suggested an animal shape. My curiosity piqued, I continued studying the picture from time to time and discovered a surprising number of images hidden in it. I want to assure anyone visiting this page that I in no way doctored the picture to add or enhance any of the hidden images. I have to wonder if the original artist (there was no attribution on the print of the watercolor we have) spotted any of these hidden images while painting the picture.

I'm posting the original picture here for anyone interested in idling away a little time by trying to find all the hidden images. Copies of the original with the images outlined are posted below the original.





The first one is easy. Look in the lower left and you'll see a cat sitting up and facing away from you. His tail points into the lower left corner and you can clearly, with a little imagination, spot his ears and his right paw pointing to the right.


Next, and appropriately, there's a small mouse running away from the cat. It's in the bottom center of the picture.


Next is the head of a duck or goose looking straight at you. The beak is orange and yellow and the eye on the left is dark green. The one on the right is in shadow. The goose is at the top center of the picture. The beak's open as if he was caught in the middle of saying something.


The last easy-to-spot image is the profile of a cricket (Jimminy Cricket?) facing to the right. The snout is green, the back of the head dark red, and you can just make out his two antennae sticking up.



Now things get a little tougher. In the center of the picture is an outline of what looks like a blood hound looking slightly to the right. The gray arrow points toward his small mouth. To the left of this his jowl can be seen hanging down while his muzzle and nose sweep upward from the mouth.


Next is a small baby pig facing to the right. The arrow on the left points toward his ear and the arrow on the right points toward his snout. You can also make out one of his paws held put like a begging puppy's.


The last image is the hardest to spot. It's the face of a rock singer leaning back with his mouth opened tall as he belts out a loud note. The arrow at 10 o'clock points toward his right eye, the arrow at 1 o'clock points to his left eye which is in shadow, and the arrow at 4 o'clock is pointing toward his mouth: opened tall and narrow.


Is that all? Well... no. I remember spotting a second, larger rock singer at one time but have lost him. Every time I go looking for him my mind fixes on the images I've recognized so much that it blocks out other hidden images. If anyone spots this second rock singer (or any other hidden images) please send me an email telling me where to find it. Thank you.

In April Lisa very kindly sent me an email pointing out two new hidden images I'd never spotted before. The first is a bunny sitting on his backside on the left side of the picture facing away from the viewer. To me it also looks like a hand with two fingers raised in the "V" victory sign or the "peace" sign from the sixties. On the lower right side is what I see as the image of a clown with a waxy boufant hairdo flowing off the the right. the lowest arrow points to his mouth, the middle to his eye and the top arrow to his forehead. Sadly, his upper face looks rather pushed in. Here are Lisa's discoveries:

Thanks, Lisa!


Lisa got me taking a second look at the picture and in so doing I spotted another hidden image, this time of a small hampster in the upper right corner. The only thing odd about it is that it almost looks like it has bunny ears... or maybe it really is a bunny. The arrow on the left is pointing toward his nose and the one on the right toward his tail.


On April 14 Paula sent me an email pointing out that there was an outline of a small head looking to the left near the bottom center of the picture. (Thanks, Paula!)

The arrow at 4 o'clock points toward his nose and the one at one o'clock is pointing toward his forehead. The nose is much fainter in this digitally reduced image than in the original picture.


NEW!!! A bonus hidden image picture! Try to find the small image of a man's face.


Give up? Then scroll down the see where he is.







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