This is the wall unit I assembled to house all of the equipment and tanks for a single spawning.


The central shelves hold three ten-gallon tanks, a small 2 and 1/2 gallon tank for brine shrimp, pumps, and room for my vinegar eel and microworm cultures. This central unit is flanked by two larger cases that hold the jars for the fish once they get large enough to have to be jarred. Over all the unit measures six feet high and eight feet wide.

Having everything organized in one area really makes managing a spawn much easier. I found this system worked quite well, but...

I also discovered that not having a spawning setup near a sink is a hassle because of all the water that has to be carried to and from the tanks. Spilling water on the carpeting was also a problem. Additionally, while rows of tanks and jars looks great all of the bending over to service the lower units gets to be a pain in the back.

I'm in the process of rebuilding my entire spawning setup to reflect what I learned from this system and many other betta-spawning problems identified during my first dozen spawns. To get an idea of the direction in which I'm headed, please open my What I Hate About Spawning Bettas page. I hope you find it interesting.

Once my new spawning setup is running, I'll post pictures and details of it here. I hope you'll check back to see how things have changed.


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