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WKRP in Cincinnati can be considered the quintessential ensemble situation comedy. The characters consisted of a carefully selected, and many-times copied, group that was perfectly balanced in ethnicity, talent, attractiveness, intelligence and stupidity. All of the great situation comedies have followed identical groupings to great success, but few as well as WKRP. The following is a listing, in order, of the plots to all 90 episodes.

A popular story about the series is that on the first day of shooting, the actor playing Les hurt himself and had to wear a bandage. The staff decided to make it a running joke so that he wore a bandage in every show. Immediately after each episode plot, I indicate where Les wore a bandage for that show. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only listing of it's kind. The locations are given in italics on the right side of the page.

UPDATE!!! I was curious why this outstanding series has never been released in a complete DVD box set. Several Internet sources all agreed that such a set with the original music may be almost impossible. The problem is that each and every song played on the show, and many times there were several played in each episode, has to be negotiated for release by the agents owning the rights to it. The complexity and magnitude of such an undertaking may not be justified by the anticipated sales. One producer got around this by replacing the rock and roll music with generic tracks that have no licensing restrictions. The 8 episodes released in VHS using this technique are available through third party sales at, but the poor reviews suggest they may not be worth the cost.

NEW!!! WKRP DVD review!

In spite of the previous paragraph, I was surprised to discover that a company called is offering the complete series with original music on a 12-DVD set. I ordered one only to discover that the DVD quality was so poor as to be unwatchable. There is so much digital graininess that in many close-ups it's hard to recognize the characters. Worse still, many of the episodes have almost constant digital dropouts and frame freezes. I tried playing several episodes from the collection on different DVD machines and they were all equally terrible. These were by far the worst DVDs I've ever tried to watch.



1. Pilot: Andy Travis arrives and changes the station's format to rock and roll --- Right forehead

2. A small group of old people protest the format change --- Left little finger

3. The shady preacher Little Ed uses the station to get rich --- Les is not in this episode

4. Station sponsors a rock concert featuring Scum of the Earth --- Right elbow

5. Rumors spread that Les is gay --- Right little finger

6. Bailey gets the chance to produce a talk show --- Back of head

7. An out-of-work DJ holds Johnny hostage at a remote broadcast site --- Left forehead

8. Carlson gives turkeys away at Thanksgiving --- Outer left hand

9. Johnny takes a DJ job in LA --- Left index finger

10. Johnny returns to discover his replacement is taking bribes from a recording studio --- Right chin

11. Andy's old girlfriend, now a famous singer, comes to town --- Left knuckle

12. A fan gives Johnny her baby --- Right thumb

13. Johnny takes an on-air drinking test --- Right little finger

14. Johnny mistakenly gives away $5,000 in a contest --- Left thumb

15. Mama Carlson comes to the station for her annual review --- Les is not in this Episode

16. Les wins an award and a date with Jennifer --- Left ring finger

17. The station is threatened by a tornado and has to host Japanese visitors --- Left middle finger

18. Carlson's young son is kicked out of a military academy --- I haven't seen this episode

19. Herb and Lucille split up --- Right bicep

20. A mortician buys commercial time --- Left knuckles

21. Jennifer's childhood friend comes to visit, expecting her to marry him --- Left side of neck

22. Carlson discovers that Venus is an Army deserter --- Right little finger

23. WKRP challenges WPIG to a baseball game --- Back of left hand

24. Jennifer falls in love with her handyman, Steele --- Right middle finger

25. Carlson runs for public office --- Left middle finger

26. Bailey falls for Johnny while an old girl friend is trying to sue him - part I --- Left forehead

27. Bailey falls for Johnny - part II --- Les is not in this Episode

28. Herb sells insurance --- Left temple

29. Jennifer accepts a date with Herb to try to scare him off --- Outer right forearm

30. The radio ratings book indicates the station's doing better --- Right thumb

31. Carlson's wife announces she going to have a baby --- Left side of neck

32. Johnny thinks he hears God talking to him --- Les isn't in this episode

33. Bailey finally gets to do some announcing on air --- Right little finger

34. Johnny suggests, on air, that everyone drop their garbage off at city hall --- Left elbow

35. Les get involved with a fan --- Right ring finger

36. Andy's sister visits and gets interested in Venus --- Back of left hand and little finger

37. Everyone brings a tree to Jennifer's for Christmas --- Back of right hand

38. Carlson hires, then has to fire, a famous baseball manager for a show --- Right forearm

39. A Russian defects to WKRP --- Left thumb

40. Herb's dad pays the station a visit --- Right side of neck

41. Johnny's daughter comes to live with him --- Right side of nose

42. Venus considers taking a job at a different station --- Right forearm

43. WKRP sponsors a rock concert that turns deadly --- No bandage

44. A shady photographer takes nude photos of Jennifer --- Left hand

45. Nude photos - part II - the staff put together a scam to get the photos back --- Left hand

46. Johnny wins an award and Carlson holds a grievance session --- Back of head

47. Les is kidnapped by a crazy pilot --- Left thumb

48. Jennifer buys a house --- No bandage

49. Herb's family is featured on a reality TV show --- Left glass frame

50. The staff go to Dayton to secure a big Jeans account --- Right wrist

51. Carlson's wife has a baby --- No bandage

52. Carlson doesn't give Xmas bonuses and is visited by Xmas past and future --- Right thumb

53. Herb has jury duty, Andy takes his job, and Venus takes Andy's --- Left little finger

54. The heat's off during a snow storm and Johnny's warming scotch loosens tongues --- Right neck

55. Herb buys a painting during Carlson's church's charity auction --- Left hand

56. While Carlson practices a speech, the staff have daydreams --- Right index finger

57. Herb accidentally kills his daughter's frog --- Right forearm

58. Johnny takes on a TV disco job - part I --- Right ring & little finger

59. Disco Johnny - part II --- Right ring & little finger

60. Venus explains the atom to a young hood --- Left wrist

61. Jennifer is the advice lady on a call-in show --- Bridge of nose

62. Bailey protests tearing down the WKRP building --- Right ring finger

63. Les discovers his real father was a communist --- Left index finger

64. Herb's drinking gets out of control --- Right wrist

65. The Carlson's plan to repeat their wedding vows --- Upper left cheek

66. The station gets robbed and Herb buys a gun --- Right earlobe

67. Johnny's ex-wife and fiancé pay him a visit --- Left thumb

68. C.U.R.B. tries to get Carlson to clean up the station's song selection --- Right wrist

69. The staff consider joining a union --- Right middle finger

70. Previous secretary returns and the station gets a bomb threat - part I --- Right middle finger

71. Bomb threat - part II --- Right middle finger

72. Johnny moves in with Bailey while his apartment is worked on --- Left thumb

73. Herb has a heart problem - part I --- Left middle finger

74. The staff switch identities while Herb's in the hospital - part II --- Left middle finger

75. Johnny gets some money and buys a condo, then wants to weasel out of it --- Left elbow

76. Jennifer's old fried dies and makes her executrix of his will --- Right middle and ring finger

77. Mama Carlson hires a radio consultant --- Left sideburn

78. Mama Carlson may be falling for Andy. (One of the best!) --- Tip of right little finger

79. At a class reunion, Carlson learns the truth about his first date with his wife --- Right knuckle

80. A shady diet pill seller buys time on the station --- Right forearm

81. Venus and Herb changes styles --- Right temple

82. Jennifer and Johnny sponsor a charity --- Left ring finger

83. Herb plays matchmaker to Les --- Right pointer finger

84. Herb and Jennifer are trapped in an elevator during a fire --- Right wrist

85. Les steals a fake story from Bailey about a child support center --- Three spots on left hand

86. Venus is framed for a jewel robbery --- Right thumb

87. How Venus came to work at WKRP --- Right forehead in flashback

88. Les plans to go to New York and apply for an announcer's job --- Left index finger

89. Herbs puts his picture in place of Venus' on an ad poster --- Left middle finger

90. Mama Carlson plans the turn the station to an all-news format --- Right forehead


  This list indicates that Les' most-damaged body part was his right little, or pinky, finger. It had to be bandaged seven times during the show. Both his left and right middle fingers tied for a close second with five injuries each.



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