Marvin Schmidt's Photographs: Samples of my brother's professional photographs

Marvin Schmidt is a professional photographer who has been honing his skills for half a century, taking pictures throughout the US, Europe and Japan. He has worked in and mastered every photographic venue from black and white film to digital. The following images are a few of his many outstanding images. Please note that all of these pictures can be printed up to 20 by 24 inches without losing detail or sharpness. Any defects in sharpness or weakness of color in the following images are strictly the result of the original being greatly reduced in quality for posting on this page. (This site was created using a software suite called Webpage Construction Kit 5.0 by MacMillan. It reprocesses images during the posting process and is erratic in how it alters them. Some experience color shifts, others have the focus altered.)


Bodie Church, California

I've seen a 16 by 20-inch print of this image and it took my breath away. The sharpness is unbelievable. The dynamic range is perfect with detail in both the brightest and the darkest zones. There is absolutely no grain in either the fine structure of the church's wood paneling or in the uniform blue zones of the sky. Even with close-up reading glasses I could detect no sharpening halos anywhere, not even at the high-contrast boundary between the church's roof and the white clouds. (Note: in the process of posting it on this page the color got shifted toward yellow. The original perfectly captures the true color of the century-old wood siding.)


Storm clouds closing in on Tucson, Arizona, July, 2005.

The loss of quality from posting this image shows up as a washing out of the saturation of the colors. The original captures the full drama of a threatening storm. Particularly striking is the three-dimensional depth captured by the back-lighting of the thunder heads in the center and lower right of the image.



Desert sunset over mountains.


Calcium carbonate (tufa) spires growing in Mono Lake, California.


A Reagan Rose in all its perfection.


Tuscon Sunset


Placid Rogue River


Snowstorm on the Rogue River


Crater Lake


The following four images were taken at Emma Woods State Beach, California using a Nikon D-70 camera mounted with a Nikon 70-300 lens. Exposures were 1/750-second, f9.5 and ISO 200.


This Way


Smooth Surfer


Old Shredder


Walking Bird


Red Tailed hawk over Glendale, California


Rogue River passing through a shaded forest


The following photographs were taken at Emma Woods Beach:

Larry pointing the way.


Kono testing the water.


Kono defying gravity.




Cooper's Hawk





Rincon Surfer


California Poppy Preserve


Four WW II T6 Texas warplanes flying out of Van Nuys Airport


These are just a few of my brother's many images. He's offering these and others for sale. Interested parties can contact him at: (Note: please delete the a in front of the email address before copying and pasting the address into your email address block. It's there to thwart spam spiders.)



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