My Visit to the Eileen Kremen Gallery:

If you live in or are visiting southern California, do yourself a favor and visit the outstanding Eileen Kremen Gallery in Fullerton. In addition to a huge selection of some of the best kaleidoscopes available anywhere, the gallery contains many beautiful examples of glass, ceramic, wood and other art forms. The address is:

2701 Domingo Rd.
Fullerton, CA 92835
(714) 879-1391

Visiting hours are by appointment.

The Gallery maintains a comprehensive website with many pictures of both the exteriors and interiors of kaleidoscopes on display in the Gallery. The site's URL is:

My wife and had the pleasure of visiting the Gallery one Saturday in July, 2004. We were warmly greeted at the door by a helpful salesperson who quickly made us feel at home, let us know that she was available to answer any questions and encouraged us browse all we wanted and to look through the kaleidoscopes.

The Gallery has an enormous collection of top-quality kaleidoscopes of every type. No matter what exterior style you prefer or interior image you want to see it can be found here. Examples of many of the kaleidoscopes featured in the best books on this subject are available in the gallery, as well as several others that I have never seen anywhere. They are all for sale at extremely reasonable prices.

The Gallery is laid out in a series of spacious rooms tastefully decorated with attractive artwork that's worth the trip even if you aren't interested in kaleidoscopes. Here are a few pictures of some of the displays:




.............. ...

.............. .....




There are many more kaleidoscopes on display in the Gallery than are shown in these few photos. My wife and I spent a wonderful hour looking through as many as possible and didn't come close to seeing them all.

All the kaleidoscopes in the Gallery are beautiful but three caught my particular attention because of the incredible images they produce:


by Randy and Shelly Knapp (


"Magic Maker"

by D. Collier


"Dichroic Pedestal"

by Janice Chesnik


If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Eileen Kremen Gallery be sure to do so. You won't be disappointed.



It appears the gallery has been closed. I'm keeping this page active to honor her work.


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