Oddball Images Some of the stranger images I've captured for This and That


NEW!!! The head of a small pin. The crease line around the perimeter is invisible to the naked eye.


NEW!!! The knee joint of a Daddy Longlegs spider.


NEW!!! The shoulder joint, where it attacked to the body, of a Daddy Longlegs spider. This is actually a double joint, like a ball with two sockets facing each other. Unlike mammalian joints that use muscles and tendons, this spider uses fluid pressure to inflate and deflect sacks in the joint to flex the arm in the desired direction. This images is 300x.


NEW!!! While trying to pose a butterfly for a photo I was amazed at how tenacious its feet were at grabbing and holding onto things. Intrigued, I took the above close-up of a foot to a Monarch butterfly.


A black 1/300-inch square printed by an HP Deskjet 932c


1X and 5X images of the inkjet jets of an inkjet printer


A cat hair, 0.001-inches in diameter enlarged 1000x.


The CCD sensor from a cheap digital camera.
The wire on the left is thinner than a human hair. The
yellow-and-orange grid on the right is the matrix of individual sensors.


The grooves on a 45-rpm record. The arrow points to a track
oscillating at 160 hertz.

An attempt to image the pits on a CD. It failed. The smallest structures in this
image are 60 microns across, 20 times larger than CD pits.

A trigger hair from a Venus Flytrap Plant's trap


From left to right: a human hair, a glass fiber optic strand, a fine piece of copper wire, and a strand of black widow spider silk (the last is only 0.0002-inches across.)

Images of TV pixels from:

..32-inch HDTV CRT......40-inch HDTV LCD screen...40-inch plasma screen

50-inch DLP projection screen.. 50-inch CRT projection.. 40-inch LCD projection screen

17-inch CRT computer monitor


The image from a toroidal kaleidoscope called "String of Pearls"


Images of the flash created when a wintergreen lifesaver is crushed in the jaws of a needle nosed pliers.


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