Why hummingbirds, and what's different about these pages from other sites?

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  I've always had an interest in hummingbirds. As an engineer I'm fascinated by their unique ability to hover and the iridescence of their plumage makes them as beautiful as they are rare. Combine these qualities with their outstanding intelligence, superb memory, and catlike inquisitiveness and you have an animal which is irresistible to anyone familiar with them.

  An additional attraction results from the fact that they are virtually impossible to obtain. Nothing is so desirable as that which we can't possess. So, instead of collecting them I collect information on them, which I'm pleased to share with anyone visiting this website.

  Most websites with information on hummingbirds consist of photographs of the birds and articles about them in the natural environment. Since this topic has already been discussed at length by others, I chose to focus on hummingbirds in captivity, specifically: a list of zoos that have living hummingbird exhibits and what varieties they have; a list of books that present information on the diseases, feeding, behavior, and housing of captive hummingbirds; my own attempts to legally purchase them; and a few experiments related to them.



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