A detailed map of this famous World of Warcraft city


When I began playing World of Warcraft I was surprised that there weren't any maps of Stormwind city large enough and with enough detail to help someone locate specific stores... so I made one. Starting with the largest map I could find I proceeded to enlarge it and label all the shops I could discover. What resulted was a 101 MB PhotoShop PSD image file that can be printed out as large as 4 x 3 feet and still be sharp. This ended up being too large to be convenient for downloading so I reduced it to a 5.8 MB JPEG file. It's native size is 25.5 inches by 18.5 inches at 300 pixels per inch. This is something you could take to a stationary store like Staples or Office Depot and have printed and still be large enough to read the labels. Reducing it much further would render some of them too small to read without close-up glasses. Here's a sample of the Trade District:



In addition to labeling the stores I also made sure all the hidden passages and small alleys were included. If you'd like to download the full image you may do so by clicking on the following link and copying the image to your computer. Be warned, it may take some time and when it's done if your monitor is set to 72 ppi it'll be too large to make anything out.

Stormwind Map

If you plan on viewing it on a computer I suggest you reduce it so it opens faster.


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